50 Essay Writing Topics For SBI PO

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Candidates must be gearing up their preparation for SBI PO 2023 Exam. We hope that you all are preparing well for Quant, Reasoning, and English Language with our Daily Quizzes and Test Series. But, are you wondering about the pattern of the Descriptive paper and the topics asked in it? Well, to help you with this, we are providing you with a list of essay writing topics that were asked in the previous year’s SBI PO Mains Descriptive Papers.

The SBI PO Mains consists of both Objective & Descriptive papers. To appear for the SBI PO interview, you need to qualify written exam as well as the SBI PO descriptive paper. So, the descriptive paper is an inevitable part of your Mains testing phase. If you perform well in the written but fail in the descriptive paper, you may not be eligible for an interview process.

SBI PO Exam Pattern For Descriptive Test

Candidates must check out the SBI PO exam pattern as it will help them understand the weightage and time limit of each section. Check out the table provided here for a detailed overview.

Name of Test

Number of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
Letter Writing 1 50 Marks 30 Minutes
Essay Writing 1

Note- The word limit for Essay writing is 250 words & for Letter Writing is 150 words. (The word limit varies in some exams)

Importance of Essay Writing in Bank Exams

Essay Writing is a very essential scoring section in the SBI PO exam. Candidates must practice well as it can be a great way to bag a few extra marks in the examination.

  • Even if you score good marks and clear the Objective exam cut off you need to qualify for the descriptive paper cut off to be selected for the next round.
  • Many students neglect this section which leads to their disqualification from the exam.
  • With proper practice and discipline, anyone can easily score 70-80% marks in descriptive writing.
  • With a good score on the descriptive paper, you can increase the chance of your final selection.

Essay Writing Topics for SBI PO 2023

Below is the list of topics for essay writing, which will help in your preparation for a descriptive test for SBI PO & other related exams.

1. Pros and cons of ‘one rank one pension scheme.

2. Women Empowerment.

3. Ethical problems of e-commerce.

4. Women’s Safety – It is our responsibility.

5. Over-dependence on monsoon.

6. Ethical problems of e-commerce.

7. Is the election commission right in banning election symbols during the casting of votes?

8. Roll of uneducated people in the Indian Economy.

9. Is the generation gap a myth?

10. Enslavement of man by technology.

11. Is a presidential form of government suitable for India?

12. Those who saved More are Taxed More. Justify

11. The Viability of Presidential Form of Govt In India.

12. Benefits of Mutual fund investments.

13. United Nations Organization’s contribution to the recent turmoil in Ukraine.

14. The decreasing number of research taken up by students

15. Suggestions to alleviate the unemployment problem.

16. Role of newspapers in influencing society or youth.

17. The contribution of unskilled labor to the Indian economy.

18. How can education in the economy be indulged in college study?

19. Future of the Banking Industry.

20. Pros and cons of allowing 10-year-old children to open accounts.

21. How is the economy related to the common man?

22. How far can a press have a license to infringe on others’ privacy?

23. The relevance of Swadeshi on Globalization.

24. There is no permanent friend or enemy in politics give examples from Indian politics.

25. Two types of functions of government are necessary and optional.

26. If I were a minister of the Banking Industry.

27. Role of effective credit rating.

28. Tackling the communication gap between families due to mass media and the internet.

29. Advantages of classroom education over distance learning

30. Transformation caused in the workplace by information technology In the past two decades

31. Economic importance of tourism.

32. Will India ever be a developed country?

33. Bitcoin

34. Banking Risk and Management.

35. Setting a personal financial goal early in life.

36. Benefits and Disadvantages of E-Commerce.

37. Pros and Cons of outsourcing banking activities.

38. Stable government is important for economic growth.

39. How is NABARD a boon to the Indian Agricultural Sector?

40. How Have Nationalized Banks contributed to the growth of the economy in India?

41. Mobile Technology – Growing Trend in Education Space.

42. How Tourism affects Religious pilgrimage?

43. Brexit ( UK withdrawal from the EU). What will be the Impact on India’s Economy?

44. Role of Small & Payment Banks in Financial Inclusion?

45. How could a Bankruptcy Code improve Financial Inclusion?

46. Measures to be taken to avoid issues during monsoon

47. Effect of environment and a person’s genes on the development of his personality traits.

48. Travelling is better than watching movies and documentaries.

49. Why Technology’s being in power is a menace?

50. Effect of social media and its consequences on our population.

So, these were the topics asked in the previous year’s SBI PO and other related exams. Please go through each topic and get some idea about its background. This will improve your knowledge and will help you in scoring good marks in Descriptive Writing.

How to Prepare Essay Writing For SBI PO

With proper strategy and consistent practice, one can prepare well for essay writing. Check out a few tips curated by our experts to prepare essay writing for SBI PO.

  • Develop a habit of regular reading and writing.
  • Go through the internet to know the required structure of an essay.
  • Please stick to the mentioned word limit and avoid spelling mistakes.
  • Read any standard newspaper regularly.
  • Try writing at least 1 essay on a regular basis.


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