English Paper Preparation Tips for SEBI Grade A 2022 Exam: Check Here

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

English Preparation Tips For SEBI Grade A Exam 2022: The SEBI Grade A 2022 Exam Notification has already been released on 5th January 2022. As a matter of fact, it’s the right time to get into the “English Descriptive Paper preparation tips for SEBI Grade A” to score desirable.

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The SEBI Grade ‘A’ Phase-II online examination consists of two 100-point examinations, one of which is an ‘English’ paper that assesses your writing abilities. The purpose of a descriptive paper is to put your English language and writing skills to the test. For both of these, you must create a regular reading habit that will assist you in collecting knowledge as well as understanding how to properly arrange your words.

Before we get started “how to prepare English for SEBI Grade A”, be sure to review the entire Syllabus-

SEBI Grade A exam syllabus

SEBI Grade A Exam Pattern for Descriptive English

Let’s have a look at the SEBI Grade ‘A’ English Descriptive paper format in more detail. Also, make sure to go over the entire SEBI Grade A Exam Pattern 2022 thoroughly.

Three questions from three distinct will be included in the English section:

  • Essay Writings
  • Precis Writings
  • Reading Comprehension

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To be able to give your best performance, you must be familiar with all of the sorts of questions and the paper’s format. It should be very clear in your mind which form of query necessitates which type of response from you. English Descriptive Paper preparation tips for SEBI Grade A are going to help you a lot.

Section Marks Time Duration
English (Descriptive Paper) 100 1 Hour

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How to prepare English for SEBI Grade A- Preparation Tips For Essay Writing

In general, an essay is a piece of writing in which the writer expresses his or her own ideas, thoughts, opinions, or arguments about a specific topic. Depending on the topic, an essay might fall into one of several types. If you choose one of these types, you must choose a topic about which you are well-versed, well-read, and familiar with the key points or facts and data.

When writing an essay, you must concentrate on the matter as well as the word restriction. This exam assesses your ability to write about a topic while addressing all potential key aspects in a precise and concise manner. You will be assigned a word limit of roughly 400 words for your SEBI Grade ‘A’ English descriptive paper, and you must not exceed this restriction or you will lose marks.

Focus on these major points when writing an essay-

Introductory Part

You must always begin your essay with a clear, concise, and suitable introduction to the topic you have chosen, which gives the examiner a clear notion and does not cause confusion in his or her mind. You must be careful not to go into too much depth, as you only need to introduce the topic and not fully explain it.


After you’ve familiarized the reader with the issue, you can go into further information about it while staying under the word limit. Depending on the topic you’ve chosen, you’ll have to cover all of the facts/figures/information/ideas here. It should incorporate all important information while staying on track and not deviating from the core theme.

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How to Perfectly End the Essay?

This is a crucial component that should not be overlooked. This provides your essay with a comprehensive shape and will help you get good grades. Leaving an essay unfinished and without appropriately finishing it will leave a negative impression and may result in undesirable consequences. Always include a proper message or conclusion at the end of your essay.

  • Precis Writing

In simple terms, a ‘Précis’ is a summary/gist of a paragraph/material supplied. The term can help you comprehend the notion — ‘précis’ is closely connected to the word ‘precise,’ and that’s exactly what you need to achieve here. Be ‘specific’ in your response, keeping in mind the SEBI GRADE ‘A’ Officer word limit of 120 words, which will be mentioned in the exam. 

  • Reading Comprehension

Almost every candidate who is prepared for a competitive exam is familiar with this type. A ‘Reading Comprehension’ is simply a short test of your reading ability, critical thinking skills, and how quickly you read and comprehend the content. As the title implies, you must read and ‘comprehend’ the information provided and respond to any questions that are linked to the passage in the questions that follow.

You can practice the most expected questions for the SEBI Grade A exam in the Regulatory body Online Test series.

Experts Tips on How to prepare English for SEBI Grade A

Write Something Daily: You won’t be able to develop your writing skills, your capacity to explain your views clearly, or your overall performance unless you put your knowledge into words.

Work on Time Management: Because you’ll be taking the test online, you’ll need to be able to keep track of your time and yet finish the essay while keeping your typing speed.

Keep Yourself Aware With Current Affairs: To be able to write properly, you must be well informed on current events and news in order to avoid running out of words while writing on a timely issue.

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Keep an Eye on Spelling Mistakes: If you frequently make spelling errors, no matter how competent you are at presenting a topic, you may not be able to make the impact you want on the examiner, and you may lose marks as a result.

Do not Overlook Punctuations: To be able to explain your thought effectively, you must ensure that you employ punctuation marks correctly in order to convey the correct meaning.

To watch concept classes and chapter-wise sessions by exam-qualified experts, you can try our SEBI Grade A Online Coaching.

Start Reading Newspaper, Blogs, Books Etc: All of the preceding are components of the reading process. You must actively participate in it, ‘process’ what you read, ‘reflect’ on it, and ‘decipher’ in the conclusion to have a greater knowledge of what you’ve learned thus far.

Pick the Right Question: Scanning all of the questions before you attempt them will save you time and allow you to decide which ones to tackle first. Choose the questions that are simple and take the least amount of time to answer and try them first. Synonyms and antonyms, vocab problems, passage titles, and so on.

Be Calm While Finding the Difficult Topics: Don’t lose patience if you come into a long and usual understanding chapter based on economics, finance, or technology, where you might encounter some unfamiliar concepts.

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Passage Reading: You must master the technique of skipping while scanning the entire passage. Reading between the lines is exactly what it sounds like. You should be able to comprehend the gist of the piece without having to read every single word.

Analyze the Theme of Passage: You should be able to identify and analyze the theme of the passage you’ve been given. The most crucial thing is to figure out what the section’s ‘core idea’ is because the passage revolves around it.

Try to Write in Your Own Language: To compose the summary, avoid copying sentences from the original paragraph and instead use your own words. Don’t just pick and choose from the passage; instead,’ mold’ the idea into your own words and convey it properly.

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Write Crisp and Precis: To keep the précis understandable for the examiner, you must preserve the clarity of your expression. It should be worded in a way that somebody who hasn’t read the section can understand it.

Precise Should be Written in Third Person: Even if it’s an autobiography or a firsthand account of someone, always write the précis in ‘third person’ and use reported speech.

This is all about the English Descriptive Paper preparation tips for SEBI Grade A. So, make sure you are following these techniques while writing an essay, precis, or passage writing.

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English Paper Preparation Tips for SEBI Grade A 2022 Exam: Check Here

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