Pradeep Singh IAS Rank 1 – 2019 UPSC Topper

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Pradeep Singh IAS Rank 1: Pradeep Singh was a 2019 UPSC topper and has achieved a significant milestone by being at the top of the list of 829 successful candidates. He reached the top of the UPSC exam because of his excellent performance. Before achieving this, he gained experience in taxation by working for the Income Tax Department, which he got into bypassing the SSC exams. Before he became UPSC Topper in 2019, he failed twice, but he kept working hard and eventually got a rank of 260th on his third attempt, And his fourth attempt in 2019, while he was in Faridabad at NACIN, he took the UPSC exam again and secured the All India Rank 1 and became IAS officer.

IAS Pradeep Singh did very well in the UPSC exam, he worked hard and kept going, which helped him do so well. After passing the exam, he became an IAS officer for Haryana. As a 2019 UPSC Topper and IAS officer, Singh has helped Haryana grow by doing things like making education better, using technology for government work, and making sure that everyone is treated fairly. People look up to IAS Pradeep Singh as an example, especially young people who want to crack the civil services exam.

IAS Pradeep Singh – 2019 UPSC Topper

IAS Pradeep Singh is a 2019 UPSC topper, who secured the first rank in the prestigious Union Public Service Commission Examination in 2019. He hails from Haryana and graduated from DCRUST College with a degree in Computer Engineering. IAS Pradeep Singh cleared the UPSC exam on his fourth attempt. Prior to joining the civil services, he worked as an Inspector in the Income Tax Department, in Delhi.

His goal was to pursue a career as an IAS officer, and he did so on his fourth attempt at the exam when he became the UPSC Topper 2019 in India. His achievement might be described as relentless and unstoppable since he never decided to give up his hard work despite several challenges.

Pradeep Singh IAS Biography: Overview

The UPSC CSE 2019 was topped by Pradeep Singh, who secured the first rank in the examination. IAS Pradeep Singh is a resident of Haryana and cleared the examination on his fourth attempt. He is an Indian Administrative Service officer from the Sonipat district of Haryana, India.

He was born on July 12, 1991, in Tewri village, Sonipat. Pradeep Singh’s success in the UPSC exam has inspired many aspirants to pursue a career in civil services. His achievement also highlights the importance of consistent hard work, dedication, and a focused approach toward achieving goals. Here are some details about Pradeep Singh:

  • Educational Background: IAS Pradeep Singh completed his entire education in Sonipat, having completed his schooling at Shambhu Dayal School, followed by a degree in Computer Science Engineering from DCRUST College.
  • Previous Job: After being selected through SSC in 2015, Pradeep Singh began his career as an inspector in the Income Tax Department in Delhi. He remained in the department from 2015 to 2019, serving diligently during that time.
  • Preparation Strategy: Singh dedicated around 10-12 hours a day to his studies during his preparation for the examination. He relied on self-study and prepared notes for all subjects himself.
  • Optional Subject: IAS Pradeep Singh’s optional subject was Public Administration.
  • Advice to Aspirants: In an interview after his selection, Singh advised aspirants to be disciplined, focused, and motivated throughout their preparation. He emphasized the importance of self-study and advised aspirants to be confident in their abilities.

Family Background of IAS Pradeep Singh

IAS Pradeep Singh belongs to a family with a humble background. His father, Sukhbir Singh, is a former Sarpanch of Tewri village in Sonepat district, Haryana. His mother, Usha Devi, is a housewife. He has a younger brother and a younger sister. Pradeep Singh’s parents always prioritized their children’s education and encouraged them to pursue their dreams. His success in the civil services examination was a matter of great pride for his family and the entire village.

Despite his success, Pradeep Singh has remained grounded and acknowledges the role his family has played in his success. In interviews, he has spoken about the sacrifices his parents made to ensure that he received a good education, and how their support and encouragement helped him through the difficult moments during his preparation for the civil services examination.

Pradeep Singh IAS Educational Background

IAS Pradeep Singh has an impressive educational background. He completed his schooling at Shambhu Dayal Modern School in Sonipat, Haryana. After completing his school education, he pursued a degree in Engineering of Computer Science from DCRU College of Science and Technology, Murthal, Haryana. He always had a strong desire to serve the nation and contribute to society.

In 2015, he cleared the Staff Selection Commission exam and began his career as an inspector in the Income Tax Department in Delhi. He served in the department for four years while simultaneously preparing for the Civil Services Examination. In 2019, Pradeep Singh’s hard work and dedication paid off when he secured the first rank in the Civil Services Examination and he chose to join the Indian Administrative Service.

Marksheet of UPSC Topper 2019

The career of IAS Pradeep Singh is impressive. After completing graduation, he cleared the SSC exam in 2015 to become an Inspector in the Income Tax Department. After serving there for three years, he aimed for his fourth attempt at the UPSC exam to become an IAS officer. He finally succeeded and became the 2019 UPSC Topper. His dedication to his preparation is reflected in his mark sheet below.

Papers Pradeep Singh IAS Marks
General Studies Paper I 108
General Studies Paper II 115
General Studies Paper III 101
General Studies Paper IV 157
Essay 140
Optional Paper 1 148
Optional Paper 2 145
Interview 158
Total 1072

IAS Pradeep Singh Optional Subject

Pradeep Singh chose Public Administration as his optional subject. He believed that this subject would provide him with a better understanding of the administrative system and help him in his future career as a civil servant. IAS Pradeep Singh prepared extensively for the optional subject, covering all the relevant topics and practicing the UPSC previous year question papers.

The performance of IAS Pradeep Singh in the Public Administration optional paper shows that he had a good grasp of the subject and was able to apply his knowledge effectively in the exam. His score in the optional paper, combined with his scores in other papers, helped him secure the top rank in the UPSC exam.

Pradeep Singh IAS Preparation Strategy

IAS Pradeep Singh says that it was very difficult for him to study and do his job as well. But he never gave up his patience and potential. IAS Pradeep Singh says determination and consistency are the two most important aspects of IAS preparation.

He always advises candidates to make different strategies for the different stages of the IAS exam. Following are some of the Preparation strategies Pradeep Singh suggests to candidates preparing for civil service exams.

  • IAS Pradeep Singh suggests concentrating on current events and understanding important topics asked in the previous year’s exam.
  • He also suggests candidates work on their writing abilities, which will be helpful in the main examination.
  • He advised candidates to improve their interpersonal skills for the IAS Interview round.
  • He also advises them to cover the entire syllabus thoroughly and practice writing answers regularly to improve their writing skills.
  • And he recommends that candidates should engage in self-study and create their own notes for all subjects.
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