Stop not till Dreams transform to Reality

By Ashish Singh Dhanjal|Updated : February 5th, 2020

GATE 2020 has officially concluded for Mechanical Engineering aspirants. Most of the aspirants had given their 6 months to 1 year for complete and serious preparations of GATE. Now the exam has wrapped for ME branch, most candidates must have a sigh of relief. Many candidates may have planned for a short relaxing break from studies.

There may be many candidates who could not perform well because of several reasons. As it is well said "Never give up" so one should not lose hope and just keep going. One should learn from his/her failures and there are several other exams in which you might succeed if you don't lose hope. There is no use of crying over spilt milk and you can start preparing again with a new strategy, new hopes, new beginnings. It depends on person to person and everyone is different in this world. Some need more time in learning concepts, for some it is a matter of minutes. Therefore, one must realise his/her potential and work accordingly. Just remember one thing that never lie to yourself as that can degrade the quality of your life in every possible way it can. Just stay calm and stay focused as maybe you can have something else better waiting for you.

If you have not achieved good scores which can offer you a PSU job then you might consider for M.Tech from IITs or NITs as they will award you with a post-graduation degree along with a high scale job profile as most of the companies are now recruiting Post-Graduate students with a higher designation as compared to Engineering graduates. Always higher studies will offer you benefits in a long run so that is the best option you can go for.

There are various other Engineering exams such as SSC-JE, BARC etc. which have almost same syllabus as that of GATE and you can appear in that and can rectify the mistakes you did in attempting GATE exam. Just the pattern of these exams is different but the basic concepts remain the same.

A separate recruitment is processed for various PSUs and other big firms. If you have seriously prepared for GATE then you will definately get a job nevertheless if you still want to give a second chance then you can start working for GATE then next day onwards. There is no need to wait for June or July. Just start preparing from the next day itself but now consider PLAN-B.


  • Analyse the mistakes of the previous exam and prepare notes on what topics you need to concentrate more.
  • Classify the mistakes as Conceptual faults, Calculation mistakes or any other mistake.
  • If there is a conceptual mistake then revise the concept again thoroughly and again apply in problem solving.
  • If there are several calculation mistakes then make a habit of using GATE calculator. This is a featured app which gives a similar platform to then students who are preparing for GATE.
  • After completing a subject try to attempt test and quizzes related to that and try to solve as many as new problems of that topics and also previous year GATE problems of that topic.This can help you in realizing what all types and what skills you need to solve that problem.
  • GATE is fully numerical type so try to solve maximum numericals as theory question frame a little part of GATE exam.
  • If you have prepared your mind to reappear in GATE exam then don't waste time in any other stuffs. 
  • Just get stick to the GATE syllabus only. Try to have a single goal at a time.
  • Make charts and sticky notes of important formulas and concepts.



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