Revision Study Notes for Transportation Engineering & Surveying

By Shreya Laddha|Updated : October 29th, 2021

GATE CE 2022 Champion Study Plan has completed its next milestone in grabbing the concepts of "Transportation Engineering & Surveying " within the time period mentioned in the schedule. It's time for quick revision of the "Transportation Engineering & Surveying" subject before heading to its champion test.

Study Notes for Transportation Engineering & Surveying

Transportation Engineering & Surveying
Cross-Sectional Elements
Sight Distances
Traffic Studies on Flow, Speed & Volume
Rigid Pavement
Flexible Pavement and Bitumen Mix
Factors affecting Pavement Design
Highway Materials
Railway and Airport engineering
Principle of Surveying, Maps & Scale
Chain Surveying & Levelling
Traversing and Triangulation survey
Errors and Their Adjustment

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