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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

The topic Value Education is one of the important topics asked in the UGC NET Paper 1 exam. The overall score will increase by scoring well in Paper 1 of UGC NET. UGC has recently emerged the topic of Value Education and Environmental Studies in the topic of “Higher Education System.” We are providing you with the complete detailed information about Value Education in this article from which candidates will understand-

  • The Value of the Higher Education
  • The Concept of Value Education
  • Initiatives of related to Value education by India
  • Scope of Value Education in the Indian Education System
  • Can answer the questions related to the Value Education

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What is Value Education?

Value Education is a process or function, which gives moral value to each other. It helps in the development of an individual personality that society considers significant.

Sri Aurobindo said- “A man’s value does not depend on what he learns or his position or fame, or what he does, but what he is and inwardly becomes.”

The aim of Value Education is not only to concede but also, follow them to the daily life attitude and behaviour and give to the community by ending good citizenship and integrity.

John Dewey, said- “Value primarily means to prize, to esteem, to appraise, to estimate, it means the act of cherishing something’s, holding it dear and also act of passing judgment upon the nature and amounts of values as compared with something else.”

Value Education is divided into two discrete sections, which are important terms to remember for the candidates who are preparing for the UGC NET-

  1. Explicit Value Education- It relates to the teaching system, which shows how the instructors and professors use their pedagogies, designs, or plans to create a consistent learning experience for the students.
  2. Implicit Value Education- It includes activities compared to the invisible curriculum of learning.


Types of Value Education

Here are some common types of Value Education are described along with their areas as per the UGC NET Paper 1 review-

  • Human Values- It is the asset that guides people to contemplate the human factor while socializing with each other. Some study sources like- textbooks, etc. are impersonating the role of a positive approach towards the environment.
  • Social Value- Brotherhood, Self-Control, Honesty, Love, and Faith are examples of Social Values. As we know, Social Values in each nation is shielded by their society. It helps us to transform our understanding of the world around us.
  • Religious Value- Each religion has its own rule, status, and principles. It is the ultimate moral value, which is full of pureness, meditation, yoga, discipline, transparency, control, and adherence to God. It is also known as the Spiritual Value is a scarcity of needs, happiness, endless selfishness, and freedom from seriousness.
  • Professional Value- Each profession got its value like the value of the teaching profession is- Awareness momentum, Honesty in Profession, Consistency, and Faith. The value of every vocation is different from one another that fulfils the necessity of the community.

Initiatives of Value Education in India

  1. In 1999, the report on value education had been declared on the recommendations of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resource Development.
  2. To enhance the grounds for building the value-based education program, the National Curriculum Framework for school education observed in the year 2000 that “Truth, ethical conduct, peace, admiration, and non-violence” are the core terrestrial values.
  3. In the end, the task assigned to the NCERT in the chapter entitled ‘The Cultural Perspective’ below sub­heading ‘Institutes of Moral Education’ in 1986 through the Programme of Action and National Policy on Education.
    1. Imparting the value-oriented education from the Education Policy Document.
    2. Based on the analysis, it will collaborate with NCERT and State Institutions on parameters of values of integrity, truth, devotion, loyalty, etc.
  4. The centre was inaugurated on 14th September 2000 for the setup by A National Resource Centre for Value Education (NRCVE) at NCERT as an upshot of strategic devising to accomplish the purposes of value-based education at the school boards in the nation.
  5. To connect with the various organizations/NGOs, which are working in the area of Value Education has been taken up for working within and outside India to develop different organizations/NGOs.

Value Education in School

In school, students are prepared for the better world they have to face further. It teaches about the Globe around us and makes us ready for future success with all the required o learn worthy drills like-

  • social skills,
  • behaviour,
  • work ethic,
  • achieving a discernment of peculiar realization.

 Role of Value Education in Our Life

  1. The role of education is significant in everyone’s life, and it helps us to mould our life and personality.
  2. It not only improves our personality, but it helps us to make ourselves psychologically, religiously, and intellectually advanced.
  3. Education helps to get a job and a good position in the community.
  4. We all have a dream in our early life to become a doctor, astronaut, engineer, lawyer, IAS Officer, etc. our parents also have hopes for us, they want to see us at a good level.
  5. We all are here with a good job and personality because we get the proper education. To get success, education plays a massive role in everyone’s life.

Conclusion of Value Education

  1. We have learned Value Education means learning or studying enduring acquaintance and aesthetic convention.
  2. Value Education is all about achieving the advancement of the existing technologies and conveying them to our upcoming generation.
  3. We can show humanity and can do proper use of education to educate the illiterate people around us.
  4. It is crucial for forming the character of future immigrants, training their ethical values, helps to choose the precise trail, which gives moral worth to learners.
  5. Through education, we are living our lives in a peaceful society, which preservatives a healthy life.

Importance of Value Education for UGC NET Paper 1

  • It helps to improve the integral growth of people.
  • Gives a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Increase recognition about the nation like- Geography, History, Constitutional Rights, National Integration, etc.
  • It enhances the level of deeming in democratic behaviour.
  • Capabilities to understand the various religious faiths.
  • It helps students to become responsive and practical, which changes the personality and character of the student.

How to Prepare for Value Education?

Candidates preparing for UGC NET Exam have to prepare for the Value Education topic which is an important topic in UGC NET Paper 1.

  • All the applicants are also advised to solve as many UGC NET Previous Year Papers as possible. Previous Year Papers give you an idea of what to expect in the examination, it prepares you for the types of questions asked in the examination. 
  • UGC NET Mock Tests are also proven to be a great tool for preparation. 

Mock tests for UGC NET Exam

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Hope you guys now have a better understanding of the topic of Value Education. If you have any other queries, please comment.

Thank you!

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