Which Graduation is Best for IAS After 12th?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Best Graduation Subject for IAS after 12th is a combination of History, Political Science, Geography, and Economics. These subjects form the base of the UPSC Preparation and it is essential for any aspirant to be well aware of all the basic foundational knowledge about History, Political Science, Geography, and Economics.

In the process of studying for the UPSC exam, a candidate must select optional subjects for the UPSC Mains, hence picking the Best Graduation Subject for UPSC IAS after 12th is crucial. Moreover, if a candidate takes a subject that overlaps with the general studies syllabus and optional syllabus of the UPSC exam, it will benefit him/her in the long run.

Best Graduation Course for IAS After 12th

The best graduation course for IAS after the 12th should be a combination of humanities or arts subjects. It may include a combination of History, Political Science, Geography, and Economics. According to the data, the best graduate degree for the UPSC IAS is a Bachelor of Arts degree, which is what the majority of applicants prefer to pursue in order to pass the UPSC Exam. Candidates from these streams frequently excel and do very well in the Civil Services Examination.

Recent years have seen the IAS exam being taken by students with technical degrees and backgrounds, and they have done well.

Success Rate of Graduation Courses Taken for UPSC IAS

In 2019, 2302 candidates showed up for IAS interviews, and 922 individuals were recommended with a success percentage of 40.1%, according to the 71st Annual Report released by the Union Public Service Commission. Humanities, with a success percentage of 48.4%, and science, with a success rate of 39.1%, are the two graduate courses for IAS with the highest success rates.

There is, however, no ideal graduation course for UPSC IAS candidates. Hence, it is entirely the candidates’ obligation to pick a graduate degree in which they are enthusiastic and confident that they can succeed.

Graduation Courses Taken by UPSC Toppers After 12th

The UPSC exam requires candidates to have a graduate degree from a university that has received government recognition or has an equivalent qualification. Any degree from a college or university in India is valid.

Below is a list of UPSC Toppers over the years with their graduation subject taken after the 12th and their Optional Subject chosen for the UPSC Mains Exam.


UPSC Toppers

Graduation Course Taken After 12th

Optional Subject Chosen for IAS


Shruti Sharma

BA History



Shubham Kumar

BTech Civil Engineering



Pradeep Singh

BTech in Computer Science

Public Administration


Kanishak Kataria

BTech in CS



Anudeep Durishetty

Civil Engineering BTech



Nandini KR

BTech Civil Engineering

Kannada Literature


Tina Dabi

Political Science Hons.

Political Science


Ira Singhal

Computer Science BTech



Gaurav Aggarwal

BTech Computer Science



Haritha V Kumar

BTech E&C

Economics and Malayalam


Best Graduation Course for UPSC IAS Preparation After 12th

Arts Stream subjects can be considered the best graduation course for UPSC IAS Preparation after the 12th. Students can prefer choosing history, geography, Political Science, or Economics as their graduation subject after 12th, as these subjects form the base of the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

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