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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

CUET Knowledge Tradition Practices Syllabus 2022: CUET is about to happen very soon and for the very first time for the academic session 2022-23. Knowledge Tradition Practices is one of many subjects covered in Section II (Domain Specific Subject). India’s Knowledge Tradition Practices are ongoing and cumulative. They are textual and exegetical traditions in various fields: philosophy, medicine, grammar, architecture, geography, literary theory, polity, political economy, logic, astronomy and mathematics, military science, and so on. The CUET Knowledge Tradition Practices syllabus PDF is given below.

CUET Knowledge Tradition Practices Syllabus 2022

The CUET Knowledge Tradition Practices syllabus is made up of eight units. Each of these eight sections contains several sub-sections that are nearly equal in importance in the paper. All of the units are linked to one another in some way. Each of these topics should be studied in order for a student to grasp each of them completely and effectively. A candidate should devote the same amount of time and effort to each of these sections.

CUET Knowledge Tradition Practices Syllabus PDF

PDF of CUET Knowledge Tradition Syllabus is very important for students who are preparing for it. You may download it from the official website cuet samarth ac in to download the CUET Knowledge Tradition Practices Syllabus PDF. However, this may appear to be a difficult task. Rather, you may conveniently download the official syllabus PDF of the CUET exam from the direct link provided below.

CUET Knowledge Tradition Practices Syllabus PDF

CUET Knowledge Tradition Practices Syllabus Unit-wise

It is also important to briefly understand the CUET Knowledge Tradition Practices syllabus in a tabular form so that you can understand what all is the part of each of these 8 units which are a part of the CUET Syllabus for Knowledge Tradition Practices.



Agriculture: A Survey

Agriculture in Prehistory and Protohistory/Textual Sources/Types of Lands/Rain-Fed and Irrigated Crops/Implements/Seed and Sowing/Manures/Pests and Their Management/ Cattle Management/Horticulture and Arboriculture/Fishing/Agriculture and Society.

Architecture: A Survey

Early and Classical Architecture/Temple Architecture/Rock-Cut Structures/Monolithic Temples/Constructed Temples/Public and Private Architecture/Architecture:A Survey/ Medieval & Colonial Architecture/Fort and Palace Architecture/Mosques/Mausoleums/Colonial Architecture.

Dance: A Survey

Classical Dance Forms/Classical Period/Middle Period/Modern Period/Classical Dance Forms/Bharatanatyam/Kathakali/Kathak/Kucipudi/Manipuri/O’issi/Sattriya/Folk Dance Forms Chau/Bihu/Rauf/Padayani/DolluKunitha/Dandiya/Ghumar/Kalbelia/Chau&fla/Bhangra/Giddha/Garba/ Lava)/Bamboo Dance.

Education Systems and Practices: A Survey

Goals of Indian Education/Teaching and Learning/Teacher and the Student/Centres of Education/Temples as First Schools/Gurukulas/Viharas and Universities/Community- Supported Education/The Continuing System/Two Types of Knowledge and the Right Pupil/Mere Intellectual Knowledge Is Not Enough/The link between Teacher and Pupil/Teachers Invite Students to Come to Them/Controlling the Mind and the Senses: the Goal of Indian Education/Teacher’s Directives to students on their Completion of Study/What Is a Useful Life?/Hsüan-Tsang’s (Xuanzang) Impressions of Indian Education/Hsüan-Tsang’s (Xuan Zang) Description of Nalanda University/An Italian Explorer’s Record of Indian Education in the 17th Century/A Description of Indian/Education in the 18th Century/The Teacher’s Subsistence/ Respect for the Teacher/Physical Education and Sports/Description of the University at Navadveep (Nuddeah) in Bengal in 1791/Love of Learning and Support for Education among Indians/A Widespread Colonial Network of Indigenous Schools.

Ethics: Individual and Social

The Cosmic Order/Buddhist Ethics/Jain Ethics/Sikh Ethics/The Bhakti Movement Primary Texts on Ethics/Individual and Social: A Selection From Jain Granthas/Buddhist Granthas/Asoka’s Edicts/From the Kural (P.S. Sundaram).

Martial Arts Traditions: A Survey

Texts/Practice of Martial Arts/Stick Combat/Kaarippayau Martial Arts Traditions: A Selection from Primary Texts Wrestling in the Mahabharata/Mallapuraa/Marmasastram.

Language and Grammar

Languages of India/Study of Language in India/Disciplines of Language Studies in India/Classification of Speech-Sounds/Theory of Grammar.

Other Technologies: A Survey

Harappan Technologies/Later pottery/Glass/Water Management/Textile Technology/Wing Technology/Pyrotechnics/Cosmetics and perfumes other technologies: A Selection from Primary Texts Gemmology/Water Management/Textiles and Garments/Perfumes and Cosmetics.

Preparation Tips for CUET Knowledge Tradition Practices

The Preparation Tips of CUET for Knowledge Traditional Practices for exams are extremely important for any student. Traditions of Knowledge Practices CUET exam preparation tips with CUET Knowledge tradition practices syllabus are critical in passing this exam, and students must follow them to succeed. In the following text, we’ll go over four important exam preparation tips that any student, regardless of domain subject, should follow to ensure a successful exam performance.

  • Concentrate intently on the exam syllabus and break it down into sections, then analyze it thoroughly to gain a thorough understanding.
  • Make a Preparation Schedule and follow it. Before beginning exam preparation, it is critical to creating a study plan. Candidates should plan ahead of time and give each subject adequate attention. To make it more manageable, they must set attainable goals in their preparation.
  • Please practice, practice, practice, but in the right direction and under quality control. It takes a lot of practice to succeed on the CUET 2022 Knowledge Tradition Practices exam. Candidates must complete as many sample papers, CUET mock tests, and CUET previous year’s question papers as possible.

Best Books for CUET Knowledge Tradition Practices Syllabus

Best Books for CUET Knowledge Tradition Practices Syllabus are important, When it comes to passing the CUET exam, CUET books are essential as well are helpful in preparation. In addition to these reputable and extremely useful books, students are advised to prepare curated notebooks in which they can write, learn, and revise their book learnings.

  • NCERT Knowledge Traditions and Practices of India
  • Any other book suggested by an SME at the school level


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