UPSC Post List: Check List for Civil Services Jobs, IAS Posts and Salary

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Post List includes 24 different services filled through the Civil Services Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission annually. Out of lakhs of candidates, only a few get selected for these civil services posts, and the success rate of this exam is 0.1 %. In the UPSC Post List, the most popular Civil Services are the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), the Indian Police Service (IPS), and the Indian Revenue Service (IRS).

Civil services are indeed the backbone of the Indian Bureaucracy. The three types of UPSC Posts recruited through the civil services are All Indian Civil Services, Group A Civil Services, and Group B Civil Services. The rank obtained in the exam decides the allotment of services. Below we will be covering the UPSC 24 Services List.

UPSC Post List

As mentioned above, there are 3 types of UPSC Posts: All Indian Civil Services, Group A Civil Services, and Group B Civil Services. Below we have mentioned the UPSC Post List for each type of service. The UPSC Post List includes all 24 posts available after the CSE.

Civil Services Posts under All Indian Services

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UPSC Posts List under Group A Civil Services

Group B UPSC Posts

  • Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service
  • Pondicherry Civil Service
  • Pondicherry Police Service

UPSC Post List – Details

Below we will briefly cover all the services under UPSC Post List. Candidates aspiring to get into Civil Services must understand the services fairly.

All India Services Under CSE

The complete details of the posts of UPSC have been elaborated here. Get conversant with the posts and then start preparing in that direction. The UPSC posts under All India Services are given below-

  • Indian Administrative Services (IAS): IAS is one of the 3 All India Services. IAS officers are responsible for implementing and formulating Government Policies. The entry-level IAS salary is Rs. 56,100 per month.
  • Indian Police Service (IPS): IPS also comes under among the three All India Services. IPS officers are recruited in senior positions in the Police service. IPS’s salary also starts from Rs. 56,100 per month.
  • Indian Forest Service (IFoS): Apart from IAS and IPS, IFoS is among the three All-India Services in the UPSC 24 Services List. IFoS comes under the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change. IFoS officers work to conserve, develop, and protect wildlife and forests. The Indian Forest Service Salary ranges from Rs. 56,100 to Rs. 2,25,000.

Group A UPSC Jobs List

The details of all Group A Civil Services are given below. The services under UPSC Group A are also highly preferred as they include the IFS, Defence Estates Service, and IRS.

Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

  • IFS is among the most popular Group A Services in the UPSC Post List.
  • IFS officers are responsible for handling the foreign affairs of India.
  • IFS salary is around Rs 60,000 per month at the time of probation.

Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS)

  • It comes under Group A civil services.
  • ICAS functions under the Ministry of Finance.
  • It deals with payment services, financial reporting functions, and government-wide accounting and performs a tax collection system in the civil ministries of the Union Government.

Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS)

Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IA & AS)

Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS)

  • ICLS functions under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  • It governs the corporate sector of India.

Indian Defence Estates Service (IDAS)

The main objective of IDAS is to manage the land and cantonments belonging to the defence establishment.

Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS)

  • IOFS deals with the responsibility of managing a large number of Indian ordnance factories that produce arms, and ammunition.
  • IOFS comes under the Ministry of Defence.

Indian Information Service (IIS)

  • The main responsibility of IIS is to act as a bridge between the public and the government.
  • Officers from IIS work in various media departments like PIB, DD, AIR, etc.
  • IIS comes under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Indian Communication Finance Service (ICFS)

  • ICFS accounts for financial services to Indian Posts and Telecommunication Departments.
  • ICFS was earlier known as Indian Post & Telecommunication Accounts and Finance Service (IP&TAFS).

Indian Postal Service (IPoS)

  • IPoS is responsible for India Post’s functioning and diverse services, such as e-commerce, traditional postal services, disbursing old-age pensions, banking, etc.
  • The IPoS officers are the higher-grade officers in India Post.

Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS)

The main responsibility of IRAS officers is to manage and maintain the finances and accounts of the Indian Railways. It is the Group A services.

Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS)

  • IRTS is a part of the Group A Civil Service.
  • The main responsibility of IRTS is revenue generation for Indian railways.
  • IRTS acts as a bridge between the railways and the public, railways, and corporate sectors.
  • IRTS manages the commercial and operation wings for the Indian Railways.

Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)

IRPS officers manage the Human Resources department of Indian Railways.

Indian Revenue Service (IRS)

  • Ministry of Finance administers the IRS cadre
  • The main objective of the IRS is to collect direct and indirect taxes.
  • The entry-level salary of an IRS officer starts from Rs.15,600 to Rs. 39,100, where the grade pay is Rs. 5,400.

Railway Protection Force (RPF)

  • RPF provides foolproof security to Indian Railway passengers. RPF also protects the assets and property of Indian Railways.
  • RPF comes under the Ministry of Railways, a paramilitary force.

Indian Trade Service (ITS)

  • ITS is under Group A service, and its main objective is to manage International Trade and Commerce for the country.
  • ITS comes under the Ministry of Commerce and is headed by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

List of UPSC Group B Jobs

The UPSC Jobs under Group B Civil Services Posts are given below. It is essential for the candidates to have complete knowledge of the recruitment process and of different posts to be able to trace their career path in an accurate way and decide the post they want to get recruited in.


  • DANICS’s full form is Delgu, Andaman, and the Nicobar Islands Civil Services, which functions under the Indian Government.
  • Offices from DANICS are responsible for the administrative functions of Deligi and other Union Territories.
  • DANICS acts as a feeder service to the Indian Administrative Service.

Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service

  • The objective of this service is to provide basic support services to the Indian Armed Forces and Inter-Services Organisations,
  • Defence Secretary is the head of the Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service, and it comes under the Ministry of Defence.


  • DANIPS means for NCT of Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Police Service”.
  • DANIPS is a federal police service in India that administers the Union Territories of India and Delhi.

Pondicherry Police Service – UPSC conducts the CSE to recruit the Pondicherry Police Service.

Pondicherry Civil Service -This is a Group B service, and candidates get recruited through the CSE conducted by UPSC.

UPSC Post List – CSE Jobs 2023

As per the latest UPSC Notification, 1105 UPSC Posts have been released. Appointments to the various civil services posts will be made per the number of UPSC vacancies available, ranks, and the position in the exam rules. Check here the tentative UPSC Post List 2023.

Civil Services Post List 2023

UPSC Post List: Year-Wise Trends

Civil Services Posts List UPSC Posts in 2021 2020 UPSC Jobs UPSC Posts 2019
Indian Administrative Service 180 180 180
Indian Foreign Service 37 35 24
Indian Police Service 200 219 159
Indian P & T Accounts & Finance Service, Group A’ 10 19 15
Indian Railway Personnel Service, Group A’ 0 0 30
Indian Audit and Accounts Service, Group A’ 20 20 27
Indian Information Service (Junior Grade), Group A’ 20 20 21
Indian Trade Service, Group ‘A’ 11 7 14
Indian Corporate Law Service, Group “A” 14 16 10
Indian Postal Service, Group A’ 15 36 18
Indian Civil Accounts Service, Group A’ 10 14 17
Indian Defence Estates Service, Group A’ 8 10 4
Indian Revenue Service (I.T.), Group A’ 59 74 74
Indian Revenue Service Custom and Indirect Taxes Group A’ 41 41 40
Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service, Group B’ (Section Officer’s Grade) 56 4 2
Indian Ordnance Factories Service, Group A (Assistant Works Manager, Administration) 0 0 0
Indian Defence Accounts Service, Group A’ 24 23 19
Indian Information Service (Junior Grade), Group A’ 20 20 21
Indian Trade Service, Group ‘A’ 11 7 14
Indian Corporate Law Service, Group “A” 14 16 10
Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Police Service, Group ‘B’ 17 19 9
Pondicherry Civil Service, Group ‘B’ 6 1 0
Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Civil Service, Group ‘B’ 11 21 26

UPSC Post List and Salary

The salary for posts varies due to various factors. They all start at level 10 in the pay matrix and the pay band ranges between ₹ 56,100- Rs. 1,77,500. Posts listed under All India Services get higher pay than other types of civil services. Additionally, All India Services get various allowances and perks as well. However, the posts in the UPSC list get handsome salaries with various perks and benefits.

Salaries have increased due to the recent 7th pay commission, and more increment is expected in the next few years.

How to Apply for Civil Services Posts?

Every year Union Public Services Commission conducts CSE to recruit candidates for various civil services posts. The UPSC CSE application starts around February-March of every year. Interested candidates must check their eligibility before applying for this examination. CSE will be conducted in three stages- Prelims, Mains, and Personality Test.

The candidates are allowed to choose any posts as per their preference. They will be recruited for various civil services posts based on their rank in the UPSC CSE exam and preferences.

Highest Post in IAS

The highest post in IAS is Cabinet Secretary. IAS officials get district training with their home cadres at the start of their careers, followed by their first assignment. To allow new IAS officers to be stationed in Delhi for a three-month assignment as part of their training, a new position of assistant secretary in the Central Secretariat has been created.

In their initial duty in their home state, they are given the responsibilities of a district sub-division as an assistant collector/sub-district magistrate.

Field posting(s) of IAS IAS Post List in state governments Position of IAS in Government of India
Cabinet Secretary
Chief Secretary Secretary
Additional Secretary Special Secretary
Divisional commissioner Principal Secretary Additional secretary
Secretary/ Commissioner Joint Secretary
Collector cum District Magistrate Special Secretary/ Director Director
Joint Secretary Deputy Secretary
Deputy Collector cum ADM Deputy Secretary Under Secretary
Assistant Collector cum SDM Under Secretary Assistant Secretary

IAS officials are allocated to various designations in various ministries, departments, and institutions owned by the union government, state governments, and municipal governments after completing their IAS training.

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