'Blue Revolution' related to - (a) Milk Production (b) Flower Production (c) Fish production (d) Fruit production

By Ritesh|Updated : November 1st, 2022

'Blue Revolution' related to fish production. The amazing rise of aquaculture as a significant and highly productive agricultural sector is referred to as the "blue revolution." The fathers of the blue revolution are Drs. Hiralal Chaudhuri and Arun Krishnan. All active aquatic animal and plant cultivation, whether it takes place in fresh, brackish, or marine waters, is referred to as aquaculture.

Objectives of the Blue Revolution

To ensure food and nutritional security, modernize fisheries with an emphasis on new technologies, enhance overall fish output in a sustainable and responsible manner for economic growth, ensure equitable development and give fishers and aquaculture farmers more influence.

A list of India's most significant revolutions:

  • Black Revolution: Related to the Production of Petroleum
  • Blue Revolution: Related to the Production of Fish
  • Brown Revolution: Related to the Production of Leather and Cocoa
  • Jute production is related to the Golden Fibre Revolution.
    • Overall Horticulture, Honey, Fruit Production, Flowers, Spices, and Golden Revolution Related.
    • Agriculture and production are related to the Green Revolution.
  • Fertilizer-Related Grey Revolution
  • Red Revolution: Related to Meat, Tomato Production Pink Revolution - Related to Onions, Prawn
  • Evergreen Revolution: Designed to increase agricultural output
  • Potato Production-Related Growth Round Revolution
  • Silver Revolution: Associated with Egg Production and Silver Fibre Revolution - Associated with Cotton Production
  • White Revolution: Associated with the Production of Milk
  • Round Revolution: Related to Potato Yellow Revolution - Related to Oil Seed Production


'Blue Revolution' related to - (a) Milk Production (b) Flower Production (c) Fish production (d) Fruit production

Fish farming was discussed in "Blue Revolution." The "blue revolution" describes the incredible rise of aquaculture as a substantial and extremely productive agricultural sector.


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