Situation Reaction Test for NDA SSB Interview: SRT Questions, PDF

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

In this post, we have provided all information regarding Situation Reaction Test for NDA SSB Interview. Get the complete details about Situation Reaction Test for SSB Interview. Here we will discuss some important tips to crack the Situation Reaction Test. Also, there are also some sample SRT questions for you to practice. In this post, candidates can read all about SRT SSB in detail.

Situation Reaction Test

The SSB board of NDA Exam conducts a number of tests over these five days to check whether or not a candidate is to serve in the Indian armed forces. The Situation Reaction Test consists of 60 problems that must be resolved in 30 minutes. The SRT SSB questions will help applicants understand how to construct a strong response.

What is SRT for SSB?

Situation Reaction Test (SRT) is the third test after TAT and WAT in the series of psychological tests. One has to score well in Situation Reaction Test to crack the SSB interview.

The situations that are mentioned in the Situation Reaction Test are pertaining to day-to-day life problems which a person may encounter and based on those situations a response is demanded.

The response in Situation Reaction Test is then tested against the Officer Like Qualities that a person should possess. A candidate’s way of responding shows his common sense, sense of time, ability to reason, maturity, and empathy.

Situation Reaction Test Questions

Each candidate is given a booklet that consists of 60 Situation Reaction Test questions with blanks. There are a total of 60 SRT questions that are to be answered in 30 minutes. So this means that a candidate only gets 30 seconds for one SRT question.

Here in this article, we are sharing 50 SRT questions for NDA SSB interview:

1) When his captain was wounded just before a critical game, he was asked to take over as captain.

  • He took this as an opportunity to prove his mettle and won the game.

2) He was driving home when it suddenly began to rain intensely?

  •  He drove carefully but quickly and reached home.

3) You’re a border patrol officer, and suddenly shelling begins from the other side.

  • You shall ensure the protection of his/her command while attempting to locate the source of the shelling and inform the CO & request for counter shelling.

4) You’re in an unfamiliar city and have lost your purse. You need money. How will you manage as a stranger

  • He/she would contact the authorities about his loss and register complaints, contact his family back home and ask them to transfer money digitally and use it through the mobile phone.

5) Your brother wants to get admission to a medical college, but his marks fall short by 1% for admission.

  • You will ask him to opt for medical colleges where his marks are within the cut off percentage.

6) You must go to a city with cash for work, but the way is dangerous as dacoits, how will you manage to go?

  • He will avoid going in the night, inform his friends and family members, carry something for self-defence, reach his destination safely.

7) He was travelling by train & suddenly a person snatches purse from a lady & jumps out of the train.

  • He will use the chain to bring the train to a halt, inform the T.T and RPF to capture the thief with the help of co-passengers and authorities, collect the purse, and hand the culprit over to the railway police, then returning the purse to the lady and continue his journey.

8) You are going to sign a contract suddenly you got the news that one of your friends who had helped you once met an accident and is in ICU.

  •  You’ll sign the contract and pay a visit to your friend in the ICU.

9) He had boarded the wrong train and came to know only when he was asked to pay money to TT.

  • He will explain the matter to the TT and apologize, then deboard the train after paying the fine, if applicable.

10) He saw his girlfriend walking with another person on his way.

  • He stopped by and exchanged pleasantries with them and carried on with his day.

11) He was on his way to catch a train when an automobile passed him by and threw a person out of the moving vehicle.

  • He stops by to provide medical assistance, took him to the nearby hospital, while also telling the police of the incident before catching the train.

12) He was riding his motorcycle without a helmet when he was stopped by traffic police.

  • He apologized for not wearing a helmet and paid the fine and never repeated it.

13) He was given the task of planning the farewell party.

  •  He made the list of guests, decided the venue and the food to be served, did a great job organizing it.

14) He was ironing his clothes when suddenly he received an electric shock and he noticed the wire burning.

  • He immediately turned off the iron, unplugged it, and set it away to be fixed.

15) He was in command of a sailing ship’s wireless board when it lost contact with the coast.

  • He will keep trying at regular intervals to re-connect with the coast until the communication is re-established.

16) In a discussion with your colleagues, he finds he is losing ground.

  • He will be glad for getting to know the other side of the perspective and weigh both the points to form a correct rather calculative judgment of the topic being discussed.

17) He was to appear for an exam and suddenly, the curfew was imposed in that area.

  • He telephones the exam centre and inquires about the situation, after which he goes out to give the exam and, shows the admit card to the police where necessary.

18) He went on a picnic with his friends and had heated disputes with them along the way.

  •  He will calm down the situation & enjoy the picnic.

19) Smuggled items are being sold by someone. You, too, have bought a wristwatch from him, as have many others. It, however, doesn’t work anymore.

  • He will inform the police about the smuggling, help them to capture smugglers.

20) His partner was called by his parents just two days before the semi-finals of the bridge tournament and had to leave town for urgent work.

  • His partner will return the next day, join the tournament and play his part in the team to take it to the victory.

21) His team is camping in a jungle for training where shooting is prohibited. A leopard that may prove dangerous is seen close to the camp as a sentry on duty. He…

  • To frighten the animal raises an alert, plays drums, and fires in the air until the task is completed and the animal is shooed away.

22) His friend was always quarrelling with him and the papers were near.

  •  He keeps calm and concentrates on the preparation of his papers.

23) His boss gives a piece of work and orders him to follow his instructions to complete the work, but the work is difficult to finish within time.

  • He follows the instruction and keeps the boss informed about the progress of the work and informs him proactively if he foresees delay.

24) He sees a snake moving near to the bed where his younger brother is sleeping when he enters his room.

  •  He quickly grabs a stick and kills it.

25) If some of your friends crack a joke on you in presence of your girlfriend, what will you do.

  • He will work it out with wit and humour.

26) You received an urgent order from your commander. But you feel that order passed on to you is wrong.

  • You will connect with the commander and take clarity of the task assigned.

27) While shooting a film, terrorists kidnapped the heroine. You are in charge of the ‘check post ‘ nearby the scene.

  • You will do nothing as it is part of the shooting.

28) Young males are uninterested in joining the military. What kind of persuasion strategy would you use to entice them?

  • Clear their misconceptions and inform them of the respect and honour that comes with serving the country, as well as the innumerable benefits that military service gives.

29) You are moving along with a convoy to the forward area and sitting at the back of the vehicle. You saw a flag car is speeding fast.

  • You will let it pass and do nothing.

30) An aeroplane crashed in a field nearby your battalion area. You are battalion commander. What steps would you take at such a critical juncture?

  • You would quickly inform the aviation department of the crash and take a search and rescue team to the event site and try to evacuate the survivors and give them primary medical aid.

31) He was watching a movie in the cinema hall. He sees a snake in front of his legs.

  •  He will remain cool in his position, warn others to be cautious, and notify the hall authority for quick action.

32) You are a handsome, smart, and brave young ‘army officer’. You fall in love with the girl of another community. But your parents oppose the proposal.

  • You will explain to the family his standpoint and marrying outside of the community should not be a criterion for not allowing children to marry. Given the fact that you are an army officer, there will be a perceived perception of making rightful decisions.

33) What if you and your friend fall in love with the same girl

  • Then the decision will be up to the girl.

34) You heard rumours that the enemy is likely to attack the country. As a serving soldier, what will you do?

  • You will continue to serve as you were doing. Rumours should not affect your routine duty.

35) A stocky built ruffian snatched the chain of the wife of a soldier. You are passing by what you do (the person is stronger than you and you are empty-handed and there is no third person n u don’t have even your mobile)

  • I along with the soldier will run after the thief and catch hold of him and recover the chain while taking the thief to the police.

36) You have been invited for dinner by one of your friends and you are also required to attend Regimental ‘Bara Khana’.

  •  You will politely refuse the dinner invite from the friend and attend the regimental ‘Bara Khana’.

37) You are in the second year of computer engineering. But now you find it hard to complete your degree.

  •  You take coaching and reach out to the professors to clear doubts. You put in more hours into understanding the concept and pass with flying colours.

38) You saw a small boy pushing another into the water pool.

  •  Keep a watch on the boys while they play.

39) You fall seriously ill just before the final exam.

  •  You take medicine and appear for the exam and pass with flying colours.

40) While playing the match he twisted his ankle badly.

  •  It normally happens while playing so he will use a spray and apply a crepe bandage.

41) You are in the cinema watching a movie and the theatre screen catches fire.

  • You will remain calm and volunteer with the hall authority to evacuate the audience without creating a panic.

42) You were doing tuition (weak financial condition) but as the exam came near you found that You were poorly prepared.

  • You will approach the teachers and inform them of my preparations and ask for their assistance in all the topics where you lag.

43) While canvassing for a particular candidate in an election you were threatened by the opposition.

  • You ignored the threatening calls and continued canvassing for the candidate, ensuring his nomination.

44) Severe drought conditions were prevailing in your district.

  • You will in collaboration with the government volunteer to implement draught-protection measures like rainwater harvesting in monsoons, drip irrigation, crop engineering, planting more trees to curb soil erosion and protect the ecosystem.

45) You were going to the examination hall and suddenly surrounded by 2 policemen.

  • You will do nothing and continue going to the examination hall.

46) You recently joined active services and felt that you are given too much work.

  •  Its active services and surely will be more demanding physically and mentally so working hard for it is the only key.

47) Whenever he is required to take a new step. He.

  • Focuses on the details, puts in a lot of effort read a lot and takes the appropriate steps to complete the task.

48) What happens when a person breaks a curfew and comes out. (or protests coming out).

  • The police arrested the violator(s) under violation of sec 144 Criminal Procedure Code (CrPc) to enforce a lockdown.

49) You were finding it hard to convince your friends over the correctness of your stand

  • You try to persuade him with facts and logic, and if he remains unconvinced, you drop the subject.

50) You were going for a walk and suddenly confronted by two goons. (You are empty-handed).

  •  Do nothing and just walk past them.

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