Toppers Strategy to Attempt RBI Assistant Prelims Exam 2020, Learn Here!

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Learn here the Toppers strategy to attempt the RBI Assistant Prelims exam 2020. In today’s era when the competition has increased in leaps and bounds, it is important to supplement your preparation with some smart tips to attempt the RBI Assistant exam 2020. Many students are aspiring to work with Reserve Bank of India but only a few prominent will be scrutinized by the institution.

To help you with your preparation we are sharing smart tips guided by bank exam toppers to attempt RBI Assistant Prelims exam 2020. RBI Assistant Prelims exam is scheduled to be held on 14th and 15th February 2020 and admit card for the same has been released by the Reserve Bank of India.

RBI Assistant exam will be held in a total of eight shifts. We presume students must be in the last phase of their preparation for the RBI Assistant Prelims exam 2020. 

Smart Tips By Exam Toppers To Attempt RBI Assistant Prelims Exam

It is time to revise all that you have been preparing for months/years. The result of your hard work would be fruitful if you are determined enough to accomplish your goal. Besides having a strategy one must know how to attempt paper to increase chances of selection.

Tips to attempt the RBI Assistant Prelims exam will help you to attempt the maximum number of questions with good accuracy and in the given stipulated time.

In this article, you will also know the effective tips for English, Numerical and reasoning Ability sections to boost your score in the upcoming exam. Before we dive into the tips, let us have a look at the RBI Assistant Prelims exam pattern.

The Prelims exam of RBI Assistant 2019-20 will follow the pattern mentioned below:

S. No. Subject Number of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
1. English Language 30 30 20 minutes
2. Numerical Ability 35 35 20 minutes
3. Reasoning Ability 35 35 20 minutes
  Total 100 100 1 hour

Section-wise Tips To Attempt RBI Assistant Exam 2020

We all know the competition is high. The number of aspirants who will take the exam is more as compared to seats available. It is very important in the prelims exam to keep a check on accuracy, speed, time management as it is qualifying in nature and one can expect cut off to be high. Marks obtained in the prelims exam will not be considered for drawing the merit list. So, RBI Assistant is your entry pass to your mains examination.

Tips to Attempt Reasoning Section

Start with Easy Topics: Reasoning is the most onerous section if prepared well can fetch you maximum marks. Exam toppers advise attempting easy questions in the starting to save your time for the rest of the questions.

Do not stick with Tricky puzzles: Puzzles carry the maximum weightage in the bank exams. Try to no indulge yourself in the tricky puzzles. Attempt it only if it seems doable to you.

Miscellaneous questions: If you are not very good at puzzles, then starting with miscellaneous questions like inequality, coding-decoding, alphanumeric series, etc.would be an added advantage to score well in the reasoning section.

Puzzles carry the maximum weightage: Solving a single puzzle accurately can fetch you 5-6 marks. But always keep a check on time as you have a lot more questions to be attempted in 20 minutes only.

Tips to Attempt English Section

Reading Comprehension: It is completely based on your reading ability. If you are good at reading you can definitely secure 7-8 marks for yourself in this topic.

Attempt Grammar part in the beginning: If you are not good at reading part, grammar-based questions would do wonders to you. Questions based on grammar are not very time consuming and can be easily solved.

Less time consuming: As it does not involve lengthy and complex calculation, English section is less time consuming than quant and Reasoning section.

Maximum marks in minimum time: When can easily attempt all the questions in the given time. This section can fetch you maximum marks allotted in the given interval of time.

Tips to Attempt Quantitative Aptitude 

Start with easy topics: As quant is based on calculation, try to attempt questions on number series, data sufficiency etc to save your time for the lengthy and tricky questions.

Data Interpretation: DI is the most commonly asked topic in the bank exams. It carries the maximum weightage. One can expect a total of 2-3 sets of DI in the RBI Assistant Prelims exam 2020.

Arithmetic part: After DI, the Arithmetic part is of utmost importance. One should have a good hold on the formulae, and concepts used in the arithmetic part. Prepare topics like Profit and loss, Time and Work, Speed and Distance, etc.

Learn all the formulae: While preparing for the exam, you must have learned the formula to be used in the questions. Revise all the formula and trick to compute them in the questions asked.

Use of short tricks: Quant section can be solved in less time with the help of short tricks. If you are well versed with the short tricks, then make use of it otherwise, solve question with basic concepts.

General Tips To Attempt RBI Assistant Exam 2020

Read the instructions carefully: Instructions are given before the exam start. Read each and every point carefully before you proceed with the questions. Reading instructions will help you know about the marking schemes, the number of options in each question, some do’s and don’ts during the exam, etc.

Read the question carefully: Sometimes students have prepared the question in a conventional way, and the examiner can twist the question by making some changes in it. Thus, students are advised to read the question and directions thoroughly.

One question at one time: As bank exams are conducted online one question will be displayed at a single time. This created the demand for an increase in speed.

Attempt easy questions in the starting: Always try to attempt easy questions in each section but do not waste time in searching for the same. 

Do not stick to a single question: As you will have limited time to attempt 100 questions, do not stick to a single question. Attempt doable questions in the beginning. You should know which question to attempt and which can be skipped for later.

Do not mark the answer on random guessing: Accuracy in competitive exams matters the most. Do not risk your chances of selection by marking the answers to the questions on just random guessing.

Cross Check your answer: After marking your answer, make sure that you have marked the right option as sometimes students mark the wrong answer in a hurry even if they have solved it accurately.

Try not to use pen and paper: To save your time, try not to use pen and paper for the questions like simplification. For this, you must learn square roots and cube roots. Do not waste your time in lengthy and complex questions.

What are the major factors that can help you sail through RBI Assistant Exam 2020?

Accuracy: One must keep a check on his/her accuracy. Prelims is all about how accurate you answer. Marks will not be counted for merit list but will be considered as a gate pass to the mains exam

Time management: As you will be having only 20 minutes for each section, you have to manage your time to attempt a maximum number of questions.

Speed: Besides accuracy, time management good speed to attempt questions is crucial in bank exams. Keep a check on your speed and attempt as many as questions you can.

We hope this article has served the purpose. These tricks and tips by experts and exam toppers will surely help you in acing your marks in RBI Assistant exam 2020. Learn, Revise and improvise with BYJU’S Exam Prep.

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