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By Sakshi Ojha|Updated : April 17th, 2022

University Grants Commission (UGC) has released the revised UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus 2022 on the official website. Candidates preparing for the exam in Computer Science & Application should be familiar with the Paper 2 syllabus. Knowledge of the latest updated UGC NET Computer Science & Application Syllabus is important.

The UGC NET Computer Science syllabus is organized into ten units viz., System Software & Operating System, Software Engineering, DBMS, Networking, etc with each with its own topic. The National Testing Agency will conduct the Exam for the positions of "Assistant Professor" and "Junior Research Fellowship". The UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus 2022 PDF can also be downloaded directly from the URL provided below.

Table of Content

Candidates must go through the Paper 1 syllabus of UGC NET to understand all the important topics of general aptitude, teaching aptitude, mathematics, reasoning, higher education system, etc. It is important to check both papers' syllabi for the holiest preparation.

UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus 2022

The UGC NET syllabus for Computer Science consists of two papers. Paper 1 consists of 50 multiple-choice questions worth two marks each. Computer Science Paper 2 consists of 100 questions, each worth two marks. It is important to perform well in both papers. Candidates must check the detailed CS Syllabus below.

Before obtaining the UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus PDF, check the latest Exam Pattern released by the commission. There will be no break between the two papers because they will be held in a continuous three-hour session. The examination will be conducted entirely online.

NTA UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus 2022:

Check the units of the UGC NET Computer Science Paper 2 Syllabus below. It is important to check all the topics below.

  • Discrete Structures and Optimization.
  • Computer System Architecture.
  • Programming Languages and Computer Graphics.
  • Database Management Systems.
  • System Software and Operating System.
  • Software Engineering.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • Theory of Computation and Compilers.
  • Data Communication and Computer Networks.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI).

NTA UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus for Paper 2 

We have provided a thorough syllabus for UGC NET Computer Science. The important topics in Paper 2 are Discrete Structures and Optimization, DBMS, Software Engineering, Theory of Computation and Compilers, etc.

UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus

Unit 1: Discrete Structures and Optimization

Mathematical Logic

Sets and Relations

Graph Theory


Counting, Mathematical Induction, and Discrete Probability

Unit 2: Computer System Architecture

Digital Logic Circuits and Components

Data Representation

Basic Computer Organization and Design

Register Transfer and Micro operations

Microprogrammed Control

Unit 3: Programming Languages and Computer Graphics

Language Design and Translation Issues

Elementary Data Types

Object-Oriented Programming

2-D Geometrical Transforms and Viewing

3-D Object Representation, Geometric Transformations, and Viewing

Unit 4: Database Management Systems

Database System Concepts and Architecture


Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Normalization for Relational Databases


Unit 5: System Software and Operating System

System Software

Basics of Operating Systems

Threads, CPU Scheduling

Process Management

Storage Management

Unit 6: Software Engineering

Software Process Models

Software Design

Estimation and Scheduling of Software Projects

Software Configuration Management

Software Quality

Unit 7: Data Structures and Algorithms

Performance Analysis of Algorithms and Recurrences

Data Structures

Graph Algorithms

Complexity Theory

Advanced Algorithms

Unit 8: Theory of Computation and Compilers

Theory of Computation

Context-Free Language

Unsolvable Problems and Computational Complexity

Regular Language Models

Code Generation and Code Optimization

Unit 9: Data Communication and Computer Networks

Data Communication

World Wide Web (WWW)

Functions of OSI and TCP/IP Layers

Mobile Technology

Network Security

Unit 10: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

Genetic Algorithms (GA)

Natural Language Processing

Knowledge Representation

Multi-Agent Systems

NTA UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus PDF 

The link provided below will take you to a Syllabus PDF of UGC NET Computer Science. Download the PDF on your laptop or mobile to access it anytime for checking the syllabus. The direct link to the UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus PDF is mentioned below.

How to Prepare UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus 2022?

The following are some UGC NET Computer Science Preparation Tips shared by the experts. Many candidates had cleared the exam after following these tips.

  • Make sure you carefully read the syllabus.
  • Understand the UGC NET exam pattern and prepare accordingly.
  • Maintain a constant routine for your preparations.
  • Practicing with previous year's question papers and solutions is a good idea.
  • Set weekly goals for yourself and attempt to stick to them as much as you can.
  • After you've completed your objectives, go over everything again.
  • Mock tests are a great way to keep track of your progress.
  • Study hard and keep your health in check.

How to Score more in UGC NET Computer Science?

Here are some suggestions and techniques for getting a higher score on the UGC NET Computer Science paper.

  • Always remember to work smarter, not harder.
  • Make sure you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals. Never get stressed during your exam preparation.
  • Download UGC NET Question Papers to practice and prepare on a regular basis.
  • Make sure you have divided both the papers and all the units carefully and not focused on only one.
  • The target for JRF must be more than 120 marks. On average 10 questions are to be set from each unit in the final exam.
  • From the standpoint of the exam, the highlighted topics are extremely important.
  • Keep up with current events in international business.
  • Make an effort to complete the entire syllabus on time, with the last one being a revised practice. To improve your time management abilities, concentrate on the mock test.

Best Books for UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus 

For candidates, the best books for UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus are listed here. They should check the books and study properly. For the remaining portions, the candidate should refer to the best UGC NET Books.

Best books for UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus

UGC NET/SET Computer Science

Trueman’s Publication 

UGC NET/JRF/SET Computer Science and Applications

Upkar Publication

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UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus 2022 FAQs

  • The candidates must check the Computer Science Syllabus of UGC NET. The syllabus of Paper 1 is comprised of common teaching aptitude questions. Whereas Paper 2 has questions from Software Engineering, Theory of Computation and Compilers, Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Communication and Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc units.

  • There is a total of 10 units in the Computer Science Syllabus of UGC NET which include Discrete Structures and Optimization, Computer System Architecture, Programming Languages, and Computer Graphics, Database Management Systems, etc. Check the UGC NET Exam Pattern for a better understanding of the syllabus.

  • The PDF of the UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus PDF for 2022 can be obtained from the URL mentioned above in the post. The official website also has a PDF of the UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus. Save the PDF on your device so you may read it whenever you want while preparing.

  • It is a very long time since the UGC NET Syllabus for Computer Science was revised. The University Grant Commission rarely revised the syllabus of its exam. There are some small changes to incorporate the recent changes. Check the latest updated NET Computer Science Syllabus here.

  • The NET exam experts have prepared the best UGC NET Computer Science Preparation Tips to cover the whole syllabus. Candidates who are targeting CS paper 2 must check these preparation strategies to get the best rank and marks.

  • Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Genetic Algorithms (GA), Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Representation, Multi-Agent Systems, etc are important topics in the Artificial Intelligence section of the UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus. Check the important UGC NET Books for computer science for better preparation.

  • In the UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus, Software Process Models, Software Design, Estimation and Scheduling of Software Projects, Software Configuration Management, Software Quality, etc are some of the main topics covered in the Software Engineering section.

  • Digital Logic Circuits and Components, Data Representation, Basic Computer Organization, and Design, Register Transfer, Micro Operations, Microprogrammed Control, etc are some of the topics that include in the section of Computer System Architecture of UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus.


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