Toppers Strategy To Score 140+ In RBI Assistant Mains 2022 Exam

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

RBI Assistant Mains Strategy: The RBI Assistant mains exam date has not been announced it will be held in the month of May 2022.

The candidates who are going to appear for the exam must be looking for the toppers strategy to crack RBI Assistant mains 2022 exam by scoring more than 140 marks. Here we are sharing the RBI Assistant mains overall strategy that will help you beat the competition.

RBI Assistant mains exam 2022 will be conducted in May 2022 and only a month is left for the exam. But you all need to put your best efforts to clear the exam with the same spirit but this time with more significant efforts. To help you attain success we have curated some important section-wise strategies to make your preparation more effective and productive.

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Before we dive into the RBI assistant mains exam strategy to score 140+, one must know the previous year’s cut off of RBI Assistant mains so that you will have an idea of how much you need to score to be provisionally selected in RBI.

RBI Assistant Mains Cut off 2017

It is clear from the below table that the Delhi state has the highest RBI assistant mains cut off i.e, 121.25 for general. As seats are more this time competition is also fierce. So here we are sharing a strategy to score more than 140 marks in the RBI assistant mains examination.

Ahmedabad 75.75 101.00 115.50
Bengaluru 90.00 76.25 103.25 105.75
Bhopal 74.33 70.25 117.25
Bhubneshwar 92.25 76.50 110.50 120.50
Chandigarh 94.75 103.75 97.75 120.00
Chennai 95.25 116.25 119.50
Guwahati 95.50 78.75 101.00 106.50
Hyderabad 104.00 100.75 114.00 112.50
Jaipur 98.25 77.75 107.25 119.25
Jammu 96.75 68.50 96.50 116.25
Kanpur & Lucknow 94.00 105.75 110.00 121.25
Kolkata 100.00 108.25 118.25
Mumbai 98.00 64.50 96.25 105.75
Nagpur 68.25 104.50 115.50
New Delhi 96.50 109.00 121.25
Patna 83.25 91.00 117.25
Thiruvanantapuram & Kochi 91.25 116.25 124.50

Unlike the Prelims exam, RBI Assistant’s mains consists of five sections namely Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, General Awareness, and Computer Knowledge. There will be a total of 200 questions with 40 questions in each section to be solved in 135 minutes (overall).

First Step in the RBI Assistant Mains Preparation:

The very first step to start your RBI Assistant mains preparation is to have a fair idea about the exam pattern and syllabus and after that, it is important to understand the pre-requisites of the examination.

Scan through the RBI assistant mains previous years exam paper to know what you can expect in the upcoming exam what could be the difficulty level and what type of questions you will be dealing with.

Step By Step Preparation Tips for RBI Assistant Mains Exam 2022

Start With the basics: The first step while starting your preparation must be the clearance of the concepts whether the reasoning or quant. Sometimes students forget to use the short tricks in that case knowledge of basic concepts would be your savior.

Make important notes: Always make notes or mark the important lines with a highlighter so that you can revise them at the last minute. This will keep everything fresh in your mind and you will be able to recall things.

Divide your time: Every section/subject/topic is crucial from the examination point of view. So divide your time for each section equally. All the sections together can help you crack RBI Assistant Main exam 2022.

Make a study plan/schedule: Always divide your syllabus to be completed within the time in hand. Make sure you cover all the important topics in the starting or the topics which can fetch you maximum marks.

Work on your weakness: Being an aspirant you must know about your weak and strong points. Analyze them and start improving your weak areas. It could be speed, calculation, knowledge of a particular topic, or time management.

Maintain speed and accuracy: Always keep a check on your speed and accuracy. Make sure whatever you attempt in the exam is accurate and the topics you pick in the beginning are not time-consuming.

Improve your reading skills: Good reading skills can solve half of your problems. Develop a habit of reading a newspaper or magazine daily. This will help you in solving the Comprehension part in no time.

Give mock test: Always take a mock test to find where you stand, what are your weak and strong points, which topic needs more attention, etc. Deeply analyze each and everything and start improving on them.

Strategy for RBI Assistant Mains English Language 

Once you know the RBI Assistant mains English language syllabus and important topics, you will realize the importance of reading skills, vocabulary, and enhancement of basic grammar rules to crack the English section in RBI Assistant mains. 

To master these skills, dictionaries and english newspapers or editorials are going to help you in the long run for the banking examinations.

Important Preparation Tips for RBI Assistant mains:

  • To improve and enhance the vocabulary part, learn and revise regularly. You can prepare using previous years’ papers and newspaper/editorials to accumulate the list of difficult words in one place.
  • Focus on important sections to learn the basic grammar rules like Tense usage, Noun & adjectives modifiers, active-passive sentences, subject-verb agreement, etc.
  • Read different genres and from various sources on a regular day and develop a habit of the same. While reading, focus and learn sentence structuring, spelling, and meaning of similar words while adding a new word to your vocab list.

Attempt English Language Quiz

Strategy for RBI Assistant Mains Numerical Ability

This section generally tests your proficiency with numbers or calculations. The RBI assistant mains numerical ability section is relatively more extensive as you need to memorize plenty of formulas and several other tricks to perform. Here we have a few preparation strategies and tips & tricks that will help your preparation journey smoother and more manageable in the exam.

  • To start with, scanning through the entire syllabus is important to know the time required for the preparation.
  • Your speed of solving questions in this section is very crucial. To ensure the same, learn tables, squares, and cubes at least up to 30. You must learn short tricks and shortcuts to solve questions within seconds.
  • Compile your formulas, tricks to solve lengthy questions, and shortcuts on a single page so that you can have it all the time for numerous revisions.
  • Do not learn or read questions and solutions of the quant section like a novel. The more you practice, the better are the chances of fetching high marks.
  • Towards the end of your preparation journey, solve full-length mock papers and sectional mock tests as well. This way you can balance a mix of questions with speed and accuracy within a time frame.

Attempt Numerical Ability Quiz

Strategy for RBI Assistant Mains Reasoning Ability

This is the most onerous section of all. The RBI Assistant mains reasoning section tests your ability to think and tackling with the questions. Although sometimes it is difficult to crack the idea behind a particular question practice can help you break this bridge. 

  • Time management is crucial when attempting questions in this section. If you know the idea of the question, it will be solved within minutes. If not, move on to another question and re-attempt the previous one if you have time in the end.
  • Highlight or note down the important facts from Puzzles, Seating Arrangement -Circular, Square & Linear, and Blood Relations, and read the question correctly so that you do not omit them to avoid mistakes in questions.
  • Blood Relation is another easy topic to be picked. One and most important fundamental trick to solve blood relation questions is to relate it to your relations.
  • Use a pen and paper to avoid confusion for questions on Distance and Directions.

Attempt Reasoning Ability Quiz

Strategy for RBI Assistant Mains General Awareness

No doubt that the syllabus for RBI Assistant mains general awareness is very vast and never-ending. It requires a regular revision of the important topics. As it does not require any complex calculation one can easily attempt entire questions asked in the exam if prepared well.

  • This section is more about memorizing than practicing the topics like quant or reasoning. Once you are done with the entire syllabus, make a timetable to ensure revision of the topics every day. Many of the students lose marks in this section due to their inability to recall what they have learned. Revision is the only solution to this.
  • Develop a habit of reading newspapers like The Hindu, Economic Times, Indian Express, etc. every day and focus more on the relevant points related to Banking/Financial Awareness and Economics.
  • Read all the important updates on what is happening all around in the country and world.
  • Be familiar with the topics like monetary policies, RBI structure, and appointments of the governor.

Attempt Current Affairs Quiz

Strategy for RBI Assistant Mains Computer Knowledge

This section is majorly about the Generation of computers, MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Internet, Operating systems, Computer Hardware, Abbreviations, Etc.

  • The syllabus is majorly based on the theory of computers so candidates have to select the important topics to be covered in the beginning.
  • This section can also fetch you maximum marks as it does not include any calculations.
  • Go through the previous year’s papers to get an idea about the type of questions.

This was all about the RBI Assistant mains exam preparation strategy to score more than 140 marks in the exam. We hope this article will help you boost your preparation and know the best strategy to crack the exam.


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