Which of the Following is a Tension Member

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

Which of the following is a tension member?

  1. Strut
  2. Tie
  3. Rafter
  4. Boom

Answer: B (Tie)

Which of the Following is a Tension Member?

Answer: B. Tie


Tension Member: Tension members are linear members who act as axial forces to elongate the member. 

Tension members carry loads in such a way that the entire cross-section is subjected to experience uniform stress. They do not fail like compression members in buckling.

Ties of trusses, suspenders of cable-stayed and suspension bridges, suspenders of buildings systems hung from a central core (such buildings are used in earthquake-prone zones to minimise inertia forces on the structure), and sag rods of roof purlins are other examples of tension members.

Strut: Strut is a compression member in which the effective length of the strut exceeds three times the least lateral dimension. 

Strut is generally used in trusses as compression members.

Rafter: Principal rafter or rafter is the top chord member of the truss and is subjected to compressive force from loads transferred by purlins at the nodes. Rafter acts as supported beams between the purlins. 

Boom: Boom is the main compressive member of the crane used to move large objects on the construction site. It bears most of the load as a compressive member.


Which of the following is a Tension Member

Tie is a compressive member which is used in truss to bear the axial load. They carry load in such a way that stress in the cross-section become uniform. 

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