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GATE CE 2022: Transportation Engineering & Surveying Quiz #8

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Question 1

To provide a cant in rails, wooden sleepers are cut to a slope at rail seat, which is known as:

Question 2

Equilibrium cant for a 30° curve on a Broad Gauge track, if the permitted speed is 70 kmph, is:

Question 3

What is equilibrium cant required on a 5 ° curve on a BG track for the train speed of 60kmph?

Question 4

For a runway at an elevation of 1000m above MSL and airport reference temperature of 19 degree celsius, the rise in the temperature to be taken in degree celsius into account as per ICAO is

Question 5

Which of the following advantages are correct regarding Poly-centric shape tunnel?

(1) it can be conveniently used for road and railway traffic

(2) The number of centers and lengths of radii cannot be fixed

(3) It can resist external and internal pressure due to its arch action

Question 6

A runway is being constructed in a new airport as per the International Civil Aviation
Organization (ICAO) recommendations. The elevation and the airport reference temperature of this airport are 535 m above the mean sea level and 22.65 °C, respectively. Consider the effective gradient of runway as 1%. The length of runway required for a design-aircraft under the standard conditions is 2000 m. Within the framework of applying sequential corrections as per the ICAO recommendations, the length of runway corrected for the temperature is
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