E-mail Stand For A) Electronic man B) Electromagnetic mail C) Electronic mail D) Engine mail

By Raj Vimal|Updated : November 17th, 2022

The Full form of E-Mail is electronic mail. It is a method of sending messages or emails with the help of the internet. It was first introduced in the year 1971, and the creator of this method was Ray Tomlison. As technology advances, Users can send text, photos, videos, and other media files through this. Earlier, users could send only text messages through E-mail.

Popular Email Service Providers

  • Gmail - The Mail service provided by the popular internet company, Google. The Service is free and the most popular across the world.
  • Yahoo Mail - Again, a web browser company that offers Yahoo mail.
  • Outlook - Popular OS and tech company Microsoft has its own Email Service for its users.
  • iCloud Mail - Popular phone maker company in the world, Apple, offers iCloud mail service to its device user. However, it’s free for a limited time. Later, users have to buy the plan according to their use.
  • Zoho Mail - Zoho Mail is again a popular mailing service. However, it is less popular than other mailing platforms.

History of E-mail

According to some reports, E-mail was invented in 1960, but there were some issues. For example, the early mailing system needed Recipients and Senders to be online while sending the mail. In the ’70s, Mr. Ray Tomlison credited this patent to their name. Now, the world knows him as the creator of E-mail. E-mail or Electronic Mail is a service that helps people to send and receive emails or messages over the internet. People came to know about this service in the early 70s, and multiple changes have been made to this service after that.

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FAQs on the full form of E-mail

  • Email Stands for Electronic Mail. Users can send emails using the internet to the recipients. It allows them to send media files including text, images, video, pdf, etc from its server. Keep in mind that, there are some limitations with this as you can not send the files over a certain fixed size.

  • Ray Tomilson, an American computer programmer holds the credit to be the inventor of Electronic mail services. It was introduced in the year 1970.


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