UGC Regulations facilitating foreign collaborations

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

As a positive step towards the internalization of education under NEP 2020, UGC has now approved a rule authorizing higher education institutions in India to work with foreign institutions to offer joint, dual, or twinning programs. UGC President M. Jagadesh Kumar told the press during a virtual conference that Indian universities can work with foreign universities on credit transfer and transfer, twinning programs, and dual degree programs. 

This system, which allows Indian students to obtain credits from foreign universities to confer an Indian degree, was also discussed at NEP 2020. The Twin Program allows Indian universities to collaborate with foreign universities. Students can then physically go to a foreign university and stay there for a semester or two to earn up to 30% of the credit required for the course. Under the same initiative, international students can come and stay in India and earn up to 30% of similar credits according to course requirements. This helps Indian students study abroad while earning a degree from an Indian educational institution. Foreign universities prove the achievements achieved abroad by the certificate.

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In the case of joint degree programs, Indian and foreign HEIs will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a partnership. Indian and foreign students must obtain more than 30% of the credits each, and in this case, the degree for Indian students will be awarded by the Indian institute, while the foreign education institute will grant certificates for the credits earned.

Apart from the memorandum of understanding signed between the two partner institutions, Indian students are required to complete at least 30% of their credits, while foreign students are vice versa. Indian students get one degree from an Indian institution and another from a foreign higher education institution, but unlike the double degree program, the degree is the same.

India has 4 million students in higher education in India, emphasizing that the number may increase year by year while expanding access to higher quality and giving Indian students India It is important to provide opportunities to acquire interdisciplinary education and skills in both India and India. Purchase overseas. This regulation will also attract international students to India as a study abroad destination and will eventually improve the status of Indian universities in the world rankings. This regulation further enhances the exposure and worldview of Indian students abroad and promotes faculty interaction and sharing of global best practices. 

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To maintain the quality of higher education, only Indian universities with a NAAC rating of 3.01 or higher or in the top 1000 QS rankings or THE rankings are eligible for such collaboration. Universities listed in the Top 100 of the National Institutions Ranking Framework (NIRF) can also qualify for collaboration. In such cases, the qualifying body can offer programs approved by statutory bodies and councils without UGC approval, but the nature and MoU of the programs offered as part of the collaboration need to be notified to UGC.

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These twin degree and dual degree programs must be provided in traditional physical mode and online and ODL modes are not allowed. This means that Indian students need to physically go to a foreign university for higher education and vice versa for foreign students. Regarding the fee system, both Indian and foreign companies need to create a system to set and announce the fee at the time of admission. It has been emphasized that prices should be affordable and available to all sections of society. If necessary, he added, the institute would need to develop a suitable form of exit for students so that they would not suffer in the long run. The overall goal is to increase the diversity and affluence of Indian universities. Candidates must check the CUET 2022 notification.

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