Is BSc Degree Best for IAS?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

A BSc degree is best for IAS as it allows a person to pass the IAS examination if they are incredibly diligent and at ease with their studies. It is a subjective query as it entirely depends upon the convenience level of the student appearing for the IAS exam. Many examples in the past have successfully earned the title of an IAS officer after obtaining a BSc graduation degree.

Importance of BSc Degree for IAS in India

The successful completion of a bachelor’s degree in any specialization is the prerequisite for taking the UPSC test. For cracking the IAS exam, the type of graduation does not count. For success, aspirants need to develop a deep understanding of the subjects of their choice.

Any bachelor’s degree that meets the requirements, such as a B.Sc., B.A., or B.Com, is acceptable for UPSC eligibility. The streams of science and the arts are important for IAS.

Best Degree for UPSC After 12th

BSc is a three-year graduation program that comes under the domain of Science subjects. If students choose their optional subjects for UPSC as Science subjects, they can score better than Literature and Humanities subjects.

  • BSc degree offers a bunch of subjects to choose from, including Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Biotechnology, IT, Agriculture, Chemistry, etc.
  • The subjects that come under the BSc degree are conceptual-based and easy to understand.
  • Candidates can fetch good marks in IAS if they have a strong knowledge of these topics.
  • If someone with a BSc degree is very thoroughgoing with their subjects, they can clear the IAS exam.


Is a BSc Degree Best for IAS?

This is a very individualized question as it completely depends on the student’s comfort level. If a person with a BSc degree is exceptionally dedicated and comfortable with their studies, they can pass the IAS exam. There are several examples in history of persons who became IAS officers after receiving a BSc.

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