IBPS PO V: Interview Experience – Kishore Semare

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Dear Aspirants,

Here is the Interview experience of Kishore Semare from Bhopal, MP.

Name: Kishore Semare

Qualification: BBA

Place: Central Bank Officers Training College, Bhopal.

Date:  19/01/2016

Time: 1 pm

Panel: I

I wore a dark blue suit, white shirt and navy blue tie and reached the venue exactly at 1 pm. (I recommend you to get there at least 10 minutes earlier).

Then the document verification started. The people there were quite friendly and I got my documents verified within 10 minutes.

Then I was sent to a particular hall where I was told that I would be the third person to go in.

Eventually my turn came at 2:45 PM. I pushed the door and asked for their permission to enter the room.

There were 5 members (4 men and a lady). All were in there 50’s.

Me: Good afternoon sir, good afternoon mam. (I knew that I had to wish the lady first but as she was sitting right at the end, I was forced to wish her last.)

Chairman: Aaiye Kishore, bethiye.

Me: Thank you sir.

Chairman: To aapne BBA kiya hai, kaha se?

Me: Sir NRI College, Bhopal.

Chairman: Aap yaha bank me kese?

Me: Sir, actually I wanted to do MBA first as I always thought that I am best suited for a managerial job. But later on I came to know about this probationary officer’s post, and I thought that this post will provide me that opportunity so I opted for this.

Chairman: So aapne socha ki direct practical knowledge lena hi jyada better rahega?

Me: Yes sir, as I believe that having practical knowledge is always better than bookish knowledge. (He was satisfied with my answers and that gave me a lot of confidence. Then he said to M1, sir management wala h, poochiye aap kuch.)

M1: Kishore time management ki log badi baat karte hai, what is it?

Me: Sir, basically time management is all about using our time efficiently. And devoting more time to useful things. Everybody gets 24 hours in a day and has almost the same work to carryout, but who uses those 24 hours efficiently is important. (He looked satisfied with my answer.)

M1: Can you tell me one technique of time management?

Me:  Sorry sir, I don’t know.

M1: Koi baat nahi, it’s ok.

M2:  Kishore, what is the difference between hypothecation and pledge?

Me:  Sir, in pledge we have to submit the security to the BORROWER on the basis of which we are taking loan from him and sir I have heard that hypothecation is generally done of stocks in business, in this case the security remains in the possession of the borrower himself. And sorry sir I made a mistake, in pledge the security is deposited with the LENDER, I wrongly said borrower there.

M1: Yes we understood what u wanted to say, not a problem.

M2: What is the difference between private sector bank and public sector bank?

Me: Sir in public sector bank, majority of the stake is held by the government of our country and sir in private sector bank the stake is mainly held by the private corporates and individuals. This is the basic difference.

M2: PSB me kitna % share government ke pass hota hai?

Me: Sir I do not know the exact %, but in any case it has to be more than 51 %.( he looked satisfied)

M3: Kishore RBI ke functions bata sakte hain aap?

Me: Sir RBI is the authority which makes the monetary policy in our country. It acts as a banker to the government and it also acts as a banker to the other banks. (Then I stopped, I couldn’t recall anything after that). Sir these are some of the functions of RBI.

M3: Bas 3 hi functions hain?

Me: Sorry sir, there are many more functions but I cannot recall anything right now.

M3: India me note kaun print karwata hai Kishore?

Me: RBI sir. Yes sir, it is also the issuer of currency in our country. (All started laughing)

M3: Saare notes RBI hi print karwata hai?

Me: Sir I think one rupee note is issued by central government of our country.

M3: You think, or are you sure?

Me: Sir I have read it somewhere, but I can’t recall it properly at this time. (All started laughing again)

F1 (lady): Apne desh ki pehli mahila IPS adhikari kaun thi?

Me: Kiran Bedi ji.

F1 (lady): Iske alawa unki kuch achievements pata hain aapko?

Me: No mam sorry unke baaare me jyada jaankari nahi hai.

F1 (lady): Abhi ameero ke bare me kuch aaraha hai aajkal sunne me, koi idea?

Me: Yes mam, aaj hi newspaper me dekha mene.

F1 (lady): Accha, padha newspaper me, kya aaya h, kuch bata sakte ho?

Me: Yes mam, aaj ki headlines thi ki duniya ke top 100 logo ke pass world ki aadhi se jyada wealth hai.

F1 (lady): 100 log hain pakka?

M3 corrected me, its 62.

Me: Thank you sir.

M3: India ke kitne log hain inme se?

Me: Sorry sir I just read the headlines I didn’t go into the details of it, but yes I saw the picture of Mr Anil Ambani there.

M3: Anil Ambani?

Me: Sorry sir, it was Mukesh Ambani’s photo, the elder brother.

M3: Ok.

F1 (lady): Aapke role model kaun hain?

Me: Mr Rahul Dravid. (Chairman got excited)

Chairman: Kya seekha hai aapne unse?

Me: Sir the patience and commitment that he has. First of all he is a true gentleman and Sir his commitment level was also commendable, if he decided that he was going to do something, he would do it, it doesn’t matter what situation he was in. and he was also a team man. (He liked my answer)

Chairman: To aapne kabhi cricket khela hai?

Me: Yes sir, I have been a state level cricketer for 2 years.(Then all looked at each other and got really impressed)

Chairman: Ok Kishore, aap ja sakte hain, thank you.

Me: Thank you Sir, thank you Mam.

I stood up and started walking back to the door, suddenly a voice came from behind, it was the lady, she said have a good day Kishore, I smiled at her and said you too mam.

All this while, I had smile on my face and was really confident after the first answer that I gave. I was pretty chilled out even if I got some answers wrong or didn’t answer at all.

All I have to say to you all is stay confident and keep that smile on your face even if you are not able to give any answers.

Feedback will be appreciated and one last thing to say to you all:

“Bas Dua Me Yaad Rakhna.”  


Kishore Semare, Bhopal.


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