Art and Culture Book for UPSC – Nitin Singhania, and NCERT for Art and Culture UPSC

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Art and Culture Book for UPSC can aid candidates in their preparation for the Art & Culture segment of the Civil Services Examination. Given the varied nature of the Art & Culture section and the abundance of study materials available in the market, it is crucial to carefully select the appropriate Art and Culture Book for UPSC and reference materials. Despite being a part of Indian history, the Art & Culture section itself is extensive.

Therefore, candidates need to procure the best Art and Culture Book for UPSC to prepare for this particular segment. While there are numerous study options available for the Art & Culture section, this article mentions only a few selectively chosen Art and Culture Books for UPSC.

Art and Culture Book for UPSC

Art & Culture doesn’t find an exclusive mention in the UPSC Prelims Syllabus. However, aspirants can clearly see that GS-1 Syllabus mentions Indian Culture-, Literature, and salient aspects of Art Forms and Architecture from ancient to modern times. Below we have given the list of the best Indian art and culture books for UPSC.

  • Indian Art & Culture By Nitin Singhania
  • NIOS Art & Culture Notes
  • CCRT Books from the Ministry of Culture
  • Friday Review of The Hindu newspaper that covers the Art & Culture segment

Nitin Singhania Art & Culture Book

Nitin Singhania Art & Culture Book captures India’s distinctive culture in a beautiful way. There are many books that would help you prepare for art & culture, but the Art and Culture Book for UPSC by Nitin Singhania has stood out from all of them. So if you are considering buying the best art & culture book for your UPSC Preparation, then this book should be on your list.

  • The book doesn’t go too much deeper into a particular topic, but it has enough information to make you understand it.
  • Historical context is provided briefly and helps in integrated learning along with Medieval Indian history and Ancient Indian History.
  • The Art & Culture by Nitin Sighania covers a wide range of topics in detail.  The diagrams provided in the book would help the candidates to recall faster.
  • It covers topics like Classical Languages, Folk Dance Forms, Classical Music, Indian Paintings, Puppetry, Drama/Theatre, Classical Dance Forms, Pottery, Martial Arts, and Rock Paintings.

NCERT for Art and Culture UPSC

By analyzing the trend of Art & Culture related questions, one would figure out that the best way to prepare this section is by studying the NCERT Art and Culture Book for UPSC. Below we have updated the list of the best NCERT art and culture UPSC books with a direct link to download the PDF.

Important Topics from Art and Culture Book for UPSC

Art and Culture for UPSC is a limitless topic, and it is difficult to prepare and too many resources are needed to study it. You need to complete the whole syllabus, however, there are some topics that require special attention from the candidates. Below we have provided those important topics and their notes to help candidates prepare for It in a better way.

How to Prepare with Art and Culture Book for UPSC?

Covering the above-mentioned art and culture UPSC books won’t be easy for the aspirants due to their vastness. However, following the right strategy would help the candidates to cover the Indian Art and Culture Book for UPSC in an efficient manner.

  • Before covering the books for art and culture, aspirants must have an idea of all the topics and sub-topics covered in this section.
  • Candidates need to cover each topic of History in the subtopics, namely Religion, literature, Architecture, and Miscellaneous.
  • Candidates need to focus more on topics like Dance forms, Indian Philosophy Schools, Puppetry, Martial Arts, Architecture of all types, etc.
  • Candidates need to make Art & Culture notes which would result in maximum retention of what they have studied and also in the revising process.
  • While covering the Indian Art and Culture Book for UPSC, candidates need to refer to the UPSC Previous Year Question Papers and see what kind of questions are asked in the CSE Exam.
  • Apart from the UPSC Books, candidates need to read newspapers for UPSC about current affairs to strengthen their preparation.

Importance of Art and Culture Book for UPSC

Art & Culture is a part of India’s History from ancient to modern times. Candidates need to be prepared for all the questions asked from this particular section, and in this case, having the right art and culture UPSC books would be highly beneficial for the aspirants.

  • The Indian Heritage and Culture book for UPSC includes Indian heritage and all the subtopics.
  • Additionally, the art and culture UPSC books cover a wide range of sub-topics, namely performing arts, literary arts, visual arts, literature (ancient to modern times), and Architecture (Ancient to Modern Times), which the aspirants must know.
  • However, you need to be very selective when choosing the art & culture books for UPSC. To make this process simpler, we have provided the list of all highly rated art and culture books above.
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