Website is a Collection of What?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

The collection of webpages comprises HTML, CSS, JavaScript, audio files, graphic files, video files, content, documents, tags, and more is called a website. HTML is used to build the website, its structure, its navigation, and formatting, it helps in showing texts, displaying, uploading, and downloading documents. CSS helps in designing and making websites beautiful and elegant. JavaScript help in playing video, and writing classes on the website.

Important facts About the Websites:

To understand the basic terminology of websites here we have presented the definition of terms related to websites. These are explained in simple language, not like the web jargon. Check the important facts about the website:

  • Web Page: The page which is visible on the web browser like chrome, edge, firefox, etc is called a page. Because it is on the internet so it is called a web page.
  • Web Server: A central processing unit that is hosting the website on the internet is known as a Web Server.
  • Search Engine: It is a page that helps you to search for your required information on the internet. Examples are Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bing, etc.
  • Web Browser: These are applications that help you to display information on web pages after searching it on search engines.


Website is a Collection of What?

A collection of web pages that are grouped and interlinked one way or another is called the website. These web pages are linked one way or another and share a common domain across the website. Website comprises:

  • Style: Control the look and feel of the page,
  • Script – Helps in interactivity to the page,
  • Media – Images, Sounds, Videos, etc.

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