How to Crack Group Discussion for SBI PO & BOB PO, Important Topics

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Here we are sharing some useful tips to give you an upper hand in the Group Discussion round for SBI PO and BOB PO bank exam.

We have also shared important topics for the Group Discussion of SBI PO & BOB PO in this post.

What is the Group Discussion (GD) Process?

In the Group Discussion round, a group of a certain number of candidates ( More than 5 generally) sits around a center table at an audible distance from each other. An official (interview panel member) sits at the center or the extreme end of the table. After the introduction of everyone, a Group Discussion topic will be given to every candidate in the group by the panel member.

The candidates will be given 3-5 minutes for writing down their points in a plane paper related to the Group Discussion topic. On the completion of the required time, the candidates are asked to start the group discussion.

The candidates in the group express their opinions related to the topic one at a time in a disciplined manner. After 15-20 minute, the panel member stops the discussion and asks the candidates to reach a final conclusion related to the topic.

Why is Group Discussion conducted?

In all the major exams, Group discussion is being conducted nowadays. This is a very important exercise for the selection of the candidates.

Group discussion is the best way to analyze the personality traits, knowledge, behavioral skills, confidence, teamwork and leadership skills of the candidate. Along with these, the panel member also checks the communication skills, listening skills and the ability to convince others.

How to Prepare for the Group Discussion Round?

It is essential to prepare seriously for the Group Discussion round as it matters a lot in your final score. Follow the important tips provided below to crack the group discussion round of Syndicate and Canara Bank PO Exams.

1) Be aware of the current affairs –

This is the most important as most of the time the topics in the group discussion of the bank exams are directly or somehow related to the ongoing current affairs. If you are not aware of the tits and bits of the topic given then you will not be able to express your opinion independently and will only be able to repeat what others have already said.

So it is highly essential to keep a close tab on the issues going on related to every field. Being aware of the current affairs is not sufficient. Understand the current affairs with applicable statistics, examples, pros as well as cons.

2) Work on your communication skills –

Only knowledge of the topic is not going to help you if you do not have good communication skills. Fluent English is not necessary but your sentences should be errorfree and well framed.

3) Express the unbiased views –

The opinion you express in a group discussion should not include any biasing for a particular cast, religion, gender, party etc. You can only tell the pros and cons related to the topic without being unbiased.

4) Follow the rules –

There are a certain set of rules of the group discussion which the panel member will tell you. Abide by those rules throughout the discussion.

5) Proper Body Language –

Your body language plays an important part in judging your behavioral skills. Your body language in a group discussion must be decent as well as confident. Crossed legs, crossed arms on the chest are considered as bad body postures for a formal discussion. Finger pointing, standing in between, loud and aggressive voice and table banging must be avoided strictly by the candidates.

6) Support your opinion with examples –

What you have said in the discussion, be ready to back it firmly with examples. In starting of the discussion, you will get time to write down points. In the meantime, indicate the example as well that you can give to express your opinion strongly. Also if anyone tries to contradict your point, you should have valid points to support your view.

7)Try to be a leader, but do not interrupt in between –

Along with your knowledge, the panel member also checks your behavioral and teamwork skills. If you are not humble with others and interrupting every time in between, this will give a very bad impact. Listen carefully to others and then express your thoughts on it. Do not try to grab attention unnecessarily and forcefully.

8) Practice beforehand –

Before appearing in an actual group discussion, try to take mock group discussion or simply make a group with your friends or family members to discuss a relevant topic. You can also practice in front of a mirror.

9) Be clear and Concise –

In a group discussion, you must not move on to the irrelevant information just for the sake of speaking. The debate should be around valid points only. Be clear and concise in expressing your views. If you are not able to remember any information then listen to others patiently and collect important points from it.

Important Topics for SBI PO & BOB PO Group Discussion Exercise

1. Now That 99.3% Demonetised Notes Are Back In The Banks, how successful demonetization was?

2. How can we prevent natural disasters such as Kerela floods?

3. Merger of Banks – Good or Bad?

4. Ways to tackle NPA Problem in Indian Banks/How to prevent scams in Banks (Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya case)?

5. Levying charges on cash transactions – Is it a good move by banks?

6. Pros and cons of digital Transactions.

7. How to increase the income of farmers?

8. How to tackle the problem of Black Money?

9. India’s relation with its neighbor countries?

10. How to become a developed country?

11. How to deal with Cybercrimes?


All the best for your Group Discussion

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