How to Score 60+ in IBPS RRB Office Assistant Prelims Exam?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Dear Aspirants,

The countdown begins for IBPS RRB Office Assistant Prelims Exam. Many of you have started framing key strategies to crack the exam. You need to be very clear about how will you attempt the paper to avoid guessing options with maximum attempt and the most important is to clear the both sectional & overall cut-off.

First of all, do the deep analysis before you appear in the exam.

Exam Pattern – There is no change in the pattern of prelims exam.

How to Score 60+ in IBPS RRB Office Assistant Prelims Exam?

If we study the trend of Prelims exam of IBPS RRB Office Assistant –

In 2016 – the level of the exam was Easy to Moderate. Questions asked in both Reasoning & Numerical Ability sections were easily attempted.

Let us check the types of questions asked in each section –

Numerical Ability

Topics Total Qs Doable Qs Tricky Qs Sectional Cut-off (2016)
1. Number Series 5 3  2  16.25 for General Category
2. Approx./Simplification 15 10-12  3
3. D.I. 5 3  2
4. Miscellaneous 15 8-9  6
Total  40 27  13

** Miscellaneous questions include Age, Probability, Partnership, Profit Loss, Average, Boats & Stream, Compound/Simple Interest, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Time & Work, etc.

**D.I. – Table chart

Reasoning Ability

Topics Total Qs Doable Qs Tricky Qs  Sectional Cut-off (2016)
1. Syllogism 5 4 1 18.25 for General category
2. Inequality (Direct) 5 5 0
3. Alphanumeric Series 5 4 1
4. Circular Arrangement  5 5 0
5. Linear Arrangement  5 5 0
6. Miscellaneous 15 10 5
Total 40 33 7

** Miscellaneous questions includeBlood relation, Distance Direction, Ranking, Coding Decoding etc.

**Circular Arrangement was based on – 7 people, all facing the centre (easy).

**Linear Arrangement was based on – 7 people, all facing the north direction (easy).

IBPS RRB Office Assistant Prelims State Wise Cut Off 2016 (Out of 80 marks)


Cut Off Marks (General)

Cut Off Marks (OBC)

Cut Off Marks (SC)

Andhra Pradesh














Himachal Pradesh


Jammu and Kashmir









Madhya Pradesh












Tamil Nadu






Uttar Pradesh






West Bengal


Now we understand from the cut-off and over all marks of the previous year that if you attempt doable questions only with full accuracy you may or may not go to next level i.e. mains because the competition is tough from the previous year. There is a possibility that they can make the questions difficult. If questions are tough merit will go down but we can assume up to 55 and if the paper is easy like last year merit will be more than 60.

So, irrespective of category either General or O.B.C prepare for 60+ because the competition is at its peak.

 Now the question arises how will you score 60+?

You need to score high by hitting the tricky questions as easy questions are doable for most of the aspirants. If we compare from last year chart, in Quant section doable were only 27 but this time you need to score at least 30 and in Reasoning section, it was 33 but now make it at least 38. You can skip only 2 questions in Reasoning. This is a fight of 1 marks to 0.25 marks. So, fight for each question but make sure that you do not waste your valuable time in any question and the wrong question is not at all acceptable.

For all exams, I am checking your all reviews like Attempted 60 Q’s with 90% accuracy, Attempted 56 Qs with 80% accuracy. In this exam I want you all to attempt with 100% accuracy otherwise do not attempt. If you do 60 its ok if 50 its ok but accuracy should be 100% only.

Now, this is the time to convert tricky question into doable questions and here we will focus on tricky questions mainly.

Numerical Ability: Time allotted 25 minutes Target – 35 Marks

1. For number series -4 minutes – There are some patterns and you need to practise on that. You can practice the quiz from gradeup under quant section. 

Expected pattern –

1. 4   13   38   87   168   ?

2. 224  ?   56   28   14

2. Simplification/Approximation7 minutes – More you practise more you become fast. Revise all the tricks of Simplification as well as Approximation topics. Do not be over confident or nervous. This is the most important section.


Qs. -14.001 × 26.999 × 7.998 = ?

Qs. 15.003 × 14.998 + 125.010 = ?

3. D.I. – 4 minutes – Kindly revise the basic concept of Profit-Loss, Average and Ratio. Your calculations make you a star in DI.

Expected pattern – 

Number (N) of Six types of Electronic Products sold by Six different stores in a month and the price per product (P) (price in Rs. ‘000) charged by each store.
How to Score 60+ in IBPS RRB Office Assistant Prelims Exam?

Qs. 1.  The number of L type products sold by store F is what percent of the number of the same type of products sold by store E?

Qs. 2. What is the respective ratio of the total number of N and L type products together sold by store D and the same products sold by store A?

4. Miscellaneous – 10 minutes – Profit Loss, Simple Interest – Compound interest, Percentage, Mixture & Allegation – If your this section is strong, then thoroughly revise formulas and tricks and if not then skip this section and prepare for other topics. This section concludes 4-5 marks directly and 2-3 marks indirectly. If you are not perfect in these topics then in exams as well skip these questions and do not waste your time.

Rest topics are  – Boat & Stream, Ratio & Proportion, Partnership, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Pipe and cistern, Average and Ages -These are easy topics and practise atleast 20 questions from each chapter before appearing for the exam.

**If you are skipping 5-6 question then you have attempted 34 and this is a good number within 25 minutes.

Reasoning – Time allotted 20 minutes. Target – 35 Marks

1. Syllogism- 2 minutes –There are hardly 5-6 cases of syllogism. Revise either-or case, possibility case, no A are B case, some A are not B case and atleast/ never case thoroughly. Now you can attempt Syllogism in 2 minutes.

2. Inequality – 3 minutes –Although Inequality is the easiest topic and hardly takes 2 minutes. But I am giving you 1 min extra if they give three or four statements.

3. Alphanumeric series – 3 minutes – They put questions in two types –  In one they give series of – Symbols, numbers and alphabets. In s.econd they give series of number

For ex –

  1. Symbols, Numbers and Alphabets based –

Study the following digit-letter-symbol sequence carefully and answer the questions given below:

? A 7 O & 8 ^ 4 Y 5 * 1 9 T ! C # 2 $ E

Qs. – If the digits and symbols are interchanged, i.e. the first digit is interchanged with the first symbol, second digit with the second symbol and so on, what will be the 14th element from the right?

Qs. – How many digits are there that are preceded by a symbol and followed by a letter?

  1. Number series based –

 Directions: The following questions are based on the five three-digit numbers given below:

                512    625    962    348   245

Qs. – If in the positions of the first and the third numbers are interchanged, which of the following will be the fourth highest number?

Qs. – If in each element, all the three digits are arranged in ascending order within the number, which of the following will be the third lowest number?

 4. Sitting Arrangement – 8 minutes

i. Circular Arrangement – 4 minutes– You have to solve the circular arrangement in 4 minutes. The question will be of easy level and you can attempt all the five questions.

Expected Pattern –

Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

Eight friends E, F, G H, J, L, M and N are sitting around a circle facing the centre. E site fourth to the right of F. H sits second to the left of F. J sits third the o right of M and M is not an immediate neighbour of H. G is not an immediate neighbour of E and N sits second to the left of G.

ii. Linear Arrangement – 4 minutes –The linear arrangement will also be of easy level and you can attempt all the five questions.

Expected pattern –

Study the information carefully and answer the given questions.

A, C, D, I, L, P and M are sitting in a straight line facing North. P sits fourth to the right of A and C sits second to the left of P. D sits in the middle and is second to the right of M. I sits at the farthest possible distance from P (five persons sits between I and P).

5. Miscellaneous – 4 minutes – The questions include topics like – Blood relation, Ranking, Distance direction, Single Qs on Alphabets, Single Qs on Numbers etc. The level of such questions will be very easy.So, try to attempt all miscellaneous questions.

Expected Pattern –

Blood Relation – G is the sister of H. H is married to I. I is the father of J. A is the son of B. H is the mother-in-law of B. I has only one son and no daughter. G is married to C. D is the daughter of C.

Distance Direction – A man walks 20m towards east to point M then he turns to his left and walks 15m to point G. Again he turns to his right and walks 12m to point A, again he turns to his right and walks 15m to point T and stops.

Ranking – Type 1 –  In a class, Amit is ranked fifth from the top while Bhaskar is ranked ninth from the bottom. If there are three students between Amit and Bhaskar, determine the total number of students in the class?

Ranking – Type 2 – Six students P, Q, R, S, T and U participated in an examination and score different marks. P scores more marks than T but less than S. Q scores more marks than S but he does not score the highest marks. T scores more marks than only U. who scored the highest marks?

Coding Decoding – In a certain code – ‘we are best friends’ is written as ‘xu zu lu yu’, ‘we good are player’ is written as ‘tu yu nu zu’, ‘friends best good more’ is written as ‘tu xu du lu’ and ‘are best own aim’ is written as ‘pu xu ku zu’.

Single Qs on Alphabets – If it is possible to make only one meaningful word from the first, fifth, seventh and eighth letters of the word SPONTANEOUS, then the second letter from the left is your answer. If no such word can be formed then your answer is X and if more than one such word can be formed your answer is Y.

Single Qs on Number – How many digits in the number 5279143 will remain same when the digits are rearranged in ascending order from left to right within the number?


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At last – 

Your temperament should be very clear. There are so many aspirants who are preparing from last 2-3 years, may be this is the exam you are going to hit. And there are so many aspirants who are going to give this exam for the first time. Sometimes you need not to study for 10-12 months, work smartly and clear this exam as this exam is comparatively easy. To all of you, I want 100% accuracy as there are only two sections and you all are performers in these sections.

All the Best!

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