CUET Normalization of Marks 2022, Percentile Score, Formula

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: January 2nd, 2024
NTA has released the CUET Normalization of Marks 2022 in the notification. Check the normalization formula used. how CUET percentile score works, CUET scores calculation.
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The NTA has released the CUET Normalization of Marks to answer all the questions regarding the multiple shifts and the different levels of paper in each shift. The NTA has used the most used method i.e., Percentile based normalization of marks. It is used by most examination bodies and is time tested method. Candidates can also check the CUET Exam Analysis for a better understanding of the exam.

Keeping in mind the score of the exam the NTA has already announced that it will use percentile-based normalization in the exam. It helps all the students to know that they don’t need to worry about the shift level they must concentrate on CUET preparation.

What is CUET Normalization of Marks?

Normalization means that every value is on the same scale. It is the process in which the raw score is converted on a single scale. CUET normalization of Marks means the process is the measurement of the score of all the candidates on the same scale i.e., every student will get percentile based on their score in their shift irrespective of hard or easy. 

It is introduced to answer all the questions in the mind of students regarding the level of questions, types of questions, and other doubts. Aspirants must work on their concepts rather than thinking about the level of difficulty. This makes the CUET process clean and efficient. Check the normalization formula, process, and other important details below.

CUET Normalization of Marks – Formula

The National Testing Agency has already released the normalization formula in the notification on the official website. The formula is very basic and can be understood by everyone. It is put to use by a lot of agencies already. The formula is

CUET Normalization of Marks 2022, Percentile Score, Formula

Let’s have a details discussion about the formula used in the CUET normalization of marks. It involves 3 steps. The steps are

Step 1: Exam is conducted in multiple shifts. Let’s each shift has an equal number of candidates approximately. This is possible as it is a national-level exam, a little variation does not affect the result.

Step 2: Calculate the raw score of each candidate in their shift. With this raw score, you can calculate the percentile marks using the formula given here.

For high score candidates

CUET Normalization of Marks 2022, Percentile Score, Formula

For low scoring candidates

CUET Normalization of Marks 2022, Percentile Score, Formula

Step 3: Compile the percentile-based score in one place and use it to make a result for the candidates who had participated in the exam. This way candidates can check the percentile of marks and ranks scored by them.

Why normalization in needed in CUET?

This normalization process is introduced by the exam conducting bodies to reduce the discord in the students against the authorities. With such a large number of candidates participating in the exam. Some may get challenging shifts with a good level of questions and some may get easy questions in their shifts. With a large number of candidates/shifts, it is difficult to maintain the same level of questions.

To address the discord and agitation of participating candidates the authorities introduce the normalization which will help the candidates in taking their minds out of shift level and use their minds for covering the CUET Syllabus.

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