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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Dear Aspirants,

IBPS will be conducting the Specialist Officer’s Exam for IT Field on February 14, 2016. These last 2-3 are the crucial time for revision and should be wisely dedicated to the revision of important topics.

Since at this moment all the students are done with their preparation and just a final touch is needed to brush up your Preparation. So keeping in mind this, here are some of the Last Minute Tips for the IT Officer’s Exam.

Let’s first look at the pattern of the Exam:

Like most Exams, it is an On line Objective test in which 200 Questions have to be answered in time duration of 2 hours. The Questions are from various sections which are distributed as follows:


Note: (i) There is a penalty of 1/4th or 0.25 of marks assigned to a question.

(ii) In Professional knowledge test, 50 questions are allotted 75 marks i.e. 1.5 marks for each question. Likewise in English also, 50 questions are allotted 25 marks i.e. 0.5 marks a question.

Some of the Key points should always be kept in mind while preparing. These are:

1. Speed and Accuracy: It is the essential tool for clearing any Bank exam. Build your speed by practicing more and more and couple that with accuracy. Always try to attempt those questions in which you are sure of your answers. Prevent any negative marking.

2. Time Management: During the exam preparation and also during the exam, focus on the amount of time you take for a particular question. Do not spend too much of your time on any question, instead move on to the next question. And leave that question for the time left with you.

Section-wise Preparation Strategy

As per the analysis of IBPS SO V Marketing Officer’s Exam, the expected questions from different sections are as follows–

Reasoning Ability

Expected difficulty level is –Moderate

The questions expected from this section are as follows:

i) Puzzle – 5 -10 Question

ii) Seating Arrangement (Circular) – 5 Question

iii) Seating Arrangement (linear) – 5 Question

iv) Input Output– 5 Question

v) Syllogism– 5 Question

vi) Statement based Questions– 3-5 Question

vii) Data Sufficiency– 5 Question

viii) Inequality– 5 Question

ix) Others – Alpha numeric Series

Scoring topics in Reasoning Sections are

Syllogism, Inequality, Puzzle, Seating Arrangement, Input Output, Data Sufficiency.

Quantitative Aptitude

Expected difficulty level is – Moderate to tough

Note: In the marketing Officer Exam, this section was Calculative.

The questions expected from this section are as follows:

i) Data Interpretation – 2-3 sets – (10-15) Question

ii) Quadratic Equation– 5 Question

iii) Simplification / Number Series – (5 -10) Questions

iv) Caselet DI /Data Sufficiency – 1 set – 5 Question

v) Miscellaneous Questions

Miscellaneous Questions will be from various topics like – Age, Simple and Compound Interest, Profit and loss, percentage, permutation and combinations, Time and Work, Time, speed and distance etc.

Scoring topics in this section are

Data Interpretation, Quadratic Equations, Simplification, Data Sufficiency and Some Miscellaneous questions.


Expected difficulty level is – Moderate

i) Reading Comprehension – (10-15) Question

ii) Para jumbles – 5 Question

iii) Spotting Error/ Spelling Error – 5 Question

iv) Cloze test –10 Questions

v) Fill in the Blanks– (5-10) Question

vi) Sentence Correction– 5 Question

Scoring topics in this section

Cloze test, spotting the error, sentence improvement and sentence rearrangement.

Professional Knowledge

Professional Knowledge would be an important section of the exam as it will consists of 50 questions for  75 marks.

Here are the topics asked from Professional Section of IBPS IT Officer Exam.

i) Data Base Management System

ii) Data Communication & Networking

iii) Computer Organization & Structure

iv) Data Structure & Compiler Design

v) Operating systems

vi) Software Engineering

vii) Internet Awareness

As you know 60% of Professional Knowledge Questions comes from DBMS &  Data Communication topic, thus you must prepare these two topics well.

Here We are sharing with you the no of questions you can perform in the mentioned time.


Important Points:

a) Solve a few question papers from previous years.
b) Try to improve your speed, it gives you an edge.
c) If you are not sure about an answer for a question, do not attempt it. Avoid losing marks because of negative marking.
d) Try to eliminate the wrong options.
e) If you think you can attempt a question, but if you think it would consume a lot of time, skip it and work on it once you have answered other questions.


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