How to prepare English Language for IBPS Clerk Mains Exam 2018?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

English Language section often scares a lot of students in the exams. To help you all overcome this phobia, today we are going to share important tips to prepare English Language for IBPS Clerk Mains Exam 2018. A lot of variations have been introduced in the questions of English section this year, and hence, it is important that you read these IBPS Clerk Mains English preparation tips thoroughly, in order to achieve a good score in this section.

How to prepare English Language for IBPS Clerk Mains Exam 2018

First, we are going to share the different topics and the number of questions asked from them last year in the English section of IBPS Clerk Mains exam.

Name of the Topic

Number of Questions asked

Reading Comprehension

12 Questions (2 sets)


5 Questions

Double Fillers

5 Questions

Sentence Rearrangement

5 Questions

Find the sentences with the same meaning

5 Questions

Correct Usage of word

8 questions

Topic-wise English preparation tips for IBPS Clerk Mains Exam 2018

Now, let us have a look at the individual topics and check out the tips to solve them effectively.

1. Grammar Basics

  • First and foremost thing to score better in the English section is to get your grammar basics right.
  • Go through the basic rules of grammar, including Parts of Speech, Tenses, Articles, Conditional Sentences, Subject-Verb Agreement etc thoroughly as well as their exception cases in sentences.
  • For better understanding of the grammar basics, you can follow our series Grammar Scholar as well as practice questions based on them from the links given below.
    (a) Basic Grammar Rules
    (b) Quiz on Grammar Basics

2. Reading Comprehension

  • You can expect around 2 sets of comprehensions in the mains phase of IBPS Clerk exam,
  • The passages are expected to be based on Economy, Environment or Social issues etc.
  • To understand the correct approach to solve Reasoning Comprehension questions, go through the links below:
    (a) Tips to solve Reading Comprehension
    (b) Practice RC questions here!

3. Cloze Test

  • A new pattern was introduced in the Cloze test questions last year. However, a with a proper practice of the basic pattern of Cloze test, you can easily solve questions of the new variation.
  • You should have a clear idea of grammar basics as well as sentence structure to solve the questions of cloze test properly.
  • Go through the link below to read the study notes and practice questions of this topic.
    (a) Tips to solve Cloze test
    (b) Practice Cloze Test questions here!

4. Error Spotting (All types)

  • A lot of variations have been introduced in the error spotting questions this year. Here are the samples of the types of variations introduced.
  • Type I: Basic pattern, where a sentence is divided into different parts and you need to identify the part containing error.
    The Panama Agreement on which (1)/ both the nations worked (2)/ such hard diplomacy (3)/ will be sign tomorrow. (4)/ No error
  • Type II: The above question may be asked in another manner. The error may be in multiple parts of the given sentence and you might be asked to identify all the parts containing error.
    Asked about the safety of the database, / the Home Secretary said possible of hacking was, / always there but enough safeguards had been put in placed.
    I. Asked about the safety of the database
    II. the Home Secretary said possibility of hacking was
    III. always there but enough safeguards had been put in place.
    (A) Only I
    (B) Both I and III
    (C) Only III
    (D) Both I and II
    (E) Both II and III
  • Type III: A sentence is divided into 3-4 parts and correction sentences are provided for each part and you need to identify the appropriate correction sentences in the options.
    Ajay called me and shouted on me and said/ some really nasty things because he heard at/ a party that I had said some things about his wife.
    Correction sentences:
    (i) Ajay called me and shouted at me and said
    (ii) some really nasty things for he heard at
    (iii) a party that I had said some things about his wife
    Options would be like : (A) Only (i) or (B) Only (ii) or (C) Both (i) and (ii) etc.
  • Type IV: 3-5 separate sentences are given and you need to identify the grammatically correct or incorrect sentences out of them, like:
    I. The ads alternatively contain unrelenting personal attacks on Moore, and professions of Strange’s unshakeable love for President Donald Trump.
    II. She was crying and thanking us in Spanish and English and beside herself with joy.
    III. But as soon as the maidens saw the figure of a man, they ran to the basket, jumped in, and were at once drawn up to the sky.
  • Type V: Some parts of a sentence are given in jumbled form and one of the part does not contribute to the theme of the sentence. You need to identify the odd sentence and then re-arrange the given parts to form a meaningful sentence. This type is basically a combination of error spotting and parajumbles and was asked in IBPS PO Prelims exam this year.
    1. to the US on Monday to interact with the US corporate world in New York (A)/ The Union Finance Minister is scheduled to arrive on nearly a week-long visit (B)/ and Boston and attend the annual meeting of (C)/ Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan to be held for the development of women in central Asia(D)/ International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington DC (E)
    (A) BACE
    (B) BACD
    (C) DAC
    (D) None of these
    (E) No correction required
  • You can practice questions of the above patterns from the link given below:
    (a) Practice Spotting Errors Questions here!

5. Sentence Improvement (All types)

  • Like spotting errors, Sentence Improvement questions may also be asked in different variations.
  • However, if your Grammar basics are good and you have a good hold over spotting error topic, you can easily attempt questions of this topic.
  • Make sure that you go through the links below for better understanding:
    (a) Tips to solve Sentence Improvement
    (b) Practice Sentence Improvement Questions here!

6. Fill in the blanks (All types)

  • Questions from fill in the blanks may be asked in several variations, like Single, Double or Triple Fillers, or Single/ Double filler based questions for 2 different statements in a single question.
  • This topic is comparatively easy as compared to other topics of the English section, and it prepared well, it can easily fetch you 5-7 marks, depending upon the number of questions asked in the exam.
  • Do check out the links below for better understanding of this topic:
    (a) Tips to solve Fill in the blanks
    (b) Practice Fill in the Blanks Questions here!

7. Parajumbles

  • Many variations of parajumble based questions have also been asked in the exams this year.
  • One is the basic pattern where 5-6 sentences are given and 4-5 questions are asked based on their arrangement.
  • Another variation is where the 1st sentence of the given paragraph is fixed and you need to figure out the correct order of the remaining sentences.
  • For a better understanding of this topic and to practice questions, check out the links below:
    (a) Tips to solve Para jumbles
    (b) Practice Parajumbles questions here!

8. Theme based questions

  • In these questions, 4-5 sentences are given in options (1 sentence in each) and students need to figure out the odd one out sentence, which is not in accordance with the theme of the passage formed by others.
  • For instance, figure out the sentence from the options below, which does not follow the theme of the remaining sentences.
    (A) The country of Australia have is quite open regarding the ethnicity of immigrants.
    (B) There have been efforts by the Australian government to eliminate illegal immigration into this country.
    (C) The Australia immigration procedures are quite simple.
    (D) The Australian immigration authorities want to increase the immigration numbers of skilled laborers under general skilled migration (189).
    (E) Currently, 5 lakhs Indians are residing in Australia, out of which 2, 50,000 are there for excursion purposes and the rest for work reasons.
  • You can practice questions of this topic from the link below:
    (a) Practice Theme based questions here!

9. Para completion and Para Summary

  • Both Para completion and Para summary questions would comprise of a small paragraph.
  • You will be required to fill in a missing sentence from the given options in case of para completion questions.
  • For Para summary, you would be required to select the appropriate option, which best summarises the given passage.
  • For both the questions, good reading and understanding skill would definitely come in handy.
    (a) Practice Para Completion Question here!
    (b) Practice Para Summary Questions here!

10. Sentence Connectors

  • You will be given 2-3 sentences in these questions along with some connecting words and you’ll need to figure out the correct connector, which can be used to join the given sentences.
  • For instance
    Muhammed bin Tughlaq was a great visionary. But his policies failed to have the desired results, as they were far ahead of their times.
    i. Although
    ii. Despite
    iii. Actually
    You need to pick out the appropriate connector (s) from the given options to join the sentences given above.
  • Check out the links below to understand this topic better and practice questions based on it:
    (a) Tips to solve Sentence Connectors
    (b) Practice Sentence Connector Questions here!

11. Vocabulary Building

  • Questions from the Vocabulary segment may be asked from:
    (a) Synonyms-Antonyms
    (b) Idioms and Phrases
  • For each of them, you need to have a decent vocabulary to solve the questions with ease.
  • You should spend time on reading newspaper editorials or novels etc to enhance your vocabulary since these will help you get in touch with a lot of new words.
  • You can also refer to ‘Word Power Made Easy’ for this.
  • You can practice Vocabulary based questions from the link given below:
    (a) Practice Vocabulary Questions here!


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