SEBI Grade A Exam Analysis 2022: Section wise Review, Level

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Find here the detailed SEBI Grade A exam analysis 2022 shared by the experts. The section-wise SEBI Grade A Exam Analysis 2022 consists of section-wise difficulty level, topics asked, memory-based ques & good attempts!
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SEBI Grade A Exam Analysis 2022: The phase 2 exam of SEBI Grade A took place on 20th March 2022 at all test centres in the country. Candidates can check here the detailed SEBI Grade A exam review of each section along with good attempts and questions asked.

With the help of SEBI Grade A exam analysis 2022 for Phase 2 and Phase 1 shared here, you can easily identify the difficulty level, number of good attempts, section-wise topic distribution, etc. This SEBI Grade A analysis will be helpful for the aspirants who are preparing for the upcoming SEBI Grade A exam. Moreover, SEBI Grade A Phase 2 analysis will help you identify an estimated score on the basis of your performance.

SEBI Grade A Paper 2 Exam Analysis

SEBI Grade A exam analysis 2022 has been disclosed here for the main examination, conducted on 20th March 2022. The SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Exam Analysis 2022 today will discuss the detailed exam review including section-wise difficulty level, topics asked, weightage of each topic, good attempts, memory-based questions, and more.

SEBI Grade A Phase 2 questions asked in today’s exam will give you a clear picture of the exam trend and questions paper pattern as well. Further, SEBI Grade A Phase 2 exam difficulty level will help you judge the competition on a better scale and bring the best outcome of it. Hence, go through the SEBI Grade A Phase 2 exam good attempts as well to know the safe score in the competition.

SEBI Grade A Mains Previous Year Exam Analysis

This overall analysis of Commerce of SEBI Grade A Phase 1 Paper 2 was moderate.

I. SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Analysis: English Descriptive Test

As per the feedback, SEBI Grade A Phase 2 analysis of the English Descriptive section is was easy. Following are the topics asked in the SEBI Grade A Phase 2 exam 2022.

1. Reading comprehension(40 marks): 4-5 questions were asked. The content of those topics were given below.

  • Role of wealth forecasting and how it helps the farmers

2. Precise writing(20 marks and 150 words): Topics were Nutrition and food and how we should analyze the nutritional level.

3. Essay(30 marks and 200 words): 4 questions were asked out of which you need to pick one.

The topic of the Essay:

  • Asset and reconstruction companies
  • Mental health
  • Online class
  • How banks can contribute to Financial literacy

II. SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Analysis: General Stream Subjects

The detailed analysis of the SEBI Grade A Phase 2 exam for general stream subjects is described here. Candidates need to solve 100 marks of questions in 40 minutes. 6-8 formula-based moderate questions were asked in commerce and accountancy where students need to solve a problem. Below are the questions asked in the general stream subjects like economics, accountancy, commerce, companies acts, etc.

Subject Types of questions asked Difficulty
  • Communication on the emotional barrier
  • Leadership theory
  • Motivation
  • Reward and incentive

5-7 direct questions were asked.

Easy to Moderate
  •  No numerical asked.
  • 6-7 Questions were asked and those were inclined towards general awareness
  • BEP units to be sold
  • Prime cost
  • Budgetary control
  • Marginal costing

Mostly focussed on numerical

Moderate to difficult

  • 6-8 questions were asked out of which 1-2 were difficult.
  • Phillips curve
  • Demand-based
  • Monetary and fiscal policy
  • 1-2 numerical was asked.
Companies act
  • Tribunal acts
  • Appointment of director, president
  • Minimum no of independent directors
  • Unpaid dividend to be transferred
  • Interest coverage ratio
  • Accounting standard II
  • Foreign exchange
Moderate to difficult

SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Good Attempts 2022

On the basis of the feedback received by the candidates who appeared in the SEBI Grade A Phase 2 exam analysis 2022, the overall level of the exam was moderate. For the general category, we can state that the good attempts are 60-70.

SEBI Grade A Phase 1 Good Attempts 2022

The good attempts for SEBI Grade A phase 1 exam will be updated here soon after the completion of the exam on the basis of the difficulty level and questions attempted by the candidates.

Section Good Attempts
English Language 12-15
Reasoning  11-14
Quantitative Aptitude 08-11
Total 31-40

SEBI Grade A Phase 1 Good Attempts 2021

Subject Good Attempts
English Language  15-17
Reasoning Ability 17-18 
Quantitative Aptitude 15-17 
General Awareness 12-14 
Total 60-70 

SEBI Grade A Phase I Good Attempts 2018


Reasoning Ability

Quantitative Aptitude

English Language

General Awareness

Awareness about Securities Market

Overall Exam

Total Questions




 40  40  200

Level of the questions



 Moderate  Moderate  Difficult


 Good Attempts

 28-32 Questions

 25-28 Questions

18-24 Questions  25+ Questions 17+ Questions

130+ Questions

SEBI Grade A Phase 1 Exam Review 2022: Major Highlights

SEBI Grade A Phase 1 review is shared here after the successful completion of the exam on the basis of the feedback to be received by the candidates who appeared for the exam. Thus, stay tuned to get the latest SEBI Grade A Phase 1 analysis. You can also refer to the previous year’s SEBI Grade A analysis discussed below.

1. Level of the SEBI Grade A Phase I Exam 2022:

  • The level of the exam was Moderate.
  • Questions asked were slightly difficult but of a doable level.
  • As compared to the exam conducted last year, the exam was a bit easier.

2. Sectional Highlights:

  • The level of Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude section was moderate level as compared to other sections. These two sections helped the students in increasing their attempts as no tricky or very time-consuming questions were asked.
  • The questions asked in English Language Section were of Easy level.
  • The General Awareness section was moderate to difficult as the questions asked in it were required a good knowledge of the section.

3. Good Attempts 

Most of the candidates managed to attempt a good number of questions. Considering the level of the exam and the previous year cutoff, attempting 31-40 questions is good to go.

SEBI Grade A Quantitative Aptitude Analysis (Phase 1)

SEBI Grade A exam review for quantitative aptitude section consisted of the following topics –

Topic Name No. of Questions
Data Interpretation 5 Questions (Tabular DI)
Missing Number Series 2 Questions
Quadratic Equation 3 Questions
Arithmetic 10 Questions (Mixture, P/L, CI, Partnership, River-Boat

SEBI Grade A Reasoning Ability Analysis (Phase 1)

The following topics were asked in the SEBI Grade A exam analysis under the reasoning section: –

Topic Name No. of Questions

8 People around the circle (5 Questions)

Linear Based (Unknown number of persons) (5 Questions)

Date & Month Based- 6 Variant (5 Questions)

Forward & Backward 1 Question (Number Based)
Meaningful Word Evil & Veil (1 Question)
Odd one Out 1 Question

SEBI Grade A English Language Analysis (Phase 1)

English Language section comprises of topics asked in the SEBI Grade A phase 1 exam analysis which is mentioned below –

Topic Name No. of Questions

Reading Comprehension

5 Questions
Para Jumbles 5 Questions (Clerk Level)
Error Spotting 3 Questions
Word Replacement 3 Questions
Miscellaneous 4 Questions

SEBI Grade A Previous Year Analysis

Find here the detailed subject-wise analysis for SEBI Grade A Phase 1 previous year exam to know the level of the examination along with the pattern and types of questions asked.

Quantitative Aptitude

Topic Name

Topic Details

Number Series

 Wrong number series was asked.

Total questions: 5

Data Interpretation

 Total questions: 5

Tabulation DI (Based on Profit and loss) 

It was difficult

Miscellaneous (Arithmetic)

 Total questions: 10

Based on profit and loss, ages, ratio and proportion, boat and stream, etc.

   Overall level: Easy to Moderate 

Reasoning Ability

Topic Name

Topic Details

Puzzles and Seating Arrangement

 Total questions: 10

Date based-4 months (Feb, March, April and may) date 5th and 14th, 8 people and their 8 fav subjects given (5 ques)

Circular puzzle, 10n people facing inward.- 5 ques

Alphabet based

 Backwards forward.

A word was given.

Only was ques was there.


 Total questions: 2

New pattern based

Direction Sense

 Total questions: 3

Level: Diagram was lengthy but it was easy to solve.


 A digit was given

Even number-2, odd digit-3 (1 ques)

Sum of the digits found in new number formed was asked. (1 ques)

Inference based questions:2

   Overall: easy to moderate

English Language

Topic Name

Topic Details

Reading Comprehension

Theme: Astronomy based

Total questions:6

Phrase Replacement / Idioms 

 Total questions:4

Level: easy

Para Jumble

  •  Total questions: 4
  • Level: easy to moderate

Error Spotting

Total questions: 3

Five sentences were given out of which one was grammatically correct

 Fill ups

 Total questions: 3

Single fillers were asked.

   Overall Level: Easy

General Awareness

General awareness was moderate in level. Questions were asked from the month Feb, March, November, December. Students managed to attempt 12+ questions in GA sections. Few questions are mentioned below:

ques 1. Maharshi Arvind book writer…
ques 2. the clean energy beverage company
ques 3. Agri commodity-related..
ques 4. Bharat ETF
ques 5. Nbfc regulated by
ques 6. DRDO day
ques 7. C in LCR
ques 8. NBFS
ques 9. SME regulated by
ques 10. Mutual fund limit

SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Analysis

This overall analysis of Commerce of SEBI Grade A Phase 1 Paper 2 was Moderate to Difficult.

  • Costing- 9-10 Questions (Kaizen Model) (TQM)
  • Companies- 4-5 Questions
  • Accounts- 6-7 Questions (Tenure of auditor) (Debentures).

Management: (9 Questions)

The questions were asked from these topics such as Management By Exception, Transactional Leadership, 6 Sigma, Role as Negotiator, Leadership Style, DMAIC, Development of an Organization, LM Curve, Oligopoly, Morale.

Finance: (7-8 Questions)

  • Regulator- Incorrect
  • SEBI (3-4)-Functions & Power (Current Event)
  • Derivative (Call option)- 2 Questions
  • NBFC- 2 Questions

Economics: (12-13 Questions)

  • Demand/Supply- (2-3 Questions, Equality, Elasticity, Number)
  • BOP- 1 Question
  • IS-LM- 3-4 Questions
  • E-Survey- 1 Question
  • Monetary Policy- 1 Question

SEBI Grade A General Awareness Analysis (Phase 1)

This section contained questions more from the current affairs and the difficulty level of this section in today’s exam stays moderate to challenging, according to our SEBI Grade A Exam Analysis.

Topic Name No. of Questions
Current Affairs

15-16 Questions

Last 3 Months based Questions

Appointments & Market Related

More were from Finance Related

Budget Based

Static GK 2 Questions
Financial Terms Rest of the Questions asked from this.

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