IFS Promotion Chart With Years – IFS Ranks, Hierarchy

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

IFS Promotion Chart With Years gives a clear picture of the ranks of the Indian Foreign Service officer starting from the Junior time scale to senior administrative grade. The Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is the premier diplomatic service of India and plays a crucial role in representing the country’s interests globally. The IFS has a well-defined promotion chart that outlines the career progression of an officer in the service. The IFS promotion chart consists of various stages, and each stage has a specific time period associated with it.

Understanding the IFS Promotion Chart With Years is crucial for aspirants who wish to join the service and also for serving officers to plan their career growth effectively. In this article, we will be discussing IFS Ranks and hierarchy and how IFS officers can move up the ranks through regular promotions based on seniority and performance.

IFS Promotion Chart With Years

The IFS full form is Indian Foreign Service, and it comes under Group-A Civil Services. The entry-level IFS designation abroad is Third Secretary. Then IFS officer gets promoted to Second Secretary when they get confirmed about their selection in the Indian Foreign Service.

  • During the tenure of their service, they get promoted to various IFS Ranks.
  • They get promoted to the IFS ranks of First Secretary, Minister, Ambassador, High Commissioner, and Permanent Representative.
  • IFS officers also get appointed at the Indian Consulates abroad at the highest level of their service.
  • In India, the IFS Ranks are Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary, and Additional Secretary. IFS officer gets promoted based on their performance.

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IFS Ranks & IFS Hierarchy

The Indian Foreign Service Officers are posted in both India and Foreign Countries. That’s why the designation of IFS officers overseas and in India is different. Below we have covered IFS ranks in the table for both in the country and outside the country.

Grade IFS Ranks (Overseas) IFS Ranks (India)
Junior time scale Third Secretary Under Secretary
Senior time scale Second / First Secretary Under Secretary
Junior administrative grade First Secretary Deputy Secretary
Selection grade IV Director Counsellor Director
Senior administrative grade Minister/DCM Ambassador Joint Secretary
Ambassador/High Commissioner Additional Secretary
Ambassador/High Commissioner Secretary

IFS Officer Work – Roles & Duty

The life of an IFS officer is filled with various challenges as they are responsible for the conduct of India’s external affairs, including foreign policy formulation and implementation, as well as representing India in international fora. Let’s discuss the various roles and responsibilities of the IFS officer below.

  • IFS officers represent India in the high commissions, embassies, consults, and permanent missions to the United Nations organizations.
  • IFS officer is responsible for safeguarding India’s concerns in the country he/she is posted in.
  • He/she negotiates various matters with the concerned authorities in a foreign country.
  • IFS officers who are working outside the country are informed about the developments in the foreign country that could benefit India.
  • IFS Officer work also includes protecting India’s national interests in the country where he/she is posted.
  • The duty of an IFS officer is also to promote friendly relations with the country of his/her posting.
  • The role of the IFS officer is to create and maintain economic cooperation between India and a foreign country and keep updating the Ministry of External Affairs.

IFS Officer Salary

The basic IFS Salary is Rs. 60,000 per month, and it can go up to Rs. 2.4 Lakhs per month for the rank of ambassador or Foreign Secretary. Apart from a handsome salary, the IFS officer also gets various perks such as transport facilities, good accommodation, household helps, free phone, etc. They also get retirement benefits and a pension. Those who are posted outside India get ‘Special Foreign Allowance’, which depends on the country they are posted in.

IFS Ranks Basic IFS Salary per Month IFS Officer Salary Grade Pay
Under Secretary ₹8000 ₹5400
Under Secretary ₹10700 ₹6600
Deputy Secretary ₹12750 ₹7600
Counselor Director ₹15100 ₹8700
Joint Secretary ₹18400 ₹10000
Foreign Secretary ₹26000 (Fixed)
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