Most Expected IBPS RRB Clerk English & Hindi Language Questions & Topics to be Asked

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Many students are not that good at the English language but they are very good at the Hindi language. IBPS RRB 2022 has given options to students to choose between these two languages for the mains exam. So now students can choose their choice of language based on their strengths. 

Get to know the most expected questions which you will encounter on the examination day and prepare them to perform better.

Candidates choose Hindi because they can achieve good scores. Success is solely based on how well you score. The chances of selection increase with improving scores. Only the IBPS RRB mains test offers applicants the option of either the English or Hindi Language component.

Although the English section is optional and candidates can choose Hindi if they prefer, many candidates prefer to select the English Section. English is one of the important sections in banking exams. 

English is considered to be a time-consuming and tricky section because of the lengthy Reading comprehension. Since many students are unsure of how to prepare for and approach the English component of banking exams, this section gives them anxiety.

After choosing the language, now the most common query is how to prepare? Here in this article, students will get to know how to prepare the Hindi language section from scratch for IBPS RRB 2022 mains exams.

Due to their overconfidence in their grasp of the subject, aspirants studying for IBPS RRB sometimes pay less attention to the Hindi component. If you prepare for this section properly then you can easily score 30+ marks in this section.

To help candidates prepare for Hindi Language Section in a better way, here we are sharing important topics, preparation tips, and books to refer to for IBPS RRB Exam 2022.

Most Expected IBPS RRB Clerk English & Hindi Language Questions & Topics to be Asked

Expected Topics For IBPS RRB Clerk English Language

In the IBPS RRB Clerk Mains Exam, a few key subjects consistently draw questions. You must therefore be familiar with all of these subjects, and aim to spend more time honing your exam-taking skills. Additionally, you must adhere exactly to the exam syllabus and structure.



Preparation Tips For IBPS RRB Clerk English 

To strengthen your analytical skills, read newspapers daily and try to summarize the editorials you read.

  • Topics that need a lot of practice include Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test, Para Jumbles, etc.
  • If this area is poor for you, work on improving your reading habits and try to finish topics that you are already familiar with before moving on to more challenging questions.
  • This part doesn’t have any insider secrets, and repetition is the key to success.

Reading Comprehension

The most significant subject in the English Language portion is reading comprehension. Reading comprehension is essential for answering questions on this subject. Regular article reading improves reading speed. Make it a habit to read every day. Read the entire passage and comprehend the summary before attempting to answer a Reading Comprehension question.

Fill in the Blanks

Candidates need to have a wide vocabulary in order to answer fill-in-the-blank questions. To understand the flow, candidates must read the entire passage.

Error Spotting 

It is possible to score questions from Spotting Errors, but it takes time. You’ll need solid grammar understanding if you want to get good grades. Learn every guideline for recognizing errors.

The best way to answer Spotting Error questions is to carefully read the entire text. Eliminate queries one by one that is utterly incorrect for you in order to solve problems intelligently.


Candidates need to have a wide vocabulary in order to answer fill-in-the-blank questions. To understand the flow, candidates must read the entire passage.

Cloze Test

Cloze test questions may be a little puzzling at first, but when candidates become familiar with the passage’s themes, they will be able to identify the question that stands out. Understanding the passage is key to passing the Cloze test. Regularly practice Cloze test questions.

Para jumbles

Understanding the topic of the paragraph is the first and most important stage in a para jumble question. As the subject is crucial in connecting several phrases. Recognize the topic.
Look for the opening phrase. Look for the final phrase. Recognize the author’s approach and flow of information. Determine the order of the questions from the sentences

Sentence Rearrangement

Try to comprehend the section, if you can decipher the meaning, you will undoubtedly grasp the proper arrangement.

Create three pairs, each with two sentences, if there are six sentences total. When creating a pair, try to look for hints, frequently, there are some connecting words that serve as a link between the two sentences.

Download IBPS RRB Clerk 2022 Mains English Language PDF

Important Topics for Hindi Language Preparation

You need to make sure you have covered all the crucial areas because you only have limited months to study for the mains exam after the prelims. In this article, we’ll go over several key concepts that you should completely study in order to perform at your best in the 2022 IBPS RRB Clerk mains exam.

1. Reading Comprehension

  • This is a crucial topic for the IBPS RRB Hindi Language Section. This topic is likely to generate 5-10 questions.
  • Candidates will be given a passage to read on this topic, and they will be required to answer questions based on the passage.
  • To solve the Reading Comprehension topic, look over the questions first, then read the comprehension carefully. This suggestion will help you save time when answering questions.
  • Do not assume the answer to any question. Answer the questions after going through the passage properly. This will improve accuracy. 

2. Fill in the Blanks

  • This topic will have 5 questions for the candidates. You can expect single or double filers.
  • A sentence is provided with one or two blanks. Some people prefer to use the blanks that will be provided.
  • Candidates should select the option that is most appropriate in the context of the supplied sentence.

3. Error Spotting

  • This is a high-scoring subject. This topic is likely to generate between 5-8 questions.
  • A sentence is given in the manner that was questioned in previous years’ exams, and it is divided into four sections.
  • This topic will benefit you if you have a good understanding of Hindi grammar.
  • It’s expected to appear some new pattern error spotting questions. The concepts for answering the questions, however, will be the same. So, before answering the error spotting questions, carefully read the directions.

4. Cloze Test

  • In the Hindi Language Section, a cloze test is also asked. This topic can be used to generate 5-10 questions.
  • A passage is presented with some blanks on this topic. The candidates must fill in the spaces by choosing the most appropriate alternative.
  • While answering this question, consider each choice in the blank and choose the most appropriate alternative that best fits the passage’s theme.

5. Para jumble

  • This topic has a good probability of scoring well. 5 questions can be expected from this topic.
    Some jumbled sentences are provided in this question.
  • The applicants must arrange the sentences in a logical order to make a complete paragraph.
    First, try to figure out what the sentence’s first sentence is.

6. Misspelled Words

  • In the Hindi Language Section, this is one of the most popular topics.
  • Students must choose the correctly spelled word from a list of words.
  • Read Hindi language content on a daily basis to gain a grasp of the subject.

7. Other Important Topics

So Apart from these important topics, there are some other topics which can be asked in this section. The topics are mentioned below :

  • Odd One Out: To choose that word or sentence that is different from all other words/sentences. 
  • Synonyms: Synonyms of words
  • One word for the phrase: One word for a sentence
  • Idioms and folklore

Hindi Language Section Preparation Tips

  • The following books will help you prepare for your Hindi language section. Solve past year’s IBPS RRB Hindi section exam papers.
  • Read Basic Hindi Grammar Books and make sure you comprehend the basics.
  • Daily, at least 20 difficult words should be practiced. For constant practice, you can also download a Hindi dictionary.
  • Begin by reading the Hindi Editorial Section of a regular Hindi newspaper.
  • To assess your level of preparedness, take a practice Mock Test.

Important Books to Refer for Hindi Language Section Preparation

  • IBPS RRB Objective General Hindi Language by Kiran Publication
  • Objective General Hindi Book by S.Chand

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