How to Prepare Reasoning Ability for SEBI Grade A Phase 1 2022?

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Tips to Prepare Reasoning Ability for SEBI Grade A Phase 1: The Reasoning Ability section is the most important section when it comes to the SEBI Grade A Phase 1 Exam. You will have to solve 20 questions. With proper tips, tricks and preparation, anyone can easily score 14-17 marks thereby increasing the chances of clearing the Phase-1 exam. 

With the cut-off increasing in recent years, it is critical to begin preparation with the proper as well as the most effective method. You will be able to cover the syllabus in the appropriate time limit with revision if you have a preparation approach. Let’s discuss how you should approach the Reasoning ability section of the upcoming SEBI Grade A Phase-1 2022 exam.

Let’s first go through some of the handy tips to keep in mind before preparing for the Reasoning Ability section for the upcoming SEBI Grade A Phase-1 2022 exam.

Grasp Conceptual Clarity of Basic Chapters

  • Conceptual clarity is very important to sail through in this section. 
  • Get in-depth knowledge of the SEBI Grade A syllabus.
  • Make sure to build a strong fundamental foundation of the basic chapters like blood relation, inequality, syllogism, coding-decoding, etc.
  • You may not expect any drastic change in the question pattern or level of the exam. But you have to prepare well for any type of situation.
  • Practice fundamental chapters regularly.
  • Go through the SEBI Grade A question paper to understand the type and pattern of questions asked in the previous year’s exam.

You can practice the most expected questions for the SEBI Grade A exam in the Regulatory body Online Test series.

Do Regular Practice and Analysis

  • Please do remember that practice makes perfect.
  • You may fumble in the exam hall if you have just gone through the concepts in a casual manner without any proper practice.
  • Go through the SEBI Grade A cut-off to know the previous year’s cut-off and level of competition.
  • Do attempt regular sectional tests and mock tests and analyze your strengths and weaknesses in order to avoid any mistakes in the exam hall.
  • This will help you maintain a perfect balance between speed and accuracy in the actual exam hall.
  • Try to practice for 30 minutes regularly.

Reasoning Topics for SEBI Grade A Phase-1 Exam 2022

In order to crack the SEBI Grade A Phase-1 exam, you need to excel in the reasoning section of the exam. You must know the name of the standard SEBI Grade A books to start your preparation in the right way. Now, let us have a look at the important topics that you need to prepare in the reasoning section for the SEBI Grade A Phase-1 exam 2022.

Sr. No. Name of Topic
1 Syllogism
2 Inequality
3 Blood relation
4 Coding-Decoding
5 Order & Ranking
6 Alphanumeric Series
7 Puzzles and seating arrangement

To watch concept classes and chapter-wise sessions by exam-qualified experts, you can try our SEBI Grade A Online Coaching.

Reasoning Preparation Tips for SEBI Grade A Phase-1 Exam

Let’s discuss the preparation strategies for the above-mentioned chapters for the upcoming SEBI Grade A Phase-1 2022 exam. Kindly go through the chapter-wise tips and strategies to excel in this section.

1. Puzzles and Seating Arrangement:

  • You can expect 1-2 puzzles in the actual exam. 
  • The puzzle needs your imagination and comprehension power. Sometimes students misinterpret the language used in the puzzle thereby wasting valuable time in the exam hall.
  • You just need to solve 1-2 puzzles of different patterns on a regular basis.

2. Inequality:

  • This is a very basic chapter in the Reasoning Ability section of Bank exams.
  • Just go through the fundamental concepts and practice as many questions as possible.

3. Syllogism:

  • Only/Only a few forms of syllogisms can be asked in the SEBI Grade A Phase-1.
  • You will be provided with 2-4 questions with 2-3 statements in each question. You just need to find out the correct inference from the given statements.
  • Practice solving syllogism questions with the help of the Venn diagram. Once you understand the inherent concept and practice them thoroughly, it will be a cakewalk for you to solve these in the exam hall.

4. Coding-Decoding:

  • You can expect 2-3 questions in this chapter.
  • If you have practiced enough, you will get full marks in this chapter.
  • Practice all the types of it like alphabet coding, letter coding, fictitious language-based, etc. 

5. Blood Relations:

  • Learn the basic concepts of blood relationships within a family.
  • Use your own method to solve problems like a family tree, a plus-minus symbol to denote male and female, etc.
  • Also, practice puzzle questions based on blood relations.

6. Direction Sense:

  • This is the easiest chapter. You just need to solve some questions at home before the exam day.
  • Practice various types of questions asked in this chapter by practicing many sectional as well mock tests.

7. Alphanumeric Series/Alphabet Test

  • Questions from the Alphanumeric Series/ Alphabet test are frequently asked in SEBI Grade A Exams.
  • These are the easiest topics. 
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How to Prepare Reasoning Ability for SEBI Grade A Phase 1 2022?

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