Important Group Discussion Topics: Latest GD Topics and Tips

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

GD or Group Discussion is an important round in many banking examinations like SBI PO. After the completion of SBI PO Mains written examination, qualified candidates move on to the GD and Interview stage. It is important that you prepare all the important group discussion topics to ensure that you clear the bank exams.

For an efficient performance and score in group discussion round, you must read newspapers regularly and prepare all the latest GD topics related to current affairs, important events, and important decisions made by the Government or the banking system.

In this article, we have explained the meaning of Group discussion along with the types of group discussion topics to expect in the exam.

What is a Group Discussion Round?

Group Discussion is a group testing round where they check the individual’s ability to work in a group and with a group. They are looking to check and analyze several personality traits like public speaking, confidence while delivering or expressing your views, team spirit, social behavior, and problem-solving skills.

In a Group Discussion. The host gives the group a topic and a few minutes to recollect your facts and opinions about the topic. You are then asked to present your views in the group supporting it with facts and evidence. You must be bold enough to express your views while maintaining a cool demeanor and also respecting the views of other members of the group.

Types of GD Topics

GD topics can be categorized in several ways. One way of doing so is on the basis of facts and scenarios. We have categorized the GD Topics below:

1- Topic-Based GD Topics

    1. Factual GD Topics: They are generally backed by report data and facts. These include current GD topics like a group discussion on Repo Rate Cut & Likely Impact.
    2. Controversial GD Topics: They are argumentative in nature. Eg. political GD topics, international relations GD topics, Religious GD Topics, etc
    3. Abstract GD Topic: They generally concern intangible things. They are not very common in the examination as it takes a form of lateral discussion and is highly opinionated.

2- Case Studies GD Topics:

Such topics are presented as a real-life situation and you are expected to analyze the situation and tell how would you perform in such a scenario.

For eg. You are a bank employee and you saw someone being rude to the customer and not complying with the bank norms, what would you do as a colleague.

3- Abstract GD Topics:

Such GD topics depend on its interpretation and vary from person to person. They generally involve famous sayings or a line from a book. These topics require basic group discussion tips and no prior knowledge is needed.

List of Important Group Discussion Topics

Here is a list of few recent GD topics that can be prepared for the SBI PO GD round. You must study and follow all the given Group Discussion Tips to be prepared for the given GD Topics and similar topics like these.

  1. Impact of Coronavirus on the banking system and the economy
  2. How will Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan economic package help the country?
  3. Will private cars increase after lockdown?
  4. Do beauty contests increase the objectifying of women?
  5. SAARC Conference
  6. Recent Labour reforms
  7. Styrene, the gas leak in Vishakhapatnam
  8. Is coronavirus another HIV?
  9. Disaster Management in India: Cyclones and Earthquakes
  10. Union Budget: Impact on agriculture
  11. Use of technology to tackle Financial crimes
  12. Future and importance of blockchain technology
  13. Should bitcoin be legalized?
  14. Money or Success- What is more relevant?
  15. Swachch Bharat Abhiyan: win or fail?
  16. Increase in privatization in the Economy. Advantages and disadvantages?
  17. Solar Energy: success in India?
  18. Future of online education in India
  19. Is work from home really practical in the Indian corporate system?
  20. One child policy in India: thoughts?

The above stated are the few latest GD topics that can be expected in th upcoming examinations.

Group Discussion Tips

Here are a few GD Tips that can help you improve your GD skills:

  • Make sure you go prepared. Read Newspapers or Daily GK Updates daily current affairs regularly.
  • You can also refer to Banking & Static Awareness Study Notes or Monthly GK Capsules
  • In the initial few minutes, take your time to accumulate and recollect all the information that you remember about the topic.
  • Avoid presenting extreme personal views.
  • Always address the entire group with respect. Please remember it is not an argument but a discussion. Respect the other’s opinions and views.
  • Improve your speaking skills. You are not expected to use decorative language, but there should be clarity in your views. Also, monitor your pitch and pronunciation.

Lastly, the most important Group Discussion Tip is If you are unable to recollect sufficient information about a topic use 5W and 1H – What, Who, When, Where, Why, and How. also, try to conclude the discussion. The person who concludes a discussion gets an extra edge over the other candidates.


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