How to Prepare for IBPS RRB Officer Scale I Prelims 2021 in 2 Months

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Updated on: August 30th, 2023

IBPS RRB Officer Scale I prelims phase will be conducted on August 1, 7, 8, 14, & 21 this year. It gives you three months to prepare for the exam. It’s high time that you start your IBPS RRB Exam preparation and to assist you all with this, we are sharing the 60 days study plan and preparation tips for IBPS RRB Officer Scale I Prelims Exam 2021. We hope 2 months preparation plan for IBPS RRB Officer Scale I will help you prepare for your exam in a more proficient way.

Indian banking regime is divided into a leveled hierarchy to provide service to the extended banking customers in India. The level starts from RBI at the apex level and moves through various stages in accordance with the clientele.  While RBI is the high-end body that is involved in policymaking, the regional rural banks are the nodal agencies for transmitting the banking services to the rural areas.

The central government is making sure to expand the regional rural banks as much as possible in order to make financial inclusion possible for the country. Therefore, the opportunities for recruitment of officers in RRB are seeing an unprecedented hike.

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60 Days Study Plan for IBPS RRB Officer Scale I 2021

IBPS RRB 2021 recruitment for officer scale-1 would be completed in three segments  Prelims, Mains, and Interview round. The pattern of the examination is a bit different from other probationary officer examinations in the sense that the preliminary round does not entail an English section. The prelims would just constitute 2 sections, namely Numerical Aptitude and Reasoning. Thus the strategy for preparation should be different here.

Given below is the 60-day strategy for preparing for IBPS RRB Prelims 2021 (Officer Scale-1). We have divided these 60 days before the exam into 4 distinct stages/ phases.

Phase 1 (Day 1-15)

  • Pick topics of ratio and percentages from the quantitative aptitude section in the first preparation run as these topics have a direct link with other major topics like DI and profit & loss. Also taking these topics at first will give you some extra time to brush them up and attain a good level of accuracy.
  • Build concepts in the quantitative aptitude section carefully at this stage as these concepts will come in handy in almost all the topics in the quant paper.
  • The aspirants should take reasoning topics like coding, inequality, and blood relation and practice. These topics are crucial because they are almost certain to appear in the paper and need to be prepared first hand.
  • For working aspirants, devoting nearly 45-60 minutes to each section is advisable at this stage.

Phase 2 (Day 16-30)

  • This is the time to understand and learn the application of the concepts in the first preparation run.
  • In the quant section, start solving questions from the DI section. These must include the various types of Data Interpretation problem models like pie, bar, tabular, and also the problems involving multiple types of graphs.
  • In the reasoning section, the aspirants shall take into consideration topics like seating arrangement, syllogism, and series. These topics are easy to master but yet crucial in the exam. Also as the DI practice in the quant section will be taking most of the effort, so taking easy topics is a beneficial strategy.
  • At least 4 to 5 DI sets of varying models and difficulty index need to be solved at this stage. 1 or 2 sitting arrangement and at least 5 problems each of syllogism and series need to be solved on regular basis as well.
  • This is also high time for online mock tests. Start attempting test series for IBPS RRB Officer Scale I so that you are well acquainted with the level and pattern of the exam. These tests will also help you manage your time efficiently. So, make a habit of attempting at least 3-4 tests in a week.

Phase 3 (Day 31-45)

  • This slot should be reserved for the preparation of miscellaneous problems of both quant as well as reasoning sections.
  • Topics like simple and compound interest, trains, and time-speed-distance should be prepared at this stage. These topics are usually easy but lengthy and hence involve tricks. Learn them!
  • As per the reasoning section, topics like direction, alphabet test, and ranking should be given attention in this preparation slot. These topics, in particular, are almost stringent in pattern and therefore can be prepared well in 15 days.
  • There is no daily time limit at this stage. One should try to accommodate questions of at least one topic in both sections on the daily practice routine and also rotate them according to self-analysis of progress.

Phase 4 (Day 46-60)

  • This slot is crucial because all the major topics have been already covered and some applications basically remain to be taken care of. Also knowing the types of questions of each topic is important to avoid surprises during the examination.
  • In the quant section, the aspirants are required to prepare topics of time and work, permutation & combinations, and probability. Also, the revision of some of the topics like simplification and data interpretation needs to be taken care of.
  • The course of reasoning section is more or less exhausted before this slot, so the tip here is to revise the tricks learned in each of the topics and applying them to as many questions as possible.
  • Being predominantly a revision phase, the aspirants should devote 30-45 minutes for the revision of the previously prepared topics in each section on a daily basis. This will improve their concept of retaining fractions until the examination.

Important Tips to Prepare IBPS RRB PO Exam in 2 Months

  • Mock tests play a vital role in the success of the preparation. There is no particular time of starting the mock tests in general; the aspirants should surely start taking the tests by the end of the first preparation slot.
  • One day of each week should be mandatorily dedicated to the analysis of the mock tests given during the week. This would involve solving every question of the paper without time bounds and understanding the quickest ways of solving the same.
  • In the reasoning section, puzzles are very important and should be prepared simultaneously with the other topics. There is no general pattern of preparation for puzzle problems; it’s just practice as many different types as possible.
  • In the quant section, the DI section has the application of all the other concepts and therefore requires to be given the most important as it would reflect your preparation level of other topics as well.

IBPS RRB Prelims 2021 (Officer Scale-1) is the examination that would test your mettle and if you are dedicated to it then there is no chance that you won’t get through it. The laurels are there for the taking; it’s just that the deserving candidates, with the correct approach, make way to it. As per the luck part, no competitive examination is purely luck based, it’s the effort that counts. If the effort is there then even luck chooses to make way for the victor.

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