NCHMCT JEE Preparation Tips and Strategy 2022 – Check Subject-wise NCHM JEE Preparation Tips

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: January 2nd, 2024
NCHMCT JEE Preparation Tips 2022 will surely help candidate to crack the NCHMCT JEE exam. Candidate can check the NCHMCT JEE Section-wise Preparation tips and Best Preparation strategy for the NCHMCT JEE exam.
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NCHMCT JEE 2022 Preparation Tips might assist students in achieving a high score in the exam. NCHMCT JEE is a national-level examination administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA) each year for admission to undergraduate Hotel Management programs in colleges that accept exam marks. NCHMCT JEE is one of the most difficult entrance exams, so candidates must use a clever approach and preparation plan to pass the NCHMCT JEE 2022 entrance exam. Candidates must devise an effective study strategy. Some significant NCHMCT JEE Preparation Tips 2022 will be presented in this article, which candidates can use to achieve good results.

NCHMCT JEE Preparation 2022

NCHMCT JEE Preparation Tips can assist you in developing an effective study plan and strategy for the exam. For the best success, the candidate should plan and use all of the NCHMCT JEE Preparation Tips listed below. This article was written after a thorough examination of NCHMCT JEE question papers. The ultimate goal of this post is to assist you in excelling on the NCHMCT JEE 2022 exam.

A total of 70+ colleges will participate in the NCHM JEE 2022, owing to the variety of universities across India. The council supervises the academics for B.Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Administration and ten other regulated courses of study, which are affiliated with 21 Central Institutes of Hotel Management, 25 State Government Institutes of Hotel Management, 01 Public Sector Undertaking, and 24 Private Institutes of Hotel Management. Students must have a significant understanding of the exam pattern in order to not miss any important features of the exam while preparing for it, which is important for applicants because the exam is three hours long and monitored online.

NCHMCT JEE Exam Pattern 2022

It’s important to understand the NCHMCT JEE exam pattern before diving into the NCHMCT JEE Preparation Tips in this article. Every exam follows a distinct NCHM JEE exam pattern, and mastering that pattern is essential to success. NCHMCT JEE is no exception to this rule, as it follows a clear pattern. However, as a study of its dynamic nature, it had seen significant modifications in its core pattern from year to year.


No. of Questions


Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude


03.00 hrs

Reasoning and Logical Deduction


General Knowledge & Current Affairs


English Language


Aptitude for Service Sector




NCHMCT JEE Section-wise Preparation Tips

Before candidates start studying for the NCHMCT JEE Exam, Candidates need to know how to prepare. The NCHMCT JEE Marking Scheme is important for candidates to understand. It’s essential to understand the marking scheme because it helps you focus your topic preparation. The preparation tips for the five sections can be found after understanding the marking scheme. The NCHMCT JEE Marking Scheme and NCHMCT JEE Preparation Tips are provided below.

NCHMCT JEE Marking Scheme

The NCHMCT JEE Marking  Scheme is given below.

  • Correct Answer: +4
  • Incorrect Answer: -1
  • Unanswered/Marked for Review: 00

The NCHMCT JEE preparation tips for all five sections are given below. The five sections in the NCHMCT JEE 2022 are,

  1. Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude.
  2. Reasoning and Logical Deduction.
  3. General Knowledge & Current Affairs.
  4. English Language.
  5. Aptitude for Service Sector.

How to prepare the English Language for NCHMCT JEE 2022

The vocabulary for the NCHMCT JEE exam of the English language must be practiced on a daily basis. Recent newspaper articles also made available the vocabulary. Reading editorials will also help you improve your reading habits, which will aid in understanding. Concentrate on practicing grammar as much as possible. The following are thorough NCHMCT JEE preparation tips for the English section.

  • The section would be consisting of areas like Vocabulary, Proficiency, Phrases, One Word Substitution, Sentence Improvement, rearrangement of sentences, English Usage Errors, Spotting Errors, Idioms, Phrases, and English Comprehension.
  • Regular practice and efficiency are a must to score the maximum marks in this section.
  • Revise grammar rules and concepts once. However, do not push yourself too hard, take it slow and steady.

How to prepare General Knowledge and Current Affairs for NCHMCT JEE 2022

To score well in the Current Affairs section, it is recommended that you cover the subject 6 months before the exam date. It really is up to you and if you can cover more than that, but 6 months is the least. For the remaining portions, look over the NCHMCT JEE previous year’s paper to get a sense of the type of questions that will be asked and prepare accordingly. The following are some NHCMCT JEE preparation tips for the General Knowledge and Current Affairs sections.

  • The topics included in this section are History (Ancient, Medieval, Modern), Economics, General Science, Civics, and Geography.
  • Current Affairs are required to be prepared for the past 8 months. In-depth and complete knowledge of the current affairs topics is important.
  • Just mugging up might not turn out to be fruitful. Reading the summary of editorials will help you a lot in gaining perspective about any news or issue. is advisable.

How to prepare Logical and Analytical Reasoning for NCHMCT JEE 2022

The NCHM JEE Logical and Analytical reasoning section is all about speed and repetition. Any Government exam has the highest scoring part. It assesses your logical understanding, and to do well in this area, you must first complete all of the chapters individually before practicing the mixed question sets. Most applicants get full marks in this area, but what sets you apart is how long it takes you to get all of them. Check the NCHMCT JEE 2022 preparation tips for logical and analytical reasoning.

  • This section will test the analytical abilities of the candidate and also improve the arguments and analogies.
  • It will help to understand the relationship, structure, and logical conclusions by applying rules and principles.
  • It will also include deductive reasoning and explaining the relationship between the person, place, and thing.

How to prepare Aptitude for Service Sector for NCHMCT JEE 2022

The Aptitude for Service Sector section of the NCHMCT JEE exam is also very essential. Candidates’ aptitude for the service sector is examined with questions in this part. Questions in this part also evaluate candidates’ interpersonal skills. There are no erroneous answers in the Aptitude for Service Sector section because the marking system is graded. Check our NCHMCT JEE Aptitude Preparation Tips for the service sector section.

  • The Aptitude for Service Sector has 50 Questions. For this section, Situation based questions will require the presence of mind and will check the IQ: Intelligence Quotient, EQ: Emotional Quotient, and SQ: Social Quotient.
  • For example, the scenario will be like, a colleague of yours is not answering your queries and is reluctant in attending the meeting that what would you do, this question will follow 4 options and you have to select the best possible answer as per the situation.
  • The questions will test the temperament of candidates which is a very essential requirement in the hospitality sector.
  • One has to have the aptitude for the hospitality industry, it can be inculcated within the candidates by going through different blog posts of Hospitality Stalwarts. In furtherance of this, BYJU’S Exam Prep will provide periodic mock, practice, and sectional.

How to prepare Mathematical Aptitude for NCHMCT JEE 2022

Understand the ideas of each chapter thoroughly, make short notes of the main questions and rules that you may refer to at any time to save time, practice questions chapter-by-chapter, and then mix questions for this part of the NCHMCT JEE exam. Practicing mixed questions is vital since your mind should get into the habit of understanding and solving problems in an incorrect format, for example, you should know how to approach one question on compound interest and then the second question about data interpretation. Check out the NCHMCT JEE Mathematical Aptitude Preparation Tips.

  • The sole purpose of this section is to check the numerical ability of the candidate. The mathematical questions would be from the 10th standard, from the topics which included Profit and Loss, Percentage, Time Speed and Distance, Ratios, Algebra, and Average.
  • To excel in this section, the mathematical concepts ought to be clear and calculations should be fast. This can be achieved through constant practice.
  • It is not compulsory to attempt all the questions but it’s important to correctly attempt the questions. This section has a huge role to play in your time management for attempting the rest of the questions.
  • The questions asked will be of a preliminary level which can be solved easily.
  • The applicants must not indulge themselves in new concepts just before the examination; instead, revise the basic formulas and concepts that they are familiar with.

Best Books for NCHMCT JEE Preparation

The table below summarizes the section-wise important NCHMCT JEE Books which one can refer to for NCHMCT JEE Preparation:

Best books for NCHMCT JEE Preparation

General English

Word Power Made Easy

High School English Grammer by Wren & Martin.

Objective English by R.S.Agrawal

Six Weeks by Wilfred Funk

Better English by Norman Lewis.

Reasoning and Analytical Ability

Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning by R.S.Agrawal

Logical Reasoning by Arun Sharma

Analytical Reasoning by M.K.Pandey

Quantitative Ability

Data Interpretation by R.S.Agrawal

Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma

Practice Quizzes by BYJU’S Exam Prep

Business and General Awareness

General Knowledge 2022-2021 by Arihant Publication

Yearly General Knowledge by Pearson

Additional Suggestions for NCHMCT JEE Preparation

Some of the additional suggestions for the NCHMCT JEE preparations are given below.

  • It’s important to find out which areas should be tackled in order. To optimize the score, sectional efficiency is essential.
  • Sections in which the candidate is given the command should be given the utmost attention. General knowledge and current events are usually included in this section.
  • The mathematical aptitude and logical reasoning areas should be approached with caution, as efficiency is a key requirement in these two sections.
  • Without creating a panic scenario, the preparation should be done with a cool and calm mind.
  • Confidence is a catalyst for success in the exam, and comprehensive practice is the best way to build and maintain it.
  • The student must determine the pattern of frequently asked questions from the previous year’s question papers and circle the important areas to study as a result.
  • Re-visiting is Essential, If you’ve written down important topics and thoughts, make a point of revisiting them.
  • Solving the Previous Year’s NCHMCT JEE Question Papers. Go over at least three to four PYSPs and try to grasp them. This activity will assist you in understanding the pattern of questions, particularly in the GK portion, and you will be able to revise the relevant points based on their weightage.
  • The best thing you can do is take as many NCHMCT JEE mock tests as possible. Answering as many mock tests as possible can assist you to simulate exam-like settings and determine how well you will perform on exam day.
  • Additionally, preparing mock exams will help you overcome your fear of exam day and better prepare you to confront exam day experiments by improving your time management and efficiency.

Prior to the examination, set aside time for each section. However, depending on the level of complexity of the paper, one should remain flexible. It is impossible to overstate the importance of practicing questions, particularly prior-year papers, in a timely manner. The key to succeeding in the exam is to recognize your skills and limitations and approach the paper accordingly.

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