MPTET 2023-Complete study notes on Pedagogy in Hindi/Eng.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Many of the candidates find this section difficult to understand because it involves theory and the whole syllabus notes are also not available in a single book. One needs to refer two to three books in order to cover the whole MP TET syllabus. So this article with complete study notes of Pedagogy, inclusive education and learning are really good to go-through for the candidates.



Child development and pedagogy sections hold a lot of importance as the question asked in other subject pedagogy are also based on the concept of this section. In order to score maximum marks, one needs to study each topic of the syllabus thoroughly.

Child Development & Pedagogy Notes for MPTET Exam

Child Development Study Notes:

Sr No. Topic Name Read Article
1. Child Development Notes on Intelligence theories Read Here
2. Concept of Development Read Here
3. Basic Concept of CDP Read Here
4. Aspect of CDP Read Here
5. Socialization Processes

Part-1, Read Here

Part-2, Read Here

6. Important Theories of Child Development Read Here
7. Notes on Gender as a social construct Read Here
8. Assessment and Evaluation Study Notes Read Here
9. Principles of Child Development Read Here
10. Development and its relation to learning Read Here
11. Influence of Heredity & Environment Read Here
12. Constructs and Critical perspectives Piaget, Kohlberg, and Vygotsky Read Here

Inclusive Education Study Notes

Sr. No. Topic Name Read Article
1. Child-Centered and Progressive Education Read Here
2. Child Development Notes on Special Needs Read Here

Learning & Pedagogy Study Notes:

Sr. No. Topic Name Read Article
1. Cognition and Emotion Read Here
2. Child Development Notes on Learning Disabilities Read Here
3. Short Notes on Learning Development Theories Read Here
4. Notes on Motivational Learning Read Here
5. Notes on Children Thinking Read Here
6. Method of Teaching Read Here
7. Thinking and Learning Read Here
8. Children Strategies of Learning Read Here

Note: All the study notes are available in Hindi as well as the English language. Click on A/अ to change the language.

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