GTO Tasks, Colour & General Rules for SSB Interview

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

GTO Task in SSB Interviews of several defence exams produces important conclusions and assessments about each candidate. People get thrilled because it involves group activities centered on group dynamics and adrenaline rush. GTO tasks are conducted under the supervision of the Group Testing Officer.

Here we have provided all relevant information regarding GTO tasks, colour, and general rules for the SSB interview.

GTO Task in SSB

Candidates will be with their group for two days and even after the GTO testing hours, so maintaining excellent group dynamics is essential to ensuring cooperativeness. You should be able to influence your group members positively and present yourself well in front of the GT officer. To improve your performance and build your confidence, you must remain active, agile, and firm in specific words.

GTO Tasks in SSB Interview differ from the other two testing approaches in that they require the candidate to reveal his true self through a series of actions in which he will be put under pressure with or without his group, and his reasoning and logical abilities will be tested. Confirmatory tasks will demonstrate his leadership qualities, and his practicality will be appraised.


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GTO Tasks, Colour, and General Rules

The rules of the obstacle series that apply in HGT, GOR, FGT, IO, and CT are some basic guidelines. They are listed below to assist candidates in avoiding mistakes and completing assignments quickly.

How to Get Ready for the GTO Task in SSB?

To begin with, it is a group exercise that moves with your group. Never abandon your companion. GTO Task activity is primarily designed to assess a candidate’s performance in a group setting.

You can watch online videos or join offline classes to prepare for the GTO task in SSB. This interview is unlike any other personal or professional interview. To choose the candidate, the Examiners look for officer-like qualities.

GTO Tasks in SSB Interview: Rules to Follow

Group Rule: The group rule is the most important rule that aspirants must follow while performing the ground tasks such as PGT, HGT, and FGT. Snakes are also used in races. The law presupposes group unity, i.e., the entire group will pass the single obstacle collectively, and after they have crossed it, they can move on to the next. The rule of the GTO task is created to test some of the candidates’ attributes, such as unity, group collaboration, and whether or not the candidate is selfish.

Rule of Distance: It is forbidden to jump over a distance of more than four feet, according to the rule of distance. The gap of more than four feet must be bridged with the aid of materials to shorten the distance and, of course, the less distance that can be jumped. Cross it by spanning the gap with a piece of supporting material. Make an educated guess of 4 feet and assess yourself. Don’t keep inquiring about the distance with the SSB GTO.

Rigidity Rule: The Rule of Rigidity stipulates that no two rigid supporting materials, such as a phatta and a balli, can be linked together. Instead, a structure such as a phatta with a rope or a balli with a rope can be used to tie the assisting material. Phattas and ballis are commonly used as rigid aids in ground tasks. According to the rule, two phattas, two Ballis, or a phata or a balli cannot be connected. Instead, they might be stacked on top of one another or tied to the building (keeping the color rule in mind.)

Color Rule: The constructions will be painted in various colors, each with meanings and regulations the applicants must obey. Read the following rules about colors on Service Selection Boards very carefully.

  • White Color – The candidates, the supporting supplies, and the load are all inbound for the white-painted structure. This means that the candidates, supporting materials, and load can be stored on the white-painted framework.
  • Red Color – The candidates, the helping material, and the load are all out of bounds for structures painted red. Simply put, you don’t have to touch red structures. You cannot stand on a red-colored design, nor can you keep a load or assistive supplies on a red-colored structure.
  • Blue/Yellow/Green Colored – Structures painted in these colors are inbound for candidates but outbound for aiding materials and cargo. This signifies that the candidates can stand on these colors, but they cannot keep or load on them. However, while standing on a structure painted with any of these colors, a candidate can hold the weight or assistive materials in their hands.
  • Black Color – Black structures are found at the bottom and are unimportant. Whatever color is painted immediately above black, black acquires the same color. If a long rod is black at the bottom and white at the top, black becomes white.


Infinity Rule: The infinity rule states that both sides’ starting and ending lines are extended to infinity. This regulation bans candidates from approaching the finish line from the side of the obstacle course. You must overcome the challenges and reach the finish line. The group is unable to cross these lines.

GTO Tasks in SSB Interview: Rules for Helping Materials

Here are the following rules for helping material in GTO task in SSB:

  • It’s impossible to tie two aiding materials together. You can’t connect a plank and a Balli, but you can rope between two supporting solid elements.
  • One piece of assistance can be stacked on top of another part of the service. You could, for example, place a plank over the ball.
  • Helping material can be attached to or placed on any white structure.
  • Rope can be tethered to any white-colored structure.
  • Two ropes can be used by tying them together. Strings can also be formed into a bundle and used.


Load Rules: Because the load is a delegated material, it should be handled carefully. The load cannot be utilized as an assisting material; instead, it works as a group-binding force.

Additional Rules in GTO Tasks of SSB Interview

The first thing that every SSB GTO aspirant should learn is to obey the evaluators’ instructions. Follow the rules of the GTO Task in SSB, and don’t break them. It would help if you keep the following rules in mind at all times:

  • Don’t say or do anything else, and don’t expect to be calm all the time. Be the best speaker you can be, and give other applicants a chance to speak and try ground duties. Supporting the plans of others demonstrates a cooperative attitude. Assist them in putting the strategy together. Allow anyone who appears to be an introvert in GD to express their thoughts or opinions.
  • While executing any work in the GTO task, don’t try to steal looks at the assessors. Concentrate on the subject and pay no attention to what GTO is watching or writing. While talking or executing the ground job, many candidates try to view assessors. This demonstrates a lack of concentration and confidence and an attempt to impress SSB GTO. Concentrate on your tasks, new ideas, and points to attract the group’s attention.
  • When you’re given a briefing on the next duty, pay attention. Listen to it and construct a mind map of it, whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned veteran. The solution to a task is sometimes concealed in the directions, and following them demonstrates your discipline.
  • You are in charge of the SSB GTO group you have assembled. Ensure that the entire group moves parallelly while executing the ground task. Individual movement is uncooperative. Your final goal should be to arrange and plan to get the group to the other side.
  • Because there are candidates in the group with various moods and behaviors, it is best to avoid confrontations and disagreements. Maintain a calm and collected mentality through cooperating and supporting others. Maintain the best possible group dynamics.

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