Last 20 Days Study Plan for SEBI Grade A Mains 2022: Check Tips and Strategies

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 11th, 2023

As SEBI Grade A 2022 Mains exam is scheduled to be conducted on 20th March 2022, we hope you have almost completed your preparation as of now. Without a proper last few days’ plan, your whole preparation will not be that effective. The last 20 days plan will include the day-wise study plan, the last 20 days preparation strategy for SEBI Grade A Mains, and some tips.

To help you overcome this situation, we have prepared the SEBI Grade A Mains last 20 days’ study plan to enable you to strategize your exam preparation and score better marks in the SEBI Grade A 2022 exam hassle-free. Please go through the complete study plan and article to prepare better for your exam.

Last 20 Days Strategy for SEBI Grade A Mains

Let’s discuss the important points to keep in mind in the last 20 days of your SEBI Grade A Mains 2022 preparation. We will discuss the complete exam pattern, section-wise preparation tips, and some important tips.

1. Understand the Exam Pattern Completely

Kindly go through the exam pattern below-

SEBI Grade A Mains Exam Pattern:



Maximum Marks


Paper 1

All streams: English (Descriptive Test) to test the drafting skills


60 minutes





Paper 2

General Stream: Multiple choice questions on subjects Commerce, Accountancy, Management, Finance, Costing, Companies Act, and Economics.




40 minutes

Legal, Engineering Stream (Civil & Electrical) and Official Language stream: Multiple choice questions on Specialized subjects related to the stream.


40 minutes

Research Stream:- Multiple choice questions on subjects Economics, Econometrics, Statistics, Finance, and Commerce.


For a comprehensive understanding of the exam pattern, you must go through the SEBI Grade A Exam pattern.

2. Smart Approach –

  • A proper study plan is necessary for the last 20 days.
  • Divide time in such a way that you can allocate the required amount of time to each section.

You can attempt mock tests in the BYJU’S Exam Prep SEBI Grade A test series.

3. Time Management is Crucial

  • Time management is a vital factor to succeed. Attempt SEBI Grade A question paper to understand the level and pattern of the exam.
  • With consistent practice, this skill will come naturally.
  • Analyze the mock test to figure out how much time you spent on each type of question.

4.  Plan your Mock test Attempt Strategy-

  • Taking online mock examinations is the most important component of any preparation. With proper practice and analysis, this may be a game-changer for you.
  • Analyze the mock test on the same day to take the best benefits out of it. Understand and focus on your weak areas.
  • Focus on important factors like percentile and accuracy and try to improve them.

5. Tips for English Descriptive:

  • The English Descriptive paper will be aimed to assess applicants’ writing abilities, as well as their expression and comprehension of the topic.
  • You will be asked to write an Essay and Precis writing and also solve a few questions based on a given comprehension.
  • As soon as you get the topic, take a few minutes to think and make a list of pointers that you will write and then later elaborate on these points. This can be the most effective approach to tackle this part.
  • Usage of complex vocabulary is to be avoided. The essay should be clear, simple, and to the point.
  • The essay comprises three parts including introduction, body, and conclusion. Please keep this in mind.

6. Tips to Prepare for other Sections of Phase-2(General Stream)

Costing, Accountancy, companies act

  • Go through and understand the syllabus properly. Only basic and fundamental questions are asked on these topics.
  • Go through NCERT class 11 and 12 Accounts books.
  • Go through the MCA portal for companies’ acts.
  • Go through the specific reference and chapters mentioned in the syllabus from any standard book for companies acts.
  • Attend daily classes on BYJU’S Exam Prep classroom program and practice as many questions as possible

Finance & Management:

  • Must-do topics for management are Leadership, communication, Human Resource Development, Motivation, Morale, and Incentives.
  • Be thorough with the concepts. Note down the keywords, definitions, and concepts for an effective final revision before the exam day.
  • Have proper knowledge about various regulatory and finance bodies like MoF, RBI, SEBI, IRDA, and FMC.
  • Visit the RBI website daily and go through all the updates.
  • Questions on primary and secondary markets like Forex, Money, Bond, Equity are important.
  • One must read about risk management in banking, basics of derivatives, futures, forwards, etc.


  • Cover these basic chapters like Measurement of Growth – Various Indicators like GDP, GNP, NNP, National Income, etc. What is Monetary and Fiscal Policy?
  • Monetary policy and Fiscal policy
  • Go through the Economic Survey of India and NCERT books for the fundamental concepts.

To attend concept sessions by exam-qualified experts, you can try our SEBI Grade A Online Coaching. 

Last 20 days Revision Plan for SEBI Grade A Mains Exam

Let’s go over the study plan and revision technique for the upcoming SEBI Grade A Mains 2022 exam for the last 20 days. Before moving forward, you must know the SEBI Grade A Syllabus to not miss any single chapter.


Topics to be covered

Day 1-

Day 5

  • Finance

    • Direct & Indirect Taxes
    • Financial Markets
    • Inflation
    • Basics of Derivatives
  • Costing

          Lean System and Innovation:-
          Introduction to Lean System
          Just-in-Time (JIT)
          Kaizen Costing
          5 Ss

Practice English descriptive and essay writing regularly.

Day 6-

Day 10

  • Companies Act 2013

    Prospectus & Allotment of Securities
    Board Meetings, Powers
    Payment of Dividend
    Directors Appointment, Qualifications
    National Company Law Tribunal and Appellate Tribunal
    Share Capital and Debentures

  • Management


       HRD, Motivation, Morale & incentives

       Corporate governance

Start attempting mock tests every day and analyze weak areas.

Day 11-

Day 15

  • Economics

      Demand and Supply, Market Structures, National Income: Concepts and Measurement, Consumption Function, Investment Function, Demand and Supply for Money, IS-LM, Inflation

  • Accountancy

      Depreciation, Inventories, Revenue Recognition, Fixed Assets, Foreign Exchange Transactions,           Investments. Cash Flow Statement, Fund flow statement, Financial statement analysis; Ratio analysis

Last 4-5 days
  • Analyze your weak areas.
  • Go through the short tricks and formulas.
  • Check out the SEBI Grade A previous year’s cut-off, just to have a clear idea of your minimum attempt.
  • Attempt 1 mock test every day.

This is all about SEBI Grade A Mains 2022 study plan, tips & Revision Strategy for the last 20 days. We hope you find the study plan and preparation tips useful and you will be able to use them to take out maximum benefits.

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