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GATE CE 2022: Transportation Engineering & Surveying Quiz #6

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Question 1

Select the correct statements about warping stress in rigid pavements? Warping stresses are

i. caused due to seasonal variations

ii. caused due to daily variations

iii. temperature dependent

iv. a function of friction between the pavement and the layer below

Question 2

Which of the following are types of transverse joints in rigid pavements?

i. Expansion joint

ii. Contraction joint

iii. Construction joint

Question 3

The rigid pavement are made of

Question 4

During midnight in summer the stresses of a pavement are as follows; load stress = 15 kg/cm2, warping stress = 11.5 kg/cm2 and frictional stresses are 3 kg/cm2. Determine the critical stress at the top of the pavement.

Question 5

The pressure corresponding to 1.25 mm deflection in a plate load test is 0.45 kg/cm2. The modulus of subgrade reaction of the soil is

Question 6

Statement 1: The load required to cause 2.5 and 5mm penetration in a CBR test is 66 kg and 85 kg respectively. The CBR value of the material is 4.13%

Statement 2: CBR is defined as ratio of load required to penetrate a soil mass to a standard load.

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