How to Read Newspaper for UPSC?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Reading the newspapers for the UPSC Exam in an efficient way is a pivotal step in the UPSC preparation process. The candidates are often confused about the right way to read the newspaper to extract maximum information and enhance the probability of attaining success. The experts and toppers recommend “The Hindu” to be one of the best newspapers for UPSC preparation. A strategy and a well-curated method ought to be followed by the aspirants to note important points from the newspaper and enhance their knowledge of the particular topic. Reading the newspapers in an efficient manner will help the candidates in enhancing their understanding of the concepts and strengthen the foundations.

How to Read Newspaper for UPSC?

The newspapers are considered an important ingredient of the UPSC preparation. The important UPSC study material can also help the candidates in preparing well for the exam if utilized in an effective way. The candidates need to segregate important points and keep noting them.

  • While reading the editorials published by the newspapers note the positive and negative aspects of the issue.
  • Try to focus only on the parts that are related to the syllabus. Interconnect the topics for better understanding and strengthening of the fundamentals.
  • Make notes from the newspapers in your own words, to remember the basic principle and objectives of the concepts.

What to Read in Newspaper for UPSC?

The candidates must be acquainted with the UPSC syllabus to identify the essential segments of the newspapers. Noting the examples, real-life examples, and illustrations will assist them in UPSC answer writing. This will help in substantiating and elaborating the answers.

  • The topics related to Indian Polity – Press Conferences, Government concerts, important bills, elections, schemes of Government, Parliamentary debates, verdicts of the Supreme Court or High Court, etc.
  • News that is pertaining to national importance events, for example, if there is any invention or scientific development, then the points to be focussed are- how it is going to affect the country. Mark the problems that can arise and other benefits.
  • The economy section focuses on reforms in the banking sector, Government press releases such as SEBI, Reserve Bank of India, Planning Commission, etc.
  • Under the International section, note the visits of the Prime Minister, President. India’s role in the UN, International Monetary Fund, ASEAN, and other organizations. Other treaties, agreements, and bilateral ties.
  • For Current Affairs/ General Knowledge read about climate change, and cover the essential segments of environment and ecology, science and technology, etc.


How to Read Newspapers for Cracking the UPSC Exam?

The candidates can follow a methodical approach to cover the essential events of the newspapers and make notes for the same. The important events related to the syllabus of the UPSC must be noted such as Indian Polity, Geography, History, etc. The newspapers are considered essential sources of information for strengthening the core concepts related to the topic. The Hindu along with Yojana Magazine, PRS India, and Press Information Bureau can be considered some of the best newspapers for UPSC preparation.

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