Important 9 Reasons for getting Screen Out in the NDA SSB Interview

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : April 18th, 2022

Day 1 of the NDA SSB Interview is considered as one of the most important days in the NDA SSB, as it determines whether or not you will continue for the further process. If a candidate prepares well for verbal & non-verbal tests he can easily clear the OIR test but the majority of the candidates fail in clearing PPDT. So today we are telling you the mistakes most of the students do on the first day of the NDA SSB interview. This article will help all the candidates who are appearing in the NDA SSB interview (fresher) for the first time as well as those who have been to the NDA SSB interview earlier (repeater). Go through the Important 9 reasons for getting screen out in the NDA SSB Interview.

Day 1 (Screening) is divided into two parts -

  1. The OIR test and Click Here
  2. Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PPDT), Click Here

Reasons for getting Screen Out in the NDA SSB Interview

1. Lack of understanding of procedures in NDA SSB Interview

  • Sometimes, one is not familiar with procedures to be followed during the NDA SSB screening.
  • In case, a candidate is inattentive during the briefing by the NDA SSB interviewer, he becomes clueless and confused during the NDA SSB screening procedure.
  • This can be noticed very easily by the interviewer and lead one towards rejection.

2. Lack of Analytical abilities

  • Good analytical ability is required at almost all stages (OIR test or PPDT).
  • Someone with low analytical ability will not be able to clear the officer intelligence test (OIR) at first.
  • In case he manages to clear OIR, there is a very low chance that he will clear the PPDT and thematic appreciation test.

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3. Lack of communication skill

  • Fluency in speaking English with a decent vocabulary is one the most important quality required to clear NDA SSB.
  • If one does not possess good communication skill, he will not be able to express himself at any stage of the NDA SSB Interview.
  • In addition to this, he will not be able to write and narrate his story properly.
  • Once this flaw becomes noticeable to others, chances of selection drop significantly.

4. Lack of Imagination

  • A great imagination is required to write imaginary stories after observing the image in the picture perception description test.
  • If one lacks strong imagination power, he cannot write an impressive story.
  • In addition to this, he will not be able to modify his story during group discussion, which can generally lead to a rejection of the candidate.

5. Negativity and Preconceived Script

  • Candidate with a negative mindset at the time of screening tends to write negative stories based on any negative theme or object shown in the picture.
  • Negative stories are neither liked by the group members nor by the interviewers. To justify his story, sometimes the student becomes arrogant.
  • Few students write a story with preconceived script formed even before looking at the picture or during the preparation period. These type of stories does not have any link and association with the shown picture.
  • These two mistakes committed during the PPDT can lead one to rejection even at the first day of NDA SSB screening.

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6. Poor Time management

  • Time management is very crucial at all the stages of NDA SSB screening whether its the OIR test, PPDT, group discussion or psychology test.
  • Hassles created during the last moment due to poor time management can be noticed by the interviewer and lead to rejection.

7. Poor Story narration

  • Sometimes after writing a good story, a candidate fails to narrate it properly due to various reasons like poor communication skill, nervousness, lack of practice etc. It can result in rejection.

8. The stubborn attitude in group discussion/ Lack of Team spirit during group tasks

  • In the group discussion, few candidates try to impose their thoughts and beliefs on others by shouting or talking aggressively.
  • This reduces the chance of any productive conclusion and hampers the chances of making a common story after group discussion.
  • During the group task in order to impress interviewers, few candidates try to do more than assigned work which put the whole team in the problem.
  • This selfish attitude and lack of team spirit can result in rejection.

9. Poor body language/ Nervousness/ Stress

  • Manners, etiquettes, body language, and confidence are qualities that are checked at every stage of NDA SSB screening.
  • Desperation, false information about self, and lack of preparation result in lack of confidence, stress and inappropriate body language.
  • It can be easily observed by the interviewer or panel during the conference which can result in rejection.
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  • SSB interview is divided into two stages. The first phase is called screenin test and rest of the interview consists of other tests including psychology, GTO task, interview. Those students not able to clear the first phase are called screenout.

  • Yes, you can clear the SSB interview by avoiding the mistakes in the given blog,

  • Check the instructions provided in the article to prepare for SSB in 10 days.

  • There are two tests conducted on day 1 of SSB Interview. 1. verbal and non-verbal reasoning and 2. picture perception and discussion test.

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