When to Start Preparing for UPSC? – Right Time to Start Preparing for IAS

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

When to Start Preparing for UPSC: The right time to start preparing for UPSC is highly subjective. There cannot be a specific age that can guarantee success, however, it cannot be denied that age plays a great role in deciding your career. Every UPSC topper is of a different age group and is having a different preparation strategy. However, the right age to start UPSC preparation is usually considered 18-23 years. During the college years of an individual, one can start preparing for UPSC to increase the probability of success.

When to Start Preparing for UPSC?

The aspirants preparing for UPSC are of different age groups. The average age of UPSC-selected candidates is 26.9 years. But to crack the UPSC exam by 26 the candidates need to start early with their preparation. The time when the aspirants start preparing for UPSC can be classified into three major types as listed below-

  • Aspirants in their high school [17-18 years]: Some aspirants decide quite early in their lives that they want to serve the country as civil servants and take the subjects accordingly in their 11th and 12th classes.
  • Aspirants in colleges and Universities: Usually after entering the Universities the candidates are crystal clear about their career and the field they want to enter. This will also help the candidates in deciding the right optional subject for UPSC, as the syllabus of the optional subject is of graduation level.
  • Aspirants Pursuing Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs: The candidates in this category are usually working somewhere and simultaneously preparing for the UPSC exam. They acknowledge their calling of becoming an IAS Officer at a later stage in life.

Right Time to Start IAS Exam Preparation

The right time to start UPSC preparation is the time when the candidates feel they are ready to prepare for one of the toughest exams in the country. However, according to the experts, the candidates deciding on pursuing their career as civil servants in colleges, at an early age can be at an advantage. At an age of 18-23 years while preparing for the University exams the candidates can take subjects accordingly that will further assist them in covering the UPSC syllabus in time.

They will be able to pick the best optional subject for UPSC, and along with the graduation degree, they can efficiently prepare for the IAS exam. The candidates starting at a younger age can get tempted towards other career options while they grow up. The job professionals can get less time to prepare for the exam. The candidates can prepare the timetable for working professionals to prepare effectively for the exam. Henceforth, the college time of the candidates is considered to be an ideal time for preparation.

Best Age to Start UPSC Preparation

The UPSC toppers are of different age groups, so it cannot be exactly specified that being in a particular age group can help candidates succeed. However, the age of 18-23 is considered ideal for UPSC preparation. At this young age, the retaining power of the candidates is higher, and the level of energy and enthusiasm is on the higher side. Furthermore, they can channel their efforts from a young age and mold their personality accordingly. Another benefit that the candidates receive starting early is that they get more chances even if they qualify at 4th or 5th attempt they can become IAS Officers at 26 or 27 years of age. And, if unfortunately, they fail in their attempts they will still have a chance of switching careers and getting established in some other field.


When to Start UPSC Preparation?

The preparation time and the right age to prepare for UPSC are subjective to the determination level, intellect, and caliber of the candidates. But, the right time to start UPSC preparation is usually considered at the time of graduation or entering the University. This will help the candidates in selecting the subjects accordingly. The ideal age is considered 18-23 years, at this age, the candidates will be able to take more chances in their careers, and being connected to studies will also help them prepare effectively. However, each candidate has a different success story and they need to craft their own preparation strategy.

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