SI Unit of Surface Tension is

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

SI Unit of Surface Tension is an important unit. The definition of surface tension states that it is a phenomenon which occurs when the surface of a liquid is in contact with another, liquid or non-liquid, surface. Liquids acquire the least surface area, hence, acting like an elastic sheet which creates surface tension.

The SI unit of surface tension is N/m or Newton per Meter

The Surface Tension is calculated by the formula T=F/L where T is the surface tension of the liquid, F is force per unit length and L length of the acting force. The resulting T or the Surface Tension has the SI unit Newton per Meter, abbreviated as N/m. The cause of surface tension is the attraction of the particles on the surface towards the liquid.


The SI unit of surface tension is?

The SI unit of Surface Tension is N/m. It is also called Newton per Meter. It is caused by the attraction of the particles, liquid or non-liquid, on the surface towards the liquid in contact with it.

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