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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

CUET Home Science Syllabus 2022: For the academic years 2022-2023, CUET will be offered at a vast number of universities. Section II covers a wide range of topics, including home science (Domain Specific Subject). Home science is a discipline of sociology and the CUET Home Science Syllabus covers human development, personal and family finance, housing, and interior design, food science and preparation, nutrition and wellness, textiles and apparel, and consumer issues. Download CUET Home Science Syllabus PDF from the link provided.

CUET Home Science Syllabus 2022

The CUET Home Science syllabus, which consists of a total of 6 units, is depicted in the table below. Each of these 16 sections has multiple sub-sections that are almost equal in importance in the paper. All of the units are linked to one another in some way. Each of these things should be studied in order for a learner to grasp each of them thoroughly and efficiently. A candidate should devote the same amount of time and effort to each of these sections.

CUET Home Science Syllabus PDF

Download the CUET Home Science Syllabus PDF from the official website This may, however, appear to be a complicated method. Instead, you can quickly and conveniently download the syllabus by using the direct link provided below.

Download CUET Home Science Syllabus PDF

CUET Home Science Syllabus 2022 Unit-wise

The CUET Home Science Syllabus must be thoroughly studied and broken down into sections. We’ll go over the CUET syllabus for the Home Science syllabus as well as the topics listed in the table below.



Unit I: Nutrition, Food Science and Technology

1. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics a) Significance b) Diet Therapy objectives. c) Role of nutritionist d) Types of diets e) scope and career

2. Public Nutrition and Health a) Concept of Public Health and nutrition. b) Nutritional Problems in India. c) Strategies to tackle nutritional problems. d) Scope and career

3. Catering and food services management a) Types of food service systems b) Management in food Services. c) scope and career

4. Food Processing and technology. a) Basic concepts – food science, food Processing food technology, food Manufacturing b) Development of food processing and technology and its importance c) Classification of processed food. d) Scope and career.

5. Food Quality and safety a) Basic Concepts – food safety, food contamination food adulteration b) Food Standards Regulation – India (FSSAI, Agmark) and International (CAC, WTO, ISO) c) Food safety management systems d) Scope and career

Unit II: Human Development: Lifespan Approach

1. Early childhood care and education. a) NCF (Principles and objectives. b) Concept of crèche, daycare center, and Montessori schools. c) Viewpoint of Psychologist – Piaget and Vygotsky d) Scope and career.

2. Special Education and support services a) Disability b) special Education methods c) scope and career

3. Management of institutions and programs for children, youth, and elderly a) Children: Vulnerable, programs b) Youth: Vulnerable, programs c) Elderly: Vulnerable, programs d) Scope and career

Unit III: Fabric and Apparel.

1. Design for fabric and Apparel a) Design Analysis – structure and Applied b) Elements of design. c) Principles of design. d) Scope and career.

2. Fashion design and Merchandising a) Fashion terminology – Fashion, style, Fad, classic. b) Fashion Development – Home Science and Evolution c) Fashion Merchandising d) Scope and career

3. Production and quality control in the Garment Industry a) Stages of apparel production b) Quality Assurance in the Garment Industry c) Scope and career

4. Care and Maintenance of fabrics in Institutions a) Laundry equipment – Washing drying and ironing b) Institutional laundry c) Scope and career

Unit IV: Resource Management

1. Human Resource Management a) Significance and functions of HRM b) Scope and career

2. Hospitality Management a) Concept of different hospitality establishments b) Guest Cycle c) Departments in Hospitality organizations Front Office, Housekeeping, food and beverages d) Scope and career

3. Consumer Education and Protection a) Consumer Problems. b) Consumer Protection Act (2019) – consumer rights and responsibilities c) Standard Marks – ISI, Agmark, FSSAI, Hallmark, silk Mark, Wool Mark, Eco mark d) Voluntary consumer organizations e) Scope and career.

Unit V: Communication and Extension

1. Development of communication and Journalism a) Basic concepts- Development, Development Journalism, and Development communication. b) Methods of communication c) Scope and career.

2. Media management, Design, and Production a) Media planning b) Media designing and production. c) Media evaluation and feedback d) Scope and career

Unit VI: Career Options after Home Science Education

Career options of self and wage employment in various fields of Home Science.

CUET Home Science Syllabus Preparation

Students must follow CUET preparation tips for Environmental Science in order to pass the exam. In the following article, we’ll go over four key exam preparation tips that any student should follow to achieve a successful exam performance, regardless of domain subject.

  • Focus on the exam syllabus and break it down into sections, then analyze it thoroughly to get a good understanding of it.
  • Make a Preparation Plan and stick to it. It is critical to create a study plan before beginning exam preparation. Candidates should plan ahead of time and devote sufficient time to each subject. They must set attainable goals in their preparation to make it more manageable.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice, but in the right direction and under quality control. A high CUET exam result demands a lot of work. Candidates must complete as many sample papers as possible.
  • In any field of life or on any exam, revision is the key to long-term success. Exam preparation necessitates extensive revision. Every week, candidates should revise at least once or twice.

Best Books for CUET Home Science Syllabus

The importance of CUET books in passing the CUET Home Science test cannot be overstated. Students should make curated notebooks in which they can write, learn, and revise their book learnings in addition to these respected and incredibly beneficial books. The following are the best books for the CUET Home Science Syllabus.

Best Books for CUET Home Science Syllabus
Human Ecology & Family Science Part 1 NCERT
Human Ecology & Family Science Part 2 NCERT
Class XI Home Science Textbook NCERT


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