NHPC JE Preparation Tips 2022 – Best Strategy for Junior Engineer Exam

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: December 26th, 2023
Know the best preparation tips for NHPC JE 2022 exam. The given tips and tricks help you to formulate a good study plan so that you do not face difficulty while preparing for the exam.
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NHPC JE Preparation Tips 2022 is crucial for you so that you can prepare for the exam in the most effective manner. Having a good preparation strategy makes your job easier for you to crack the exam. You can check out the most useful preparation tips and tricks here that will guide you in planning for the exam.

It is important to have a good study plan so that you can keep a track of all the important topics that are needed to be studied as per the syllabus. Know some very important tips and strategies here that will help you to qualify the exam.

NHPC JE Preparation Tips 2022

NHPC JE Preparation Tips 2022 is given here. To qualify the NHPC JE exam you would need to have a good preparation strategy to follow. Having a reliable preparation strategy will ease your preparation for the exam as you will have a strategy with which you approach your goal. Correct guidance and preparation strategy will give you the right direction to prepare for the exam. 

Here we have elaborated on the NHPC JE preparation tips and approach that will explain the step-by-step preparation guide for the NHPC JE 2022 Exam. The NHPC exam preparation strategy could be adopted by anyone who has a firm willingness and determination to qualify the exam.

Best Preparation Strategy for NHPC JE 2022

A concrete preparation plan or preparation strategy is necessary to excel in any exam. Candidates applying for NHPC JE and who want to ace the exam with high scores must read the given tips carefully and plan judicially. Check out general tips on how to prepare for NHPC JE Exam 2022 below:

Know the NHPC JE Syllabus

  • Don’t just read out the syllabus instead understand the NHPC JE Syllabus over time.
  • Try to figure out what topics are expected to be covered in NHPC JE Exam 2022 weightage-wise.
  • Point out your weak and strong topics.
  • learn where to put the maximum time and effort to easily prepare for something strong.

Know the NHPC JE Exam Pattern

  • After the syllabus study, you are clear enough about the topics that need to be prepared.
  • Now, go through the NHPC JE Exam Pattern to understand the kind and pattern of questions, marking scheme, etc.
  • Once it is sorted, you will be quite clear in your mind as to how to prepare for the whole course. 

Know your strong and weak areas for the NHPC Jr. Engg. Exam

  • Decide your time of study for example what suits you best, daytime or nighttime? 
  • Based on your concentration levels divide the topics to be covered and work on them carefully as it will affect the efficiency.
  • The next thing to ponder is analyzing your weak areas (i.e subjects or some topics) and strong ones too to work on them and use them for building your preparations strategies.
  • You need to analyze while studying the syllabus the units that need the most of your attention or which can be easily covered in less time.
  • In this way, you can strategize your whole study chart according to your comfort and the time needed as per the topic.
  • This is the best way to save a lot of time.

Set weekly and monthly goals

  • While preparing, it is always a must to keep your progress in check.
  • Set some goals for yourself.
  • In starting, go with small daily or weekly goals then move on to the monthly goals and make sure you meet them.
  • This thing is important to keep yourself consistent with your Studies and as a result, you will always remain oriented and will not lose track.

Practice NHPC JE Previous Year Papers, Mock Test

  • Only covering the theory part from a book or notes is not sufficient as its application in questions is a way different.
  • Practice MCQs, formula-based numerical, concepts-based questions similar to the pattern as asked in NHPC JE Exam in parallel with reading theory.
  • Keep on solving questions from various sources of different difficulty levels that will increase your command over the topics.

Solve NHPSC JE Previous Year Question Papers

  • Practice NHPC JE Previous Year Question Papers if available as much you can do.
  • It will reflect several points about the exam like the difficulty level of the questions, the number of questions from different topics and difficulty levels, weightage of topics, the pattern of questions and time management etc.
  • On solving previous years’ question papers topic-wise, you will easily configure the portions of the subjects that are repeating in nature and are mostly targeted by the examiner.

Take Regular Mock Tests

  • Make a habit of attempting the NHPC JE Mock Tests topic-wise, chapter-wise, mixed subject, and finally full syllabus ones.
  • Note down wrong attempted questions, revise the concept and learn from your mistakes without repeating them again.
  • NHPC JE Mock Test will give the actual exam environment, and give a chance to applicants to identify their weak areas, manage time and improve them.
  • Every time, focus on increasing the number of correct attempted questions, minimizing incorrect questions, and the duration of time.

Evaluate Yourself 

  • Now when you have decided your daily schedule, follow it and adhere to it.
  • Follow your timetable strictly and evaluate after each small task.
  • Check your progress if lagging behind, try to cover the margin by devoting more time and resources.
  • Don’t get demotivated if any goal is not completed but don’t leave it rather incorporate it in next week with little more effort.
  • Remember to assess the mistakes and reasons why the task couldn’t be completed. Find out and work on it and you will be back on track in no time.
  • Take small steps without rushing to achieve anything.
  • Don’t forget to keep a close eye on your performance.

Relax Your Mind 

  • Try to relax your mind and avoid taking extra stress as it will have a negative impact on your productivity.
  • Avoid using social media platforms for a while as they just pile up the stress by showing you irrelevant news and spreading negativity. 
  • Follow your hobbies during the break hours from the study like play music, watch something motivational or light-hearted, talk to your friends & family or do anything that makes you feel light and relaxed.
  • Take proper rest and sleep as it will increase your concentration and helps your mind to function properly. 

Important Links: 

NHPC JE Exam Pattern for Online Test

The mode of examination of the NHPC Jr. Engineer Exam will be online.

  • The type of questions in the NHPC JE paper will be multiple-choice questions (MCQs).
  • The NHPC JE exam will have 3 parts. The detail of each part is given in the table.
  • Each question of the NHPC Jr. Engineer paper will be of 1 mark.
  • The marking scheme of NHPC Jr. Engineer paper will award 1 mark to correct answer while each incorrect answer will give a penalty of 0.25 mark. 





JE (Civil/ Electrical/ Mechanical)/Sr. Medical Officer/ Sr. Accountant


Concerned discipline



General Awareness 







200 questions 

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