CUET Biology Books : List of Best Books and Author Name

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

CUET exam comprises many domain-specific subjects which are all available as subjects that one can take in the exam based on one’s course/program requirement. Biology is also available as a Section-II Domain-Specific Subject in the CUET 2022 exam. In this article, we will go through the Biology books and other book-related tips and suggestions that will help you ace the CUET Biology exam.

CUET Biology Exam: Best Reference Books

The Common Universities Entrance Test 2022 is finally being conducted for the very first time ever in the year 2022 for admissions to more than 40 central universities and several other types of universities. This exam will serve as the single-most gateway for admissions to all the concerned universities.

The National Testing Agency has officially suggested NCERT books for different subjects of the CUET 2022 examination. NCERT books should ideally be used for the preparation of CUET 2022 as they are exclusive of all the possible topics that might be asked in the CUET 2022 examination. The list of appropriate books including NCERT books as well as other types of books and/or materials has been given below:

  • Together with Biology by S. Chand Biology by Campbell and Reece 
  • NCERT class 12 Biology Textbook 
  • S. Chand’s Biology for class XII by B.P. Pandey 
  • Pradeep’s A Text Book of Biology class 12 by P.S. Dhami 

Why the suggested books are the most appropriate for CUET Biology Exam

There are several key reasons why the mentioned books are possibly the most appropriate ones for the CUET 2022 examination. There are many things that make these books the most appropriate ones for the CUET 2022 examination. 

  • These books are based on the recent-most syllabus for all those subjects hence they are inclusive of all the important topics that might be asked in the examination.
  • They are not just text compilations but well-structured self-help books through which a student can effectively prepare for the examination without external help from a tutor or subject matter expert.
  • These books are assured of accuracy i.e., the information presented in these books is verified and accurate from all aspects. 

How to Prepare for the CUET Biology Exam Using CUET Biology Books

The CUET Biology Books must be read thoroughly by anyone taking the CUET Biology Exam. The following advice will help you make the most of your CUET Biology texts.

  • Begin your studies early. Give yourself more than enough time to thoroughly review the course material. By how much content you need to review, you can wish to use that as a gauge for when to start studying. For instance, you might want to start studying a few weeks in advance if you need to review information for the full semester.
  • Go over all of your notes that will be on the test in detail. It will help you remember what you studied and refresh your recollection of the subject matter. It will also be helpful to make you aware of all the details in your notes, their locations so that you can find them, and any information that might be missing.
  • Inquire about the test materials from your teacher. Finding out what will be on the test directly from your teacher is one of the simplest ways to start your studying process. On what will and won’t be covered on the test, many teachers will offer some insight.

Effective Notetaking Suggestions

When taking notes while reading, there is no secret recipe. Simply determine what functions greatest for you. As you gain experience and become aware of the advantages, your note-taking abilities will improve. This section is intended to assist you in beginning.

Emphasizing and Highlighting

Highlighting and/or underlining specific passages in the text is a quick and simple way to participate in the reading process. Although highlighting text is not the same as aking notes, it is frequently a crucial first step.

Going over and editing your notes

You will have a fair overview of the paper and your reactions to it once you have read through the text and taken notes as you go. But as you read the entire paper, more things can become clear. For instance, as you think back on what you read, themes may start to emerge or you may discover that your initial reactions have changed as you went along, especially for books.

Organization of Your Notes

Depending on your situation, you can discover that you take a lot of notes. If you can’t find your notes when you need them, they are useless to you, and spending a lot of time sorting through files is a waste of time. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure your notes are well-organized and that you can quickly find what you need.

Taking Notes in Writing

Keep in mind that learning and likely preparing for writing are your major goals while taking notes. When you first start taking notes, you can find that you take too many or not enough, that they are confusing when you return them, or that you are unsure of which of your opinions are the author’s and which are your own.


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