Anthropogenic Activities Study Notes for UGC NET Exam Paper 1

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Updated on: September 14th, 2023

Anthropogenic Activities Study Notes: As we all know that People and Environment is one of the important and dynamic units of UGC NET Paper 1 Syllabus. This unit also addresses the topic of Anthropogenic Activities that are mainly considered as environment disturbing activities. In our effort to cover all the complex topics through study notes, we are now presenting this new and vibrant topic to enhance your preparation. So below are the detailed study notes on Anthropogenic Activities important for UGC NET Paper 1.


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Anthropogenic Activities Study Notes for UGC NET Exam

What are the Anthropogenic Activities?

Any human practices which have the capability to effect the surroundings regionally in addition to globally are taken into consideration as Anthropogenic Activities. The gift generation in the world is called the Anthropocene Age due to the fact now people are directing the environmental adjustments on Earth.

Fossil Fuels, Mineral, Timber, Agriculture, Recreational, etc. are the herbal assets utilized by society, and the portions of those herbal assets transformed into carbon dioxide withinside the surroundings which creates the pollutants which is known as Anthropogenic activities.

Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Environment

The flexible association of human civilization with nature, whose homes will in a alternate in space (topographically) and in time (evolutionally), opens guy to fluctuated ecological impacts.

Anthropogenic Activities Study Notes for UGC NET Exam Paper 1

According to Fox News, Volcano emissions launched for the duration of historic mass extinction provide us a warning, scientists said,- “Our estimates advocate that the quantity of CO2 that every CAMP magmatic pulse injected into the end-Triassic surroundings is corresponding to the wide variety of anthropogenic emissions projected for the twenty first century.”

1) Human Force on Ecosystem Process

The sports of people withinside the surroundings make adjustments in some of the herbal techniques in a damaging fusion. A component of those herbal methods and brief portrayal of human effect on those methods seem withinside the desk beneath.


Ecosystem Process

Human Impact

Soil Generation

Agricultural practices have presented soil to the climate, bringing about the incredible loss of topsoil.

Control on the Water Cycle

Because of the forest cutting and other human actions, it creates an uncontrolled overflow prompting increased erosion disintegration and flooding.

Removal of Wastes

Untreated sewage squanders and overflow from homesteads and feedlots have prompted expanded water contamination.

Flow of Energy

It is the Greenhouse Effect to a few industries and atomic plants that have added thermal power to the environment. The release of some gases from the burning of fossil fuels gradually increases the temperature of the Earth.

Nutrient Recycling

The utilization of packing material which doesn’t separate, burning of refuse, and the putting of materials in landfills forestalls the return of some valuable materials to the earth.

2) Deleterious Human Activities on Environment

Humans are a part of Earth’s Ecosystem; human sports can both voluntarily or unwittingly regulate the stability of an ecosystem. The balance of the planet will imbalance due to those addiction of destruction withinside the human, whether or not by accident or intentionally.If those human affects aren’t addressed, the stability of severa organic structures is probably irreversibly influenced.

Some of the methods that people pollute and devastate ecosystems are indicated withinside the factors noted below-

  • Population Growth- The growing quantity of the populace is the usage of immoderate of the constrained assets at the Earth.
  • Over Consumption- As evaluate to the rising international locations, the Industrialized international locations are the usage of extra assets consistent with man or woman from our planet.
  • Advance Technologies- We regularly introduce generation outwardly, understanding how it’ll have an effect on the environment.
  • Pollution- Land, Air, Water, and Nuclear Pollution has had severa opposed influences on organic structures.
  • Changes withinside the Atmosphere- These contain the growth of Greenhouse gases for the maximum component due to the intake of non-renewable electricity reassets and the depletion of our stratospheric ozone layer. Other pollution additionally have unfavorable influences on residing things.

3) Environmental Changes

As the uncontrollable usage of herbal assets is affecting the non-stop air and water pollution. The environmental adjustments carry humanity in a few regions to attain or close to fatigue of herbal assets important for rendering and hence threatening all lifestyles at the globe, such as humans itself.

  • It extensively expresses that it’s miles a Worldwide Disaster extra difficult than some other social or political problem. It invitations for severity measures to abridge a request, withinside the particular via contraception, and mild technological advancement, simply as to installation global oversight of the usage of ordinary assets.
  • There is a protracted records of the international Environmental Movement with none sharp beginning. It is the inheritor to the amazing tours of invention and adventure that made human beings informed of the machine and the multifariousness of land and waters, rocks, trees, flora, fauna, and societies.

Impact of Environment in Progress of Civilization

New facts illuminates the diploma of prehistoric guy`s dependency on nature also, at the sort of modifications in guy’s situation at the start of human advancement. But, the Archaeological hollows throughout the previous numerous a long time have devised a mess of recent innovations that have, to a exceptional quantity, enlarged clinical theories of the ancient backdrop of a crude society.

  • During the uppermost Paleolithic primitive guy may want to make the hearthplace outwardly any hassle and use it for cooking and heating withinside the bloodless days.
  • The want for the hearth place became traditional to such an quantity that even in a while while the precept wellspring of hearthplace disappeared in locations dwelled via way of means of primitive men, they could make use of Hines of great warm-blooded animals as fuel.
  • The elements of nature permitting a primitive society, a primitive tribe to domesticate crops, and to reproduce cattle, a aggregate of crop farming with animal husbandry, proved greater effective.

Anthropogenic Impact in the Sea and Marine Pollution

The nature of excessive range and the mosaic of the Anthropogenic creates an effect at the Hydrosphere. It consists of multifactorial phenomena likely-

  • Adjustments in temperature control and radioactive environment
  • Releases of dangerous effluents and influx of dietary supplements
  • Irreparable water usage and waste of water lifestyles paperwork throughout seismic research
  • Arriving of commercial enterprise species and their improvement
  • The annihilation of the coastline and production of drilling apparatuses

The effects of the impact of factors can surpass the unimportant mixture of the affects introduced approximately through every issue independently. However, the effect of some objects can motive synergetic consequences. Such situations are very conceivable, for instance, while radioactive, compound and heat effects are consolidated.

  • The effect of Anthropogenic at the water surroundings need to be interpreted as a cumulative demonstration of a extensive variety of human movement which causes-obvious or probably shrouded aggravations withinside the ordinary shape and factors of water biotic interfaces
  • Dwindling their piscaries and leisure value
  • Different poor affects of biological, industrial, or socioeconomic conduct
  • The above time period is primarily based totally at the concept of a multifactorial surroundings of the anthropogenic impact at the Hydrosphere, which leads to anatomical and sensible acknowledgments of the water ecosystems and biota.

How to Prepare for UGC NET Paper 1?

Candidates preparing for UGC NET Exam then you will have to prepare every topic from the syllabus very carefully. Below are some tips to Crack UGC NET Exam. 

  • All the applicants are also advised to solve as many UGC NET Previous Year Papers as possible. Previous Year Papers give you an idea of what to expect in the examination, it prepares you for the types of questions asked in the examination. 
  • UGC NET Mock Tests are also proven to be a great tool for preparation.
  • Maintain a proper schedule for the preparations. 
  • Make weekly and monthly goals and try to adhere to them. 
  • Keep making short notes of the topics, they will help you in quick revision at last.

Hope you guys now have a better understanding of the topic of Anthropogenic Activities. If you have any other queries, please comment.

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