How Your Degree Will help in Banking sector?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Never, ever underestimate the importance of your academics.

IBPS PO Interviews are around the corner. Many of you are preparing hard to crack it.

 There have been repeated queries coming in the Gradeup about a common query-

How can your degree/educational background will help in Banking?

Generally, this question asked in all the bank interviews. You must prepare for this questions when going for any banking interview. So, this article aims to clarify the confusions regarding the same.

Every stream or subject of education has its own set of benefits that help in evolving and shaping the overall personality of an individual.

You need to emphasize smartly on the skills that you comprehend over your academic period. So, whatever you give the answer will be well accepted by the panel and do not think that you cannot fit into Banking Sector.

Now, we have highlighted some important points of advantages of different educational background. From these points, you can frame the best answer as per your temperament.

1. Maths/Accounts was one of my subjects. So, my fundamentals are clear, and I can do calculations with good speed and accuracy. On the other hand, I am a quick learner and grasp things quickly.


2. Technical/Electronics/Computer. I have done my ___ with ____. As banking is moving towards digital era. So, I can contribute more to that. As an engineer I am a problem solver, I am a quick learner and grasp things quickly.


3. Arts (MBA/Psychology/Sociology/Humanities/Economics) background. At college I was active in extracurriculars – I can take up leadership roles and have a good command of soft skills. I am good with managing people and building new relationships – an important skill for all bankers.


4. Biology/ Biotech – Although bio is not directly related to banking, I have done many team building exercises, worked in many group projects as a leader and that has developed the ability in me to steer a team, contribute more and to be patient and calm in any situation. I’m not an impulsive decision maker and always open to learning.


5. Mechanical Engineering Students study Industrial in their stream. That concept is applicable in all the industries for example Queuing Theory. This can help us in getting the basic idea of probability number of customers coming to the branch at a time, waiting time, service providing time. Not even in each bank, they have customer care where officers manage the call flow.


No need to worry at all!

Considering you are eligible for a position, you will always be well received irrespective of your educational backgrounds in any of the sectors. Just research a little on your skills and knowledge you gained from your academics.

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