SEBI Grade A Exam 2022: Last 15 Days Study Plan With preparation Tips

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Here we are with the 15 day SEBI Grade A Phase-1 Study Plan. As per the official notification, the SEBI Grade A Phase-1 2022 exam is scheduled for 20th February 2022. This article is dedicated to the SEBI Grade A preparation strategy and SEBI Grade A study plan that one can follow in order to clear the exam.

To help you in your preparation journey, we have come up with a full-proof study plan for the SEBI Grade A Phase-1. You are suggested to go through the below study plan to end your preparation for the SEBI Grade A Phase-1 exam on an effective note.

SEBI Grade A Phase-1 Last 15 Days Study Plan 2022

For your reference, and to give an idea on how to start your preparation, we are providing you with a complete study plan that you can follow to cover all the important topics. Kindly go through the SEBI Grade A question paper and SEBI Grade A syllabus before going through the study plan. This SEBI Grade A study plan will help you prioritize all the expected topics. You can change the plan at your convenience.

Dates/Months Topic Wise Subjects
4th – 10th February

Companies Act 2013

  • Prospectus & Allotment of Securities
  • Board Meetings, Powers
  • Payment of Dividend
  • Directors Appointment, Qualifications
  • National Company Law Tribunal and Appellate Tribunal
  • Share Capital and Debentures
  • Auditors Qualifications, removal, remunerations


  • Direct & Indirect Taxes
  • Financial Markets
  • Inflation
  • Basics of Derivatives

Practice English and Quantitative Aptitude topics.

Take an online mock test every day and analyze it on the same day to know the faults and weaknesses.

11th – 17th February


  • Communication
  • Management
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Human Resource Development


  • Demand & Supply
  • Inflation & Phillips Curve
  • IS-LM
  • Balance of Payments
  • Market Structure

 Commerce and accountancy

  • Preparation of final accounts
  • Accounting for share capital
  • ESOP
  • CFS, FFS, Ratio Analysis
  • Accounting Standard

Practice Reasoning and GA quizzes.

Take an online mock test every day and analyze it on the same day to know the faults and weaknesses.

Last 2 days
  • Revise all the important topics and take the Online Mock test

Apart from the topics and subjects mentioned above, keep revising the Reasoning, English, and quantitative aptitude section on a daily basis. Give at least 2-3 hours for your daily practice of these sections. As to clear the SEBI Grade A prelims exam 2022, one has to be extra smart with all the concepts. So make sure you do not leave any topic or section to be revised on a daily basis.

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SEBI Grade A preparation Strategy 2022

Once you are done with the revision of the syllabus, start practicing with the online mock test. 

1. Read all about the financial sector. Cover at least 5-6 months now on the financial sector to tackle questions on it.

2. Important news other than the financial sector of the last 5-6 months (before the exam).

3. Keep yourself updated with the current news as most of the questions will be from current affairs as expected based on the latest trend.

4. Revise all about union budget and economic survey and economic relief package distribution.

5. At last, do not forget to learn about SEBI and the headlines of SEBI in news.

6. Go through the SEBI Grade A cut-off to understand the nature and level of competition of the exam.

7. Go through the basic concepts of Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability.

8. Go through the English Grammar rules once before the final day.

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Expert Tips for SEBI Grade A Phase-1 Paper 2:

According to the notification, the following are the sections to be covered for this exam

  • Commerce and accounting
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Costing
  • Economics
  • Companies act

Points to keep in mind for Paper-2 preparation:

1. Basic knowledge about the topics can do wonders in the exam. Do not try to master all the topics as it would confuse you.

2. Learn only important things. Do not waste your time reading a number of sources or voluminous books.

3. As there will be 100 questions to be completed in 40 minutes we can assume that there are fewer chances for numerical questions in this section. so work on your reading skills.

4. Fewer chances of questions on Current affairs as most of the questions will be asked from the sections mentioned above for this phase.

5. The clarity in concepts and basic knowledge is the key to cracking this exam.

So here we have covered the SEBI Grade A Phase-1 and Phase-2 preparation strategy in brief along with the last 15 day Study Plan. Please go through the study plan once and stick to it. You can tweak a little bit at your convenience.

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SEBI Grade A Exam 2022: Last 15 Days Study Plan With preparation Tips

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