CUET Preparation 2022: Best Strategy to Crack NTA CUET Exam

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: January 2nd, 2024
CUET Preparation Tips 2022 - BYJU's Exam Prep experts has prepared important preparation tips & strategy for the CUET Exam 2022. Check Subject-wise Preparation Strategy below.
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CUET Preparation Tips 2022 – With the exam now underway, candidates for the CUET 2022 must have a rigorous study schedule. If not, CUET 2022 preparation advice will assist applicants in doing so. The CUET is administered annually by the National Test Agency in order to admit students to the various UG program that CUET participating universities provide. Candidates can also check the CUET Exam Analysis for a better understanding of the exam.

Candidates must plan their approach with the help of the CUET 2022 preparation tips if they wish to perform better than the competition. Developing a plan will enable aspirant candidates to stand out from the competition and succeed in the CUET 2022. Candidates will learn about time management, relevant literature, sample papers, mock exams, the syllabus, and the exam pattern in the CUET preparation tips 2022.

CUET Preparation 2022

Candidates who want to succeed in their effort should be aware of the right CUET Preparation and Exam strategy. At every level of exam preparation, candidates must put in a lot of effort and work hard. The most recent pattern and syllabus are used to develop the CUET preparation tips and approach. For most candidates, if not all, the CUET is expected to be a difficult test. It covers a significant number of issues and topics, all of which are diverse in nature.

Due to the high level of participation, each student must study diligently in order to perform well on the exam. Continue reading to learn more about how to plan your study time, important subjects to cover, and more. One should take a minimalistic and sophisticated approach while devising one’s version of the preparation strategy for CUET 2022. Below several CUET preparation tips have been illustrated based on which a candidate might go ahead and form a preparation plan and strategy.

How to Prepare for CUET 2022?

Candidates who were searching for the perfect strategy and plan for the CUET preparation 2022 must check the tips provided here. These tips had helped a lot of candidates in getting the desired results in CUET exams. One must follow these tips to get admission to their favorite CUET college. Check the tips below:

1. Check CUET Exam Pattern

Before starting the CUET preparation aspirant must go through the detailed pattern of the exam. In the CUET exam, there are three sections viz language, general aptitude, and domain-specific section. CUET exam patterns help you in knowing the details of the exam. This will help you in making a good strategy around the section. Devote the desired time to each section The exam will be computer-based.

2. Go Through CUET Syllabus

After checking the pattern one must go through the syllabus of all the subjects he going to appear for in the exam. Without the proper knowledge of topics, you can’t make the best strategy for the exam. With the proper CUET syllabus knowledge, you can make the preparation strategy around the topics and get the desired result. NTA will ask questions from the syllabus only.

3. Prepare a Strategy

After going through the pattern and syllabus what come next is to devise a perfect CUET Preparation strategy that is made after considering the strong and weak points of the syllabus. Make your strong topics the strongest and the weak ones the strong. This will help you in getting admission into the most ranked colleges.

4. Work on Execution

After making the plan one must start following it rather than keeping it in the diary or it is hanging it on the wall. CUET preparation strategy without any execution is waste of time and money. You need to adhere to the plan with determination and discipline.

5. Stay Focused

One must stick to the study plan one had made, and postpone all the nonvital events beyond the exam. You must reduce your social networking usage and online videos. After the exam, you will have plenty of time to do all this stuff.

6. Wait for the Outcome

Don’t hurry for the result. All good things need time. One has to wait for a certain time to get the desired result. One must not lose calm due to small setbacks. Stay composed and stick to the study plan. Don’t overthink and take unnecessary stress. This may affect performance in the exam.

7. Practice and Solve Previous Year Questions

It is important to practice questions after completing the concepts. One must attempt the mock tests and previous year’s papers to know the fallbacks in the CUET preparation. Candidates can know the level of questions asked, types of questions asked, and other important information to mold their preparation. This will boost your confidence and prepare you for the real exam.

8. Revision is the Key

After completing the topics and attempting the short questions most of the aspirants leave the topic and move to the next one. This is the biggest mistake one must not do. Include a revision day in the study plan to stay in touch with the topics. Revise at least 3-4 times before the exam.

CUET Preparation Tips 2022: Section I (Language)

The section-I of CUET 2022 examination is dedicated to language subjects. A total of about 32 languages are available as options to be selected by the appearing candidates. Since this whole section encompasses a fairly large number of languages that are highly varied in terms of their nature as well as how to prepare, The Preparation tips 2022 for section I of CUET is given below.

  • For any language subject, it is first important to have a fair understanding of the roots of that language i.e., the script. This means that you must be well versed with the scriptures of that language and make sure you have an idea of the finer details. For example, in the case of the English language, the difference between a comma and a semicolon.
  • The next major essential area is the grammar and literature of that particular language, Every language has its grammar, both in terms of written usage as well as verbal usage. One should also be well versed with this with the help of stellar books authored by recognized authors etc.
  • Afterward, to further strengthen one’s preparation and finally move into the crux of Section-I’s structure, the focus should be on building reading comprehension skills which have been notified by the NTA as being the main test subject for Section-I. One should expose himself/herself to as many varieties of questions as possible.

Verbal Ability (English domain subject)

  • Make your vocabulary strong through books and videos.
  • Improve your knowledge.
  • Read a lot to score well in reading comprehension.
  • Keep a notebook to note down important words and idioms.
  • Take a lot of sectional tests.
  • Consider purchasing a magazine as well to brush up on your reading skills.
  • Also, keep a track of changing exam patterns using past year papers.
  • Do practice communicating in English as well to further enhance your Verbal skills

CUET Preparation Tips 2022: Section 2 (Domain Subjects)

Section 2 of the exam is comprised of domain subjects or subject-specific subjects which cater to the needs of specific courses for which candidates may apply in different universities under the exam. A total of 27 domain subjects are being made available for candidates. Check the important CUET preparation tips 2022 for section 2 below.

  • For domain subjects, the very first thing that a candidate should analyze is the CUET syllabus of their selected domain subject (s). Afterward, it is important to figure out if enough resources are available on the web for the preparation of that very domain-specific subject. For more popular subjects, such as Commerce subjects, Science subjects, a lot of resources might be available such as NCERT books, YouTube playlists, and a lot of other types of material in different forms on the web. For less popular subjects, books are preferable as much online content might not be available.
  • For the more popular set of domain subjects, NCERT books should be the priority as it has also been annotated officially by NTA as the preparatory source for CUET 2022 examination. Apart from NCERT book-reading, students are advised to take notes in a hard copy notebook or MS Word document (whichsoever is convenient) so that they don’t have to get back to books every other time. They should also give a thought to going through the MCQ variety questions that have been asked in the past in CBSE Class XII examinations. Class XII exam-based sample paper booklets that also provide a repository of MCQ questions should also be referred to for getting large volumes of MCQ questions for practice and aptitude testing.

CUET Preparation Tips 2022: Section 3 (General Test)

The section 3 preparation of CUET is nothing but the general aptitude test that most universities earlier used to conduct for their more generic type of courses such as courses in business, vocational domains, management, etc. This section broadly encompasses 4 subjects namely quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, general awareness, and current affairs. The nomenclature of sections that are a part of the general test has been altered but eventually, the test’s subject is expected to remain the same. The CUET preparation tips 2022 for Section 3 are given below.

Quantitative Aptitude (comprises Numerical Ability and Quantitative Reasoning)

  • Begins your preparation with Arithmetic.
  • Work on your calculation skills.
  • Don’t use too many sources at once.
  • Stick to the relevant topics and relevant set of questions only.
  • Learn mind maps for solving specific types of questions.
  • Use a notebook to list all important formulae and special questions.

Logical Reasoning (Logical & Analytical Reasoning and General Mental Ability)

  • Start with basic topics like decoding, missing numbers, etc.
  • Solve puzzles in newspapers and learn mind maps.
  • Learn critical reasoning after completing basic reasoning.
  • Solve tougher questions during preparation.
  • Analyze past year questions to be well versed.
  • Also, focus on the miscellaneous variety of reasoning questions.
  • Questions of abstract reasoning i.e., character puzzle or visual reasoning require special attention.

General and Current Affairs (comprises General Knowledge and Current Affairs)

  • Stay updated with the current events.
  • Don’t do many things at a time.
  • Do figure out the Current Affairs: Static GK Ratio for each exam that you’re preparing for
  • Focus more on national and international happenings.
  • Pay special focus to Covid related news as a few questions from it are always expected

Additional Tips for CUET Preparation 2022

Here we have provided the important points for the preparation of the CUET. As CUET exams are underway. Check the important points that will boost your preparation for upcoming shifts and help you get the result.

  • Make notes after studying the topic. 
  • Write down important definitions, formulas, etc.
  • Practice CUET question papers after completing the topic.
  • Analyze your mistakes. Work on those mistakes for future exams.
  • Attempt mock tests before appearing for the real exam to familiarize yourself with the environment.
  • Revision from time to time. To stay connected with the CUET syllabus.

CUET Preparation Books

After making the best CUET preparation strategy for the exam you will require the study material to clear the concepts and attempt the topic-related questions. To help aspirants we have provided the list of CUET books that are suggested by the experts who are taking the online classes for the exam. Check the subject-wise books below.




General English

High School English Grammar

Wren and Martin/S Chand Publishing

General Hindi

Idioms, Phrases & Proverbs with Hindi Meanings

H S Bhatia/Ramesh Publishing House

General Awareness

General Knowledge 2022

Manohar Pandey/Arihant Publications 

Analytical Ability

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

RS Agarwal/S Chand Publishing 

Numerical Ability

Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examination

RS Agarwal/S Chand Publishing

BYJU’S Exam Prep has the best preparation material from expert faculties like CUET Test Series and CUET Online Coaching for good marks in the General section and Domain wise subjects like English, Aptitude, etc.

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