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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

CUET Engineering Graphics Syllabus 2022: The National Testing Agency will conduct the official consolidated exam for a big number of central universities for admissions in the sessions 2022-23. The development of engineering drawings is part of the CUET Engineering graphics syllabus. These are paper representations of physical objects or locations (or in 2-dimensional or 3 Dimensional electronic formats). The principles of drawing view generation (left side, right side, etc. ), line presentation, and projections such as isometric are covered in the CUET engineering graphics syllabus.

CUET Engineering Graphics Syllabus 2022

The CUET Engineering Graphics syllabus is broken into seven units. Each of these seven units has several sub-sections that are approximately equal in importance throughout the paper. Each unit is connected to the others in some way. Each of these topics should be studied thoroughly and successfully by the student. Each of these areas should be given the same amount of time and effort by the candidate.

CUET Engineering Graphics Syllabus PDF

From the official website, you may get the CUET Engineering Graphics Syllabus PDF. However, this may appear to be a challenging process. Instead, you can use the direct link provided below to quickly and conveniently download the syllabus.

CUET Engineering Graphics Syllabus PDF

CUET Engineering Graphics Syllabus 2022 Unit-wise

If the topic list is not broken down by section, the CUET Engineering Graphics Syllabus can be difficult to understand. The CUET syllabus and topics for Engineering Graphics are covered in the table below.



Unit-1: Isometric Projection of Solids

Construction of isometric scale showing main divisions of 10mm and smaller divisions of 1mm, also showing the leading angles. Isometric projection (drawn to isometric scale) of solids such as cube; regular prisms and pyramids (triangular, square, pentagonal, and hexagonal); cone; cylinder; sphere; hemisphere; keeping the base side of the solid parallel or perpendicular to HP/VP. The axis of the solid should be either perpendicular to HP / VP or parallel to HP and VP.

Unit 2: Drawing to full-size scale with instruments.

Combination of any two above-mentioned solids keeping the base side parallel or perpendicular to HP/VP and placed centrally together (Axis of both the solids should not be given parallel to HP).

Unit-3: Machine Drawing (Machine Parts)

Drawing to full-size scale with instruments. Introduction of threads: Standard profiles of screw threads – Square, Knuckle, B.S.W., Metric (external and internal); Bolts – Squarehead, Hexagonal head; Nuts – Squarehead, Hexagonal head; Plain washer; a combination of nut and bolt with or without a washer for assembling two parts.

Unit 4: Free-hand sketches

Free-hand sketches Conventional representation of external and internal threads; Types of studs – Plain stud, Square-neck stud, Collar stud; Types of rivets – Snap head, Flathead, Pan head (without tapered neck), 600 Counter Sunk Flathead.

Unit-5: Bearings

(i) Open-Bearing (ii) Bush-Bearing

Unit-6: Rod Joint

(i) Cotter-joints for round rods (Sleeve and cotter joint) (ii) Cotter-joints for square rods (Gib and cotter-joint)

Unit 7: Tie-rod and Pipe-joint

(i) Turnbuckle (ii) Flange pipe joints are to be shown.

 How to Prepare CUET Engineering Graphics Syllabus?

The Preparation tips for CUET Engineering Graphics are general guidelines and methods that students must follow to pass this exam. We’ll go over four key exam preparation tips in the following text that any student, regardless of domain subject, should follow to ensure a successful exam performance. 

  • Make a Preparation Strategy and stick to it. It is critical to create a study plan before beginning exam preparation. Candidates must plan and devote enough time to each subject. They must set attainable goals to make the preparations manageable.
  • Complete and accurate examination syllabus analysis The entire CUET Engineering Graphics syllabus must be familiar to candidates taking the entrance exam.
  • But in the right direction. A high score on the CUET exam requires a lot of practice. Candidates must complete as many previous year’s sample papers, mock tests, and question papers as possible.
  • The key to long-term success is revision. Exam preparation necessitates extensive revision. Candidates should expect to revise for at least two weeks.

Best Books For CUET Engineering Graphics Syllabus

The Best Books for CUET Engineering Graphics are essential CUET books for passing the exam. In addition to these renowned and valuable books, students should produce carefully selected notebooks in which to record, learn, and update their book learnings. The Best Books for CUET Engineering Graphics are given below.

Best Books for CUET Engineering Graphics
Engineering Graphics Class 12 NVP Kumar
Engineering Graphics Sankar Prasad Dey
A Textbook to Engineering Graphics K. Venugopal


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